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Topic: The Eye of the Storm

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The Eye of the Storm



The Eye of the Storm


Original Posting : September 29, 2000


Journal Entry: Sat May 12, 2007, 11:45 AM


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He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. I will say of Y'hova, 'He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.' Surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be your shield and buckler.


You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day; Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.


A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you...






He was born February 17th, 1964, at 5:04 PM, in Beverly, Massachusetts.


It snowed that morning; a couple of light fluffy inches, that blanketed everything in sight, including the fence outside his hospital window, and the shrub tree with its branches. As his mother sat up in bed nursing him, she watched a Dove in the branches of the tree, that had come calling to see this new child. And though the dove was as quiet and still as the freshly covered landscape, it was, obviously, a mourning dove.


Exactly 40 days later, to the day, Alaska was hit by the Good Friday Earthquake, which he remembers reading about, subsequently, in the National Geographic, with the photos of the destruction crystal clear in his memory.


Two months after his birth, his family packed up and moved to Vermont. One of his first memories is of the house being struck by lighting, about ten feet from where he lay sleeping. Their parents moved them down stairs into the living room, under kerosene lamplight, for the power had been knocked out. The lighting also struck a huge maple across the yard, the kind that would crush a house if it fell on it. A huge limb shattered and fell to the ground, well away from the house. All told, the house had been struck twice with lighting around that time.


It has never been hit sense then.


Around the age of four, he is out in the yard with his siblings playing the games that kids play on a perfectly beautiful summer day, with the sky blazing blue. Then it started, silently coming out of the south, and pouring over Witcher Mountain like a Tidal Wave in the sky, seemingly headed right for them. Dark clouds, unlike anything he has ever seen before or sense, with raging reds and oranges, and perhaps every other color of the rainbow from what he can recall. It came flooding towards them at such a rate, that his mother took due alarm and ordered them all into the house. Within a quarter of an hour, the entire blue sky, was totally overcast with ominous black clouds.


He learned later that three tornadoes touched down in his home town that day, one of them on their own land, less then an eighth of a mile away. Walking through the forest several years later, the damage could still be seen. It didn't compare to the tornadoes say, in Kansas, but it still took out trees a foot in diameter.


Six Grade Class trip was an overnight stay in Montreal. They toured the city for two days and checked out the Loch and other sites of interest. On the way home on the second day, in the after noon they stopped in the outskirts of the city for a short break. Then the whole class turned as one to look across the road at a column of thick black smoke racing into the sky. A huge building in the shape of a golf ball had somehow caught fire and burnt to the ground as they watched. Upon ariving home late that afternoon, as he walks into the living, there, on the television set, was pictures of that very building burning to the ground and it was this event that sparked the feeling of having a strong sense of destiny, which would only grow stronger with each passing year.


Around this same time, his oldest sister was learning to drive and the mother and most of the kids piled into the car one summer's day to go to the nearest shopping mall. At the end of the dirt road, where it makes a T intersection with the main road in Vermont, his sister, of course, came to a full and complete stop at the sign and, looking both ways and seeing that it was clear, she pulled out and the white Plymouth - the same one they moved from Mass with - stalled right there in the middle of the road, just as a Mack Truck came barrelling around the corner headed straight at the stalled car. Somehow, his sister managed to slam the lever into park, start the car, slammed the lever back into drive and stomped on the gas and danced right around that Truck, as he was checking out the rust spots on the bumper as it passed.


The rest of the day was uneventful.


His second oldest brother took the rest of the boys out target practicing one day, with a shot gun and a twenty - two in the process of getting them sighted in for the upcoming season. As his brother was showing him the finer points of the shot gun, shoulder to shoulder, they both hear a shot and look up and there is another one of their brothers with the 22 pointed right at them both. They looked at each other wondering which one had been shot and why wasn't he dead. His older brother had taken the bullet through the upper right arm and, when it hit the rib it bounced off (the cop actually found the bullet) and did no harm. He was standing on his brother left and an inch or less either way would have placed that bullet in one of their hearts.


