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Topic: Headlines surrounding my birth

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Headlines surrounding my birth

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Headlines surrounding my birth. Eventually I will go through and add my own comments to them so the reader will understand better how to read between the headlines and they can also check my post on Octopussy on the Death of Danny Casolaro for more info.

For now I would mention that there are several themes from this time that they still want me to connect with. Diamonds as in the Blood Diamond. The White Elephant, Golf etc, some of which have been explained elsewhere on my sites.



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June 10, 1963 : Conception

Pope John 23 (died)
All of a sudden I'm getting inquiries - cartoon of white elephant and owner
New Brillance for Records
The World's Horizons are in retreat
Davey Tree Expert Co.
Words of Wisdom
Vintage Joke
I like a man who comes prepared - sexual inuendo
Sinister and Shocking
Storm and Stress
Terribly Dangerous
Trick or Treat?
Happy Ending
Vacuum at the top
Strong Men - Superman theme again
Chain Reaction
Only one barrier
Gental Shepherd of a Revolution
Windows on the past
A murmuring chorus
The Perennial Youth - One of their goals is the fountain of youth.
Grand Design
A shattering Question
The Eternal Cross Fire
Evoking a Great Echo
Memory of a Man
Sinister and shaking
Bargain with the devil
Collection Correction
The Worm Turns pg 38 - Picture of a white worm, more like a sperm - the sample was live - picture @url below
Political Confusion
FireStone - 3 page add possibly couterpart to TreadStone in the Bourne movie
Up for the count
The Big Idea
Thick Red Line
Spray OK
Political Confussion
The Big Idea
Follow my leader
Control yourselves
Off the tables
Why did you do it?
Fear at the top
Word to the Wise
On with the dance
Line of Succession
Time for Decision
Oil the way
Hot diagnosis
No illusions
Rebel's reunion
Troubled waters
Water Water
Moisture Droplets
What took him so long
Stemming the Red Tide
El Dorado Savings - Gold Water etc
Diamonds will recall your finest memories - Blood Diamond
Living Law
Unforseen events...need not change and shape the course of man's affairs.
David and Goliath
Beauty and the Beast
Doubling up
Grace of God
Belly Fire - can't get any more obvious than this
Diplomatic Pouch
I'd rather be alive
Who else can help him - kid in classroom
World's Finest Lager - Goldwater etc
Draconian Controls - mind controlling the kids
Too Far Out?
Titleiest - Golf thing again
Royal Special - ditto
No Illusions
How to mix a professional daiquiri at home
Wolf's Head Motor Oil
Project No Hole - possible referrence to the Event Horizon
Troubled Waters
Who's in charge here?
The Resolution
A Quest for elusive meanings
The Exploiters
The Many sides of Marilyn (pg 105) - Egg donar
Doubting Genius - my middle name thomas
Living Law
Strange Doings
Errors of Judgment
The Real Issue



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February 24, 1964 : Birth

If workers were paid in what they produced
One man's delight
Beautiful copies - They are talking about the birth resulting in Twins
Then its time for a talk with our man
Ahead of the Headlines
Vanishing American
Attention Getter
Grapes of wrath - note the plurals
Immoral Spectacles
Double the Value
The Older the Younger
Swords Optional
The pendulum is swinging too far
The wrong direction
Psychological Pitfall
Don't say it, write it
In the Corral
Week in the Sun
Deadly Wreath
Grapes of Wrath
Easing off
Joe Nobody
Fire and Brimstone - twins motiff again
The Rhinos
Perilous gamesmanship
Provocative activity
Contented Smiles
You feel mighty proud when you give your boy a headstart
High cost of justice
Changing Cornerstones
Year of the Dragon
Kill thy Neighbor
Blood Letting
Winter's Tale
Front Man
The Passion of Josef - probably referring to Menegele
Behind the scenes
'Trade' and 'Mark' - Mark being my twins name
Diamond Diving
Dark Victory
Duty to pray
Hits the nail on the head
King Kong is here
Watching a Gorilla grow up *
Monkey See
Guirilla Warriors - reference to the twins again.
Swords Optional
Knock on any door
Eye for the Weather - slip showing on the HAARP
The Biggest Stars
Truths about man
Out of the Jungle
Action and Reaction
Unsuspecting Suspect
Monkey See
Watching mayhem leads to it
Picture of Violence
Opportunity doesn't end here
What if you had to be the executer of your own estate
The grainy image
Action and Reaction
Law of inertion
Picture of Violence
Opportunity doesn't end here.
Implausible Estimate
Resolving the polarity with 'bursts'
Cool Smash

*This is one of the headlines for this time frame from one of the sources that I can't relocate now, but they compared this who process via their evolutionary mindset. Another headline was "Those who survive will never die" and I can't locate that one either, but it might have to do with the fact that several pages had been ripped out of both the Time Magazine and the Newsweek Magazine for the very week that I was researching. Quite the coincidence there, hey.



