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Topic: The Banister Crawler Bombshell!

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The Banister Crawler Bombshell!


Originally Published 1/13/2007 12:16 PM


Be it known that I don't put much emphasis on secular prophecies, only in as much as they are true to the revealed Word of Y'hava however, many people are interested in Allister Crawley's prophecies including the people who actually run this world, so I have included someone's extremely interesting discovery concerning them below.


Seems that the manure is gonna hit the rotary oscillator about the time that Twin Brothers are revealed to the World.


If ya wanna know who they are, you can go check out my website.


The Insiders really don't know what to do with this one - its a catch 22 situation for them cause they don't what anyone to know what they have done, but that is exactly what has to happen, according to the info below.





The Significance of Twins in World Myth


A Hopi legend tells of brothers who become separated in the distant past. The younger brother goes west to establish a home for the Hopi people. The older brother travels to the east. He promises to wait there, listening for a call from his younger brother at the sign of trouble.


As cataclysmic events occur, the Hopi legend says the long-lost white brother is expected to return with important information to save the people. To make sure the tribe recognizes him as the real brother, or "Pahana." The brothers break a sacred clay tablet in two parts. The white brother promises to produce his portion of the tablet when he returns. This was to be a sign of his authenticity.


The Hopi legend is part of a worldwide myth linking brothers. The stories frequently involve twins. Among the most famous of the stories:


--Greek mythology tells of the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux, sons of the god Zeus and the mortal woman Leda. When Castor died Pollux pleaded with the gods for the brothers to be reunited. They were placed in the sky together. The cluster of stars known as Gemini now is among the constellations of the Zodiac.


--Another ancient myth among the American Indians is the story of Yama and Manu, twin children of a surrogate wife of the sun god. These children become the ancestors of the human race.


--The ancient Romans shared a story of their origins. They believed Rome was founded by Romulus, who was the twin of Remus. The men were supposed to be sons of Mars, the god of war.


Such stories can be found in nearly every ancient culture. They are nearly as common as stories of a world flood, and a belief in a divinity. The significance of the twins in these stories is an important clue as to our origins. It also may be a reminder that we gave ourselves about what we were supposed to become.


Contemporary author, philosopher and mystic Alstair Crowley, in his disturbing work titled Liber Al vel Legis, or better known as The Book of the Law, claimed the brief, three-chapter booklet was dictated to him in 1904 by a spiritual form identified as Aiwass (prounounced "I was"). The book, which is still available through Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a secret society founded by Crowley, always includes an attached copy of the handwritten version, because its author claimed each dot and scribble on the pages contained important "magick" qualities and secret information.


This book, which is an important part of my families' library, has been studied and examined perhaps more than our Bibles.


It was discovered that by holding one of the handwritten pages in the last chapter up to a mirror, the message "Veiled Twins Revealed" stands out clearly.


The chapter appears to deal with the apocalypse and the rise of Horus, the Egyptian god of the new age.

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So, I just realized yesterday that the reason that the Crawler was given this Prophecy was because, in fact, he had been initiated into Masonry and, therefore, there was an anointing on him that allowed one of the Angels to present that information since every initiate must bow down to God in the first degree.


The author of the article below did not recognize his masonry because the French Grand Lodge was not recognized by the London Grand Lodge however, that does not change the fact that the French Lodge was a legitimate Masonic Lodge proven by Mr. Bowley's attendance there and, therefore, so also was the Lodge that he was initiated into a legitimate Lodge. 

So, with this conclusion I decided to include this article in the Masonry section as a note on the Eschatology of Masonry.


He petitioned Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343, a lodge chartered in 1899 by the Grande Loge de France, a body unrecognized by the United Grand Lodge of England, on 29 June 1904.


The petition gives his name as 'Aleister St. Edward Crowley', and his occupation as 'poet'. His petition was signed by the lodge’s secretary, the Reverend James Lyon Bowley, who was, according to Crowley, chaplain to the British Embassy in Paris. Bowley had begun his masonic life as a regular mason; he was initiated in the Apollo University Lodge No. 357 in Oxford, in October 1889 and resigned in 1899.


Crowley was initiated on 8 October 1904, presumably passed the following month and raised on 17 December 1904; he is listed in the 'Tableau annuel' dated 31 December 1904 with the Grand Lodge number 41210, Lodge number 54.


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