The brother who accidentally fired the 22 was the same brother, several years earlier when they were about five years old, who rescued him when they were at a neighbors house swimming in their pond and the rubber tube he was using conveniently developed a leak and he was sinking like a rock. His brother threw out his own lifejacket in order to deliver him from certain drowning.


Around the time he reached twelve or thirteen; the age when Jewish boys have their Bar Mitzpha; the dreams started. They are 'paraylasis' dreams. They are dreams that occur, at that point in time, when you are neither awake, or asleep. You can't move, and some people are overcome with fear. He found out much later that, they are demonically induced. One friend had one, and as soon as he realized it was a demon, he called out to Jesus, and immediately the demon left him, and the 'paralysis' ended. In these dreams, the evil spirits sometimes pose as friends, or relatives. And, from his own experience, they always try to harm him, or even kill him. He has fought to the death many times sense then, in those dreams. Some speculate that if one were to die in their dreams, that they might die in real life. However, this probably isn't true of regular dreams. But in a demonically induced dream, where the two are fighting for their life, well, who knows.


Around this time a friend comes over to stay the night, and he decided that he wanted to walk up the hill that is on their land (same hill as the tornado hit). It is winter and the sky is crystal clear. Half way up the hill, a fireball comes screaming out of the dark sky. It disappears, literally, right over their heads, and then a split second later, a thundering crash sounds in the lower pasture about a quarter mile away. It scared them out of their wits so they high-tailed it back to the house. His friend decided that it was a UFO, but he decided, after he had calmed down, that it was a shooting 'star'.


A meteorite hit their land a quarter of a mile from his house.


It was a couple of years after this, that Vermont experienced its first earthquake. Two more occured before he graduated from school and entered the military. Stationed overseas for a couple of years, so he takes a month off for vacation in Vermont on his way to his next assignment. He is actually looking forward to seeing the snow, after being away for so long; Vermont winters, where by February you have three feet or more of snow in the fields.


When he arrived home, there was not a scrap of snow to be seen anywhere in all Vermont.


On his first flight overseas in the winter of 83, in the Air Force, they were supposed to land in Brussels, Belgium (where the computer the Beast is located), but a bank of fog moved in, so the flight was detoured to Luxemborg (where the data banks for that computer are located). They sat there for 2 hrs then finally headed to Brussels. The fog was still there, and the pilot made the landing anyways. He was looking out the window, and nothing could be seen, not even the flightline until just before the wheels hit it. Everyone was estatic, and clapping broke out. Remember that these are seasoned air travelers. Being his first international flight, he was too ignorant to know that they needed to be worried.


He just assumed that they did this all the time.


He gets to Alaska, and for the first time in his life, he starts wondering what is going on with the weather. That year, Alaska gets more snow that they ever get, and then next winter, they have the mildest winter they ever had, while back in his home state, they have temperatures colder then in Alaska.


He has always had a strong sense of Destiny, and now this seems to start adding to it. He doesn't know why, but he ponders all these things in his mind.


After a year in Arizona, he comes back home to Vermont again, and gets a job at a local Hydro Dam. The earthquakes come back again; one or so every other year or so. And the Indian summers start. For the last seven of the ten years that he worked at the dam, Vermont had indian summers; unseasonably warm weather; right into Novemeber and the begining of December.


A friend asks him to give him a ride out to Cincinnati one weekend, to visit his sisters. He knew them and they were pretty and single besides, and he had never been, so his friend didn't have to twist his arm very much, and while there a freak Hailstorm occurs, dumping marble size hail everywhere and knocking branches out of trees. Enough hail fell so that it looked like snow on the lawns.


They stopped at a store shortly after that, and a woman had gone into labor from the excitement.


In the autumn of 1997, after observing the trajectories of both Comet Hale-Bopp and Hyakutaki, he realized that if a third comet was to originate in Pisces Australees and pass just below the feet of Perseus in the Spring of 1998, tht this would be an indication of the approaching Rapture. He wrote this in a book that he never published and sent out copies to several well known people, and then he asked his Abba for that very comet.


It was spotted in March of 1998 on the SOHO and subsequently labled 1998J1 and its picture was taken by Michael Horn and is the background image on this Editorial Page.