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Time Magazine

June 14, 1963 : Conception

Friend in Court
Pope of the World
Scrambling to catch up with the frightening facts
An appeal to reason
Inexorable process
Road show for a Relic?
Rockefeller & Windsors (pg 27)
Religious Crises
Dividing the Waters
The idea matters
Practically a God
Maximum Distance - Golf Ball symbolises the sperm
What Papa Doc ordered - the Padrino
We are the Victors
Prolific Prophet
The sin is in not seeing
As I lay Dying
Double Exposure
Submerging the story
Plotting Strategy
Star Watcher
Rite of Spring - Spring birth
The wise forsee
People who hate to wait have more fun
Half a solution is better than none
Everything's Schwell
Top of the Pyramid
Top of the pyramid
Two Timing the Seven Sisters
Royal Disdain
When the mouse is away
Mummery Flummery
Change - for the better
Lord of Language
All the sad young men
Spiritual Seduction
Lord of Language
Doomsayer's Diary
Sleight of Hand

Here are some more I missed the first time around but actually are from the June 7, 1963 Issue which also applies because this one came out before the insemination and the one above came out after the process was complete :

Out of a Cocoon - the Shroud
Grateful Survivors
Rest in Peace
Piggyback Discounts - the process of rehydration and insemination
Congratulations - Bravo
The Revolution
A Mess but Wonderful
We can't wait anylonger
The Next Stand
Shattering Records and Bodies
The Makeshift Killers
Where the majority are oppressed
Bad news from the Oracles
In Oshkosh, B'Gosh
Sad day for Happy
Patently Absurd
The Alarm has been sounded
Like a Lone Tree
The most essential unit
The Brainwashing worked
Two Down
One Up
Roll of Drums
But Who - specifically, would one of the two be me
The Return of Burning Spear - referring to Y'shua's wound
A King's Headache - sexual inuendo referring to the discharge
Compelling Logic
Facing a Dilemma
Lots of Loot
Buckshot in the Cape - sperm in the shroud
Poached Fish - the sperm from the Shroud
Pucker up and Pray
Psychological Effect
Revival of Green Pastures
Vatican Revolutionary
New Problematic
Breeze of Change
Questions are his Heritage - my quest of identy
Extreme Unction
Dear me the sky is falling
Baby's new bottle - A whole article on Pediatrics
Old Fallacy
New Cut - taken with the one above means they put a 'spin' on the process
Fear is out of date
Enough could be too much
You, too, can be "two" top men - they were planning on twins
Re-creating the pre-life earth
Simulating the pregnant primitive ocean
Rare Joke
I had said my prayer back in the 15th Orbit
The hunger of the faithful
Newest member of a famous family
Rocky Road
March Blowout - turned out to be Feb 17 a couple of weeks sooner
Graveyard of Presidents
Daring them to think
A Rackful of Giants
Out of thin air - the actual discharge
More than child's play
In one family, half a nation
Seemly Success
Its a big day
WhatDYaMean...No cigars?
The Road to Heaven
Pickpocket - thief motif referring to myself
Unwed Dignity
Dangerous Time
The setting of a royal son
The Rock Garden



