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Topic: The Merovingian Myth

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The Merovingian Myth


Here is some real interesting information for you hot off the press.

The Merovingian Myth was fabricated specifically by the Insiders in direct reaction to the knowledge that there was going to be a son of Jesus Christ sired from the Shroud of Turin.

We can prove this in two ways. First, start at the most recent source and trace it back which is the Da Vinci Code made famous by the recent movie of the same name.

The Da Vinci Code : Merovingian Lineage by Dan Brown who published Angels and Demons in 2000 and he got his theory about the Da Vinci painting from the Templar Revelation published in 1997 which book, lo and behold, makes the boast that Leonardo faked the Shroud of Turin - I'm shocked, really.

Both of the above books were based upon, and inspired by, Holy Blood Holy Grail published in the year of my graduation - 1982. This book was based upon Plantard's Priory of Sion Statutes and Registration Documents of 1956. Their next book, The Second Messiah, was timed to coincide with the release of the fraudulent results of the Radio Carbon Dating of the Shroud of Turin on October 13, 1988 which was the anniversary of the arrest of Jack Demoley the Grandmaster of the Templars and stated that his was the image on the Shroud in order to cover over the fact that it is actually the image of Y'shua on the Shroud.

Now, this work by Plantard is apparently - get this - a fraud and they may have received inspiration from the Sicilian Traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola, who was, basically, a Nazi of the World War II era and one of the people that popularized the antisemitism of the Protocols (can you say Operation Paperclip?).

This is the guy who, I believe, started the Christ Spirit Theology of the New Agers but he believed that it was inherited and thus the necessity to devise the Merovingian Lineage or in other words, the Christ Spirit would only be passed on to the physical offspring of Y'shua.

Thus, the Merovingian Mythology dates no further back in time then the beginning of the Shroud of Turin rehydration experiments.

Now, get this. Here is the real proof from the Insiders themselves.

There is absolutely no chance in hell, if the Merovingian Lineage was legitimate, that the King of the House of Savoy - a Merovingian - would ever - ever - have been publicly humiliated and arrested.

That one event - in reaction to my post the Dominicus College - is proof positive that there is absolutely no truth at all to the Merovingian Mythology.

Now, here is another interesting bit of info for ya all.

The Da Vinci Code, when published, contained a Secret Code which has made it into the News recently on at least two separate occasions and that code is the phrase, "Is there no help for the Widow's Son" which, not surprisingly to me, is not only connected to the Masons it is also intimately connected to the Mormon Church because it was, literally, the last words of Joseph Smith.

The first time I read that phrase - years ago now - was in a work that stated that this was a secret code to all Masons that another Mason was in a severe situation and that they were required - upon pain of death - to come to the immediate assistance of the other Mason even at the risk of death and I want to say that the article I read involved the story of a Mason of high note using the phrase in a court of Law somewhere.

Now, these are the people who run the world and this is their fraudulent lineage so, gee, exactly what Lineage could be more important than theirs...


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