Around his last two or three years at the dam, he notices the weather again, only this time its more prominent, and harder to ignore. The company needed construction volenteers up north, for their work had been hampered all spring and summer by inclimate weather.


They were behind schedule and over budget.


He goes up north to help out for the rest of the summer. It was cold and rainy the first day there, and after that, the weather was beautiful beyond compare for the rest of the summer. They ended up finishing ahead of schedule and under budget.


And he started worrying.


So, he put all this to the test, having a camper trailer on some friends land up north, he would drive up there every once and a while for the weekend. With out fail, the weather changed, radically, within a day. It happened every time he went north; over a dozen times; and he told several friends and family members about it, but of course they thought he was crazy.


Even when he told them exactly what the weather would do, and when.


The last time this occured, was while he was employed at the dam, in the spring of ninety-eight. The winter had been average, and there was a moderate amount of snow built up. He decided to go north for the weekend to see what would be coming at them in a couple of weeks. He stayed for the weekend, and on the way home, stopped at the roadside and walked out into a field.


He reached down and grabbed a handful of snow, and it was wet, real wet for this time of year. The next day, Monday, at eight in the morning, he told his supervisor that they would be spilling out of at least 4 gates at the dam. His supervisor agreed, but gave him this look like he was crazy; a look he had unfortunatley, grown used to. Runoff wouldn't be for several weeks, and they almost never spilled water out of four gates, certainly not with the average amount of snow they had this year.


By the end of his shift at 2pm, they had two gates opened, passing 6,000 cfs per hour, and by the end of the day, they had exactly 4 gates opened at the dam, for a total of 24,000 cfs passed per hour, which is loss of revenue for them.


They stopped laughing after this.


One must remember that it takes about two days for the runoff from up north to get to the dam, which means it started on the day he drove north.


All the years that he worked at the dam, he never had a power outage, either from a Unit failing or a Power Line tripping off line, while he was in charge of the Shift. All other operators experience them, on a routine basis. In fact, one person earned the name "Lighting Rod" because his shift experieced an undue amount of them during those same ten years. Many were probably his own fault, but not all of them were. These type of power outages are usually weather related.


After he is laid off, he goes to Israel, and several things happen to him, that again have him worried. One his first trip to the Land the year before, on the first night in Israel, he decides to stay at a Hostel in Tel Aviv for the night instead of continuing on to Jerusalem and he is sitting in the Lobby talking to another tourist about the lack of any suicide bombers and five minutes later the News is telling them that there had just been a bombing in a Market in Jerusalem. The next day he rides to Jerusalem and is walking down the street to the King David Hotel where he is going to be staying and ends up walking past that very market and he could still see the blood on the sidewalk and he thinks to himself that had he continued on to Jerusalem the night before, he would have been walking past that market about the time that the bomb went off.


On this second trip, now unemployed, he ends up staying in the Kibbutz Reviveem for about a month and, one the day he left, he gets to the Sea of Galilee and hears over the radio or from a stranger on the street that there had been some type of gas explosion in Beer Sheva a couple of hours ago and the Kibbutz itself was located right next door.


So many things have happened through the years in the human realm; near accidents, explosions and fires; that he shrugges them all off now.


He is almost run over by a preoccupied teen in a car a while back; tires smoking and brakes screeching, with no where to go but directly at him while he is riding his bike on the side of the road; but it doesn't even give him an adrenaline rush anymore. He can't do things about man made accidents, and he is concentrating on the natural world around him instead.


Especially since the Camelot Eclipse last fall; which has been linked to the Arthurian legends with Excalibar; which occured in Somersett of Kent county, the origins of Camelot, and his anscestral home. One legend of which; which seems to have Scriptural support; is that the land and the king are one. He can't tell anyone any of this of course, for he would be considered a heretic.


After his return from Israel, he sets out on a tour of the U.S. Helping a friend and his wife move from Pennsylvania to Arkansas, he is sitting outside a store while his friends get some things, and the cement bench he is on, starts shaking, as do the windows of the store. He told his friend that they just had an earthquake, and his friend laughs at him, like everyone else, cause 'they don't get earthquake in Erie.' Less then an hour later the radio anouncer sets him straight.