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Time Magazine

February 21, 1964 : Birth

Breadlines in Utopia
Hallelujah the Hills - Vt
A God and his gifts
Domino Theory
A fine madness
The Golden Fruits
Now the talking begins
In buster browns
Greyer Skies
Grey Eminence
Finally zeroing In
Rockefellers again (pg 24)
Through a brothers eyes - controlling one twin with the other
Crowded House
Final Push
On a cross of falsehoods
The Elegant white Elephant
Who's going to provide him with a job *
Sublime Chaos
Room at the top
Nipples are good baloons
The solid Gold nail factory
Twice Lucky
Irrationality in flower
After sage agreement a beatific rebuff
Goodbye to all that
When the Curtain falls
Cheating Justice
Comedy's End
Power Tool
Bombs in the Ballpark
Collision stations
Upset stomach
Eyebrows raised
Ready for anything
New hand across the border
Reaching the unreachable
Touching the untouchable
Agent of the Yankees
Oh, the burden of it all
Ethics and Ideology
The persistant one
The prayerful one
The Passion of Josef D.
This is our trump card
To catch a thief
Breaking the Bars
One luminous thing
The Genius Explosion - bookended recently with the series on baby einsteins
Ten Angels
The dangerous profession
Mysterious gift
Fly away to sugar bush
Side by side
Getting the message
Tortured compromise
Two Gushers
Really Rolling
Bosses in Tandem
The brothers move on
High cost of quitting
Beastly business
Survival of the fitest
Picture of Superman
The great entertainer welcomes Two hot favorites to the big time.
Sterling Silver
Political Thriller



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3 theoferrumii 2006-12-03 17:27
From: TheoferrumII Sent: 9/14/2006 12:52 PM

National Geographic, Vol. 125, No. 3, Washington, D.C.

March 1964 : Birth

The Last Full Measure (pg 307) - Melville Bell Grosvenor
Behind the Veil (pg403)
Moon Shot - Gemini (pg446)
Jamba - Watching a Gorilla grow up (pg 446)
First Flight across Antartica (pg 453)

Note : Most of the captions in the article don't apply however just around this time they started running adds in their magazine and alot of them do apply.

It's Uncanny
Even We're Impressed
Is this Trip Necessary
Relax in a state of Excitement
One Man's Delight

Note also Bier (the funeral bier) is close to Black Brier in the recent Bourne Movie and it may be possible that movie had some trigger words in it like Tread Stone, etc.



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The first major East Coast Blackout occured on February 28, 1964 exactly 11 days after our birth and forty days later was the earthquake in Alaska.

The New York's World Fair also occured, not coincidentally, in 1964. In the Reader's Digest for March of this year, they have a cartoon on Mr. Magoo going to the workd fair and one of the signs intentionally misspells 'ask her' with Astor- pg 243.



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The USS Thresher was lost at sea on April 10, 1963. Captain's name was John Wesley.



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Reader's Digest, Pleasantville, N.Y., July 1963

An Instinct for the Essential
Shadowy world of hidden pain
A Diamond is forever
The Thresher
Dubious Distinction
A Cool King in a Hot Spot
Who Won?
Get'em to Church on Time, pg. 28 - picture of group of brides
People Farms
They fight City Hall and win
A creed for a time of Danger
You may be younger than you think
Special Delivery
Package Deal
Mothers without joy
Sense of Direction - joke about Vermont
Finely Defined
Proverbial Problems
Time Exposure
Name in Vain
Labor Pains
Nine ways to beat the heat
Living like a King in a Castle
Tour de Force
All unquiet on the Potomac
The Fighting Priest
All America wants to know
There's another side to the story, too!
Wild, Wild, West - article on Teddy Roosevelt
The Big Stick - referring to my old man being hung like a horse
A Bull Moose is Born - ditto



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Reader's Digest, Pleasantville, N.Y., March 1964

Cover - Maple Sugar Season in Vermont, by Charles Gehm
The Simple Truth - get it? My old man was the Truth so one of his sons is a 'simple' truth.

