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Topic: Job's Three Immortal 'Friends'

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Job's Three Immortal 'Friends'


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So I was thinking about all this the other night and realized that Balaam was none other than Bildad from the Book of Job. You will see that he changed his name from the Love of Bel to the Friend of Bel (Am in Hebrew is kin or associate or friend). And it wasn't long in realizing that Balak the son of Zipper was none other than his brother Zophar (where Zipper and Zophar are exactly the same word in Hebrew).

Zophar, realizing that for some strange reason, Bildad was 'blessed' after the episode with Job, assumed it was because of the god he worshipped, so he changed his name from Zophar to Balak which means Surely Bel is my god, too - look what happened to him, hey.

The book "God's Assassin" which was published here in Denver was about these two Immortals and one of them - Bildad - asked his brother Zophar if he had known Lot's Daughters which places Zophar aka Balak righ there in Moab at the time and thus there is really no doubt that these two appear again in the Biblical Record at the time of the Exodus - for whatever the reason, Eliphaz is among the missing however, he apparently shows up in China in the Tenth Century as the "immortal" owner of a three legged Toad - three legs representing the three toads that possess these three men.

I also realized, as stated elsewhere, that right now the three unclean spirits like Frogs were possessing these three men and they are intimately connected to Armageddon for some reason - they are sent out or leave on their own free will at the end of the tribulation to gather the nations to the Great Day of the Battle of Armageddon - which eludes me as of right now and I don't have the computer time available at this time for further research.

It would appear that the worship of Frogs was probably pre-flood in origins for the very name Zophar is the exact same word for frog in the Hebrew and thus these men have known that they were 'guided' by these spirits for quite some time - the three Bud Weis Er Frogs (loosly translates into the Band of the Strong Lie or something to that effect), as well as the Michelin Frog are referring to them in some way. This also means that these were not symbolic names but were actually their names at that time.

So, as I was re-reading that passage last night - July Fore, 2007 - Balaam ended up Blessing me and cursing all my Enemies which includes Eliphaz and Zophar and himself and Company which should have some type of effect in the near future, one would think.

Anyways, the moral of this story?

Do yourselves a favor - introduce your kids to golf.

Just returning the favor.




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~Theoferrum Jul 6, 2007, 11:40:57 AM

So, I thought that I would check out some more possibilities from the Word and found some interesting correlations.


One my thread on the Perfect Antichrist I found out that the Padrino was Hiram who helped Solomon build his temple and this is the guy who was the King of Tyre (Ez 28). Eliaphas (Job 15:27) mentions 'himself' becoming fat and Beldad curses him with worms (Job 25:6) and this is exactly what



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~Theoferrum Jul 6, 2007, 11:47:25 AM

Eliphaz (cont.)

As I was trying to say before the computer timed out, this is exactly what happened to Herod and I strongly suspect - note the closeness of the names - that these two were the same person. Notice, further, in Acts (12:20) which mentions the demise of Herod, that Tyre and Sidon are actually mentioned right in the passage and he was killed because he claimed to be God which is exactly they the King of Tyre had done (Ez 28:6-9).

In the passage in Ezekial his demise is brought about by fire and emphasises that it will be permenant which would be necessary concerning an immortal.

In the previously mentioned book, "God's Assassin" it states that one, or both, of the immortal brothers had known Y'shua and this implies strongly that one of the two was in Israel at the time.

Thus, Eliphaz is actually the Wizard of UZ which is the land that Job lived in - same as Oz.



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~Theoferrum Jul 6, 2007, 12:13:56 PM


From one of my previous sorces, the Padrino claims be the wandering Jew and that he has a sister who is also immortal.

And thus Zillah - the wife that produced Tubal Cain - is probably his 'sister' (and may have actually been his sister for aught we know) and Miss Piggy of the Great Muppet Caper. She was assuredly also Jezebel of the Old and New Testament who hailed from Tyre and Sidon - right where Hiram and Balak were. I would suspect that she was, therefore, Herodias - i.e. Herod's Wife who decided the fate of John the Baptist, which would explain why they continually use that Signiature on most of their crimes for it is the event that brings them all together into one camp with Herod's Ten Soldiers being responcible for executing the order.

Zillah means 'defense' and would probably manifest itself in her desire to dwell safely - like on an Island Fortress called Tyre (itself from Istar - the Queen of Heaven and the Crowning City), but that got sacked so, learning from their past mistakes, they made their next Island Fortress a little further from land - England.

You're gonna like this next part.

Strong's says that Jezebel means Chaste which has gotta be the most laughable translation I have ever heard in my entire life.

Bel is, as we have already established, their god Ba'al and was, originally, Cain. Conviently, Lamech kills Cains, has a son born with his mark, tells everyone that Cain is reincarnated, and now he is Cain's 'sire' and thus with more authority than Cain and he makes his wife Zillah into the Queen of Heaven and the mother of reincarnated Cain. Now you know why he doesn't want anyone to know the truth, and why he decided to kill King Marduke.

Anyways, Jez means "sprinkled" and thus this is another reference to her descent from Ba'al and today we would call it the Jizm of Bel.

And you probably thought dubya was kidding when he said that Beth had been here in 1776.

You know.

July Fore...



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~Theoferrum Jul 6, 2007, 12:25:07 PM
Here is the thread on the Perfect Antichrist which is, basically, a telepathic converstation back in time between myself and Bildad.

[link] =0&ID_Message=40&all_topics=0

He is one of the two brothers from the Book God's Assassin which I might expound upon below some more if I get some time.



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~Theoferrum Jul 6, 2007, 12:29:33 PM

God's Assassin

This book was supposedly - according to the author - a result of telepathic communication between himself and someone who was an Immortal from before the flood whose brother was also immortal and whom I have tenatively identifed with Jabul and Jubul and their modern counterparts are Burt and Earnie from Muppet Fame - i.e. Earnest Hemingway and Gordon (?) Robert the photography (see the above link for the Perfect Antichrist).

Now, the author had a website which is now defunct and, further, it is not archieved with Wayback Machine (might try google if I think of it and burn off a copy). His last name was Naas.



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By the way, the title for this thread comes from the movie Caddy Shack.




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