Going to Seattle, "The Rainy City" to look up an old friend, its pouring as he pulls into the city. He remains for two weeks, and it never rained once, during the entire time. All the locals are commenting about it, as the strangest thing they have ever seen - two solid weeks with no rain in Seattle.


On the day he leaves, the thunderstorm clouds move back in.


He is about half an hour outside of Seattle, storms clouds turning the day into night, and lo and behold, there's a Rainbow in the clouds, hanging there, as if defying the laws governing the physics of light. It made such an impression on the locals there, that they called up the radio station and commented on it. Enough people called up, so that one of the anouncers laughingly said that it must be "a Sign of the Apocalypse".


Ten miles down the road, he switches stations, and picks one up that has not heard about the rainbow. They haven't heard about it because they are playing one hour of randomly selected songs. They choose a CD by random, and put it in, and then select Random Play on the Player, and the Stereo picks out a song on its own to play, and out of the speaker comes, "Rainbow in the Dark".


On his way to Arizona to look for a certain old man, he decides to spend the night in Carson City. And, during his sleep, an earthquake occurs about 40 miles away near Lake Tahoe, where he had just driven through hours earlier.


He can't find his friend, so he stops back in Arkansas to check on the couple he helped move, and they ask him to watch a friend's house while he is on tdy. He's sitting out on the porch one afternoon, and a freak thunderstorm comes barreling over his shoulder like a enraged bull, and heads directly towards downtown Little Rock. He thinks to himself that he wouldn't want to be in an airplane in this weather, and learns the next day that it downed an aircraft and nine people were killed. One of the pilets, and eight other people; who were all in the same group; supposedly returning from a trip to Scotland to research their lineage.


He thinks otherwise, but shrugs it off.


As he is driving home to Vermont, passing through his birth state, another earthquake occurs. A hat trick of earthquakes, exactly in the same locations that he was in, scattered across the country, seemingly in a random pattern.


Except he just happened to be at all three locations each time.


Indian summer again in the fall of ninety-nine, slowly progresses into a mild - but seemingly endless - winter. Finally spring arrives, and he goes on a trip down to his home town, and drives through the State Forest for the first time in over a year. The gate to the road that leads up to a favorite hill called Owls Head is locked, so he heads to his families house to see what is going on.


The very next day, a tornado rips through the State Forest, exactly where he had just passed through. He went to see the damage, and it compared with the three that he remembered in his youth.


Its unseasonally warm this spring, which his neighbor comments on, and he tells her that its gonna get alot colder, and its probably going to rain.


She, of course, looks at like him like he is crazy, like everyone else. However, within two days, it does just that, and it has been one of the coldest summers that anyone can imagine up here.


With in a week, he is standing beside her, in front of the dam that he used to work at, and is watching water pour out of three of the gates. Runoff was well over, and there was no more snow for the melting, so where is all this water coming from do you suppose?


He asks himself silently, and only the wind hears.


He is not expecting anyone to believe him, or understand - let alone answer the question.


He is thinking on all these things, and the many things that could be added to this list, that he has forgotten about, or doesn't even know about. And he has another parylasis dream.


Someone is fighting against him. He realizes that he is in another demonically induced dream and he asks them, "Why are you doing this?" And as they laugh, he hears them say, "Because that is what we do." He has never had any trouble breaking free from these dreams before, but this one is different. It seems that the more he struggles against them, the stronger they grow. In his desperation, in his dream, he calls out for "Abba!", and immediately he receives all the strength he needs, and breaks free of the enemey that is trying to kill him. Some times, weapons appear in his hand, when he asks for Abba's help - it was a club last time (and a famous novelist coincidentally died during the night). And, though he didn't see one in this dream, he is sure that there was a Sword involved.


In the story of Perseus who kills the gorgons and then turns the world to stone and frees Andromeda to escape with him to be wed, there is another little known event that occurs. The death of the last gorgon brings a male-child to life, whose name means, "The Golden Sword". It is linked to the legends of Camelot and Arthur and Excaliber, which is traced from the prophecies in the Word about Ephraim and Judah - with these being the Lords, "Battle Axe and every Weapon of War."