Bonus in Beauty - this implies that there were more than just me and Mark sired from this mix
Cause and Effect
Top Secret
Get Real Action
Johnson, first in dependability
Settled out of Court
Parker, maker of the world's most wanted pens
The Dangerous Game of Let's Pretend
Nice People?
Risk of War
A Tide-Turn Moment
No careless inch
Object lesson
One of the Greatest Medical Feats of all Time
Big News in Shoes
Inscrutable Shepherd
Never the Twain
Look Alike?
Glass Tower
Small Nations, Ltd.
Hollywood, Where are you?
Magic Wand
Simply Colossal
Laugh or Cry
Help Wanted : A U.S. Vice President - referring to my brother Mark, no doubt
Chaos out of Confusion
Stakes in the Struggle - euphimism for two male childs born - the article is about J. Hoffa
My Own Personal Patron Saint
Transfusion : A Mixed Blessing - this is the reason for the entire experiment which I have recently outlined in one of the posts on the Monarch Project
The Awesome Challenge
A Special Providence
Toeing the line for fun
Gospel according to Marx
Great State of Affairs
A Doctor looks at death
Full Circle
Ten Spot
Ten Dangerous Men - possibly five sets of twin brother born?
Why Irish Eyes are smiling
Punctuation Marks - anything to do with 'Mark' is probably double speak
Vanishing Man
Sweet Revenge
Philosopher's Corner
Two Minutes to Noon - as in High Noon
The Beginning of Chaos
Proceed at your own risk
Dragon Twist from Hell
Massacre of Innocents - this is referring to Herod's slaughter of the children of Bethlehem at the time our sire was born and so, unfortunately, I suspect that they did the same thing when Mark and I were born.
Return to Life - they think I am Y'shua reincarnated
Extra Power
The Eternal Two Minuets - i.e. Me and Mark
The Little Gold Box

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The New York Times Book Review, New York June 2, 1963

Note : To show the significance of these headlines, I automatically went to the next issue which would have been printed after the conception occured but there were no headlines that seemed to have any double meaning referring to said conception, so I wasn't expecting any in the previous (this) issue either however, as soon as I started reading them I knew that they were referring to this event and, obviously, since this is just a book review publication, they could pick and chose the ones they wanted ahead of time and publish it for the week when the conception actually occured, unlike the periodicals that are News oriented.

The Bear Dances - This one needs to be taken with the cover of Time which showed Khrushchev or Bresnev on the Cover with the Sickle
Antique Shop - Referring to the antique Shroud
Advent - as in the 'reincarnation' of Y'shua
Final Stone
The Time Has Come - cartoon page 2
Treasure Chest
Busy Yesterdays
Who's to live here anyways
New Voices, Strong and Strange
Eccentrics in a Mirage
All the Tricks of the Trade
In the Shadow and Sun
From the Broken Pots of Antiquity
Rivers in the Desert - Article featuering Mr. Glueck, President of Hebrew Union College, pg 6
Discontent set off an Explosion - Y'shua's discontent that led to the discharge
Letters from Vatican City
The City
It happened in Rome
Sword at Sunset - Phallic Symol - "A Royal Novel is published to thunderous acclaim
The Professional Amateur
Creativity and Psychological Health
Rendezvous with Truth
Shanghai Exiles
Boy, Girls and Baby
Lovers in Terror
After the Bomb, Dad came up with Ice - donar samples on
Animal Astronauts
The Eunuch and the Virgin
The Raider - same as the set a thief
Erasmus with Freckles - that would be Irish, i.e. JFK as donar
After all, who is the enemy?
The Fools of Time
A roundup of Criminals at Large - i.e. the donars - same as Rebels Reunion
Masterpieces of Murder
Dead Hero
The American Sexual Tragedy
Sex without guilt
The Ordeal of Power
The Cross and the Switchblade



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Life, Time Inc., Chicago, Ill., Vol. 54, No. 23, June 7, 1963

A Diamond is Forever
It's Written from the Heart
House Divided in a New Way
JFK - written by James Bell
The New Ape Man
The Great Story
Everyone was in a Sweat, I was secretly pleased
Water, Water Everywhere
A Ghostly Book - Thresher found
A Mammoth Match-up
Power Knit
That beloved Rock of a Man
Builder of Bridges for us poor devils
Four Sturdy Brothers akin under God
We dare you
Only Two Finished
Blasphemy Wins
Using the Old Bean

Life, Time Inc., Chicago, Ill., Vol. 54, No. 24, June 14, 1963

Great Princes of the Church
Sheer Beauty
Let the Good not be Interred
More Law plus Leadership
It's Graduating Time but only half will
Me Boy All Ireland Awaits you
Last Fine Drama
The Man who wears the Star
A Mood of Mystery
Lone Monk on Patmos
Purgatory for Donkies
Pilgramages for the Pious
Memorials To Grandeur
The Holy Places on Lonely Pinnacles
Guide to a fabled land
Nation's Crises crowds in on One Man
Education is our future - that would be MKULTRA Edication
Loyalty that has never wavered
True Temper
Man Size





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