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Topic: The Immortal Plot Thickens

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The Immortal Plot Thickens


The Immortal Plot Thickens

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According to Father Marcos, this lady was actually an immortal - unless I misunderstood what he said. Baalbeck is that location in Syria that has Stitch-in-time all wet thinking it was an alien airport. It was obviously built before the flood with a wall made out of stones that weigh about a million tons - give or take - and would very possibly be the location of an immortal from before the flood.

Eudokia of Heliopolis

Martyr Died 107 Feast 1 March

Venerated in Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholic Church

Eudokia (Greek Åõäïêßá) was a Samarian woman who lived in Heliopolis of Phoenicia (present day Baalbeck, Lebanon, which was then part of greater Syria). She was a very beautiful pagan, and garnered her wealth by attracting wealthy lovers.

Eudokia learned about Christianity from a monk by the name of Germanos. According to legend, Eudokia asked him if she, too, could be saved from Judgment. Germanos instructed her to remain alone in her chamber for one week, fasting and praying. Eudokia followed his instructions, and at the end of the week, she had a vision about the Archangel Michael that assured her of Christ's love for all people. Germanos later baptized her.

At age 30, Eudokia commissioned the building of a monastery near Baalbeck, and dispensed much of her wealth in various charitable projects. She rejected all of her suitors, and when one persistent suitor named Philostratos was struck down because of his persistence, Eudokia prayed for him until he recovered. Philostratos then converted to Christianity.

Eudokia persuaded many pagans to convert to Christianity. Syrian officials were angered by her actions, and had her beheaded on March 1, 107 AD.



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