The comet SOHO, that he asked Abba for, lookes remarkedly like a Golden Sword to him...


As he sits there recovering, he is wondering who it was this time, and he gets the answer from his Abba, 'It was the Three Sisters of the Fates', he said in that very still small voice that grows more comforting every day. These are known as the gorgons to some. They are the 'gods' of the Storms of Life, that shipwreck and destroy some, while seemingly letting others free unscaved, because 'that is what they do'.


But, when the Fates are Dead, only Destiny remains.

 2007-09-04 17:59

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:00:05 PM

The above post is a true reconning of the events surrounding my life as I grew up.

There are other events that I could add and perhaps I will in this comment section when I remember them however, for now there is some explanation needed.

I wrote all of the above before I found out I was Y'shua's son and, since then, I realized that the Insiders of this world have been following me for my entire life and, therefore, alot of the occurances above are assuredly their work to get me to think that I was in the Eye of the Storm and an Army of One.

For example, lets take the Metorite Episode.

Knowing that these people have been trying to affect my life, it is obvious that this was no meteorite.

The reader may be interested to know that the 'friend' that decided he wanted to come visit - in the middle of winter and the only time he ever came over to stay the night - was the son of an FBI Agent who moved his family into a house about one mile away from where my parents had moved to - who had to commute about 2 hours to work every day - and who just happened to have a son the same age as myself so we were in the same grade in school together.

In other words, all of this was not a coincidence. The reader should remember that this was just a small backwoods town in Vermont that, literally, had more cows in it while I was growing up, then it had people.

So, this 'friend' after we had settled in for the night and were watching TV, all of a sudden wants to go for a walk up the hill on our land in the middle of winter and kept insisting that we do so until I agreed so as to shut him up.

Now, that hill is probably about two football fields long to get to the top but about a quarter of a mile away there is another hill that is higher than this one. There is now a house at the top of that hill but I don't recall if there was one when I was growing up.

In other words, they could easily launch a missle from that hill, when we were halfway up our hill, and we would not have seen it actually being launched, we would only have seen it come into view as it passed over our hill and, they could also see our lower pasture from the launch site and made sure that they hit it which is the crash I describe. Further, they waited until winter so that they wouldn't have to worry about any fire and people going investigating.

Editor's Note : November 10, 2007 : In fact, the only reason that I figured out the scenario above is because my parents gave me that hill because I supported them to the tune of 40,000 ackers through the years according to my mother and when I went homeless and moved up on the hill I had the land logged off for money for taxes and I could then see the top of that hill about a quarter mile away which you could not have seen before the land was logged.

In other words, the FBI launched a missile over my head as a teenager and they had my friend try and convince me that it was a UFO.

Now, ask yourself why.

That 'friend' was also in the habit of making Swatstika's and he insisted on placing one in my room over the doorway - that's your government for you.

It didn't stay there long though cause my mother saw it and went ballistic.



2theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete
Edit2007-09-04 18:00

Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:03:59 PM
Here is another one. Since myself and my twin were sired from the Shroud of Turin, the Insiders decided to make sure we remembered our birth.

So, exactly forty days after we were born, they caused the Good Friday Earthquake that hit TurnAgain Heights (that's the Shroud of Turin Again in Double Speak), Alaska and they probably caused it using at least one very large nuke that they detonated underwater off the coast of Anchorage.

I am guessing that this could be verified, possibly, cause, if memory serves, radiation would cause Red Tide and there may have been some recorded that summer after this event.



3theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit2007-09-04 18:01

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:18:14 PM
Now, lets comment on some of the weather anomolies that I have experienced all my life.

Is it just a coincidence that our house was struck by lightening one time in its two hundred year history and that, when I was just a young child?

Or, is it much more likely that it was caused by the government using a Laser directed Plasma Gun - what the Insiders call "The Hand of God" with which they sacrificed a White Buffalo a couple of years ago, as well as killed some people over in England last winter.

