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Topic: The Stigmatist!

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The Stigmatist!


I just realized something the other night.

All my adult life I have had what I would call some extraneous patches of hair on various parts of my body.

Never thought much of it, really.

Till I realized that two of them are on the inside of each wrist sitting there all by themselves which is really not normal nor consistent with the 'flow' of hair on my arms and, in fact, they are slanted the opposite direction from the hair on the rest of my forearms.

The third patch which is also irregular because it lacks its symmetrical mate is located below the left pectoral and, in fact, I have actually shaved this on a couple of occasion simply cause I like symmetry and there was no corresponding patch on the other side of my chest.

The last two - which may be normal, more or less but apparently less then more - are on the top of each of my feet.

The significance of this is that - knowing that the spermatozoa on the Shroud also went through the resurrection and that my spirit went through the resurrection a second time when I returned his spirit - I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Y'shua Messiah including the spear thrust into his left pectoral.

That is what is known as the Stigmata.

Just for my own reference, I realized this Friday Night sometime which was April 11, 2008 in the City of Angels, appropriately enough.

This, by the way, proves that my change will be a result of Theoferrum and nothing else.

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The Tabernacle of David

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