The Tornadoes and Snow and Ice storms that I have experienced in my adult life are assuredly the result of one of their little HAARP Programs.

The only one I question is the one when I was a child that I describe above which clouded over the entire sky in only a couple of minuts.

The reason that I question it is because I don't know for sure that they had one of those installations when I was that young however, more than likely they did.



4theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit Edited 2007-11-10 15:52 2007-09-04 18:02

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:25:25 PM
Now, lets look at the Golf Ball Building that burnt to the ground on the Six Grade overnight trip.

It is known as the McMasterville Fire and it burnt to the ground on October 1, 1975. /explosion_cil

The reader may be extrememly interested to know that the other Golf Ball Building known as Epcot Center, was dedicated about six or seven years later on exactly October 1.

In other words, the Insiders of this world decided to give me a memorable trip to Montreal - "Do yourself a favor and introduce your kids to Gold" - by burning down one of their own buildings and killing some of their own employees.

That building being a breakoff or parent of Dupont - one of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, according to one source.



5theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit2007-09-04 18:02

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:27:11 PM
The quote above was supposed to be :

Do yourself a favor and introduce your kids to Golf.

It appeared in one of the Insider News Magazines like Time or Newsweek at the time that they burnt down the McMasterville Building.



6theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit2007-09-04 18:02

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 12:31:24 PM
Now, let me tell ya about the dreams.

Most, if not all of them were a result of the MKUltra Program and I will give you one clear example that I just thought of today.

When I was a teen ager there was a Fire out in Snake River in Idaho and, after seeing it on the TV, that night I had a 'dream' and I saw a Pine Tree on the other side of a Gorge all of a sudden just explode.

The next day my math teacher (more on him in the next note) brought the subject up in class and I told everyone about the dream and, lo and behold, he just happened to have a logical explanation.

It appears that, in some fires, under the right conditions, the pitch in the pine tree will get so hot that when the slightest spark hits it, it will literally explode - exactly like my dream.

This was an MKUltra Dream and they were trying to get me to think that I had travelled out to the Snake River in my spirit and seen the fire.

Or something to that effect.



7theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit2007-09-04 18:03

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 1:38:41 PM
The Heavy Fog on my first International Flight could easily have been produced by one of their HAARP Programs, as well as the all of the earthquakes I mention and have experienced.

I should comment here that I can not find the location of the forest fire I mention above but it was out west somewhere and when I find it I will mention it here.

It is a given, as with the Golf Ball building, that the terrorist attacks that occured when I went to Israel were assuredly their work.

I might also mention that twice while I was in Arizona going to Bible College, they made sure that they ran into me while I was riding my bike home from work - this was in keeping with the Twin Motif - like the Twin Towers etc.



8theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit2007-09-04 18:04

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 1:39:26 PM
Now, lets mention the Comet.

It is about the only thing that has occured which I am sure that the Insiders did not plan in any way so, you know how they reacted to this?

Since it really did come from Y'hova, they made sure that they buried it in the news.

In other words, even though most of the people who read this will remember Comet Hyakutaki and Hale-Bopp - both of which I saw - not a one of you probably remember Comet SOHO 1998J1 - do you?


Because, even though it was actually a better comet than any of the other two, the leading periodicals that should have told people about it, refused to do so and you only found out about it second hand, if at all.



9theoferrumii  Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit Edited 2009-11-06 12:43 2007-09-04 18:04

~Theoferrum May 12, 2007, 1:42:54 PM
Here is my comet :


And, I was right about the fires. They were in the summer of 1979 and, according to Facts on File, Idaho ws the hardest hit although they mention the Salmon River not the Snake River.

Welcome to my World...


10theoferrumii Mark Private to theoferrumii Delete Edit Edited 2007-11-10 15:57 2007-09-05 18:19See my comments on the FBI and Vermont and my letters to Mr. Marquise concerning the 'meteorite' that flew over our heads.It was not a meteorite - the FBI launched a missile over my head.The Earthquake in Pennsylvania is now called the Pymatuning Earthquake cause it was centered on that reservoir and the American Airlines Flight was 1420 and the reader can see those posts separatly for more info.


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