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The Authorized Vision!




Probability Singularity - Friday, August 31, 2007

There is another statement that I have made that I feel the need to support more professionally before I continue with this blog and that is the comments that I have made to the effect that I am telepathic and reverse clairvoyant back through time which, I am sure, many people would have a problem with so I feel that I must set down some information to, at least, earn the benefit of the doubt until such a time that some people come forward who can verify what I have said.

Until then, I will recall a principle here that I have used before and that is, when trying to figure out the Mathematical Probability of any given event(s) there are two ways that you can go about it. Either you can calculate the odds of each event and then add them all together for a grand total probability percentage, or you could simply go the factorial route where each incident is one factor so that, if you had three strange coincidences it would be three factorial or 3X2X1=6. In this case, when you get to 17 'coincidences' you arrive at such a high percentage that it outstrips the first method by far - you might call it Probability Singularity - and is strong evidence that these things are done by Design, and not by Chance.

I first started noticing this phenomenon when I was listening to several shortwave radio hosts - specifically Rick Wiles from, then, American Freedom News which is now TruNews; Dr. Larry Bates from, then, Unraveling the New World Order which is now News and Views; Steve Quayle from the Q Files; the individual who airs the Apocalypse Chronicles; all of these people have seen me in the spirit - at least this is the impression I got from them. This started occurring in the summer of 2001, after Theoferrum and I noticed that these people were starting to respond to my comments and my thoughts.

When I realized this, I then recalled that there were times when I had been reading various books that I could have sworn that the author had been talking to me through his book. Of note is George Peters in his Theocratic Kingdom when he said, "I have often, often, felt that it was to that generation that I was writing" referring to the generation that would see the tribulation and the Return.

Then, when I got out here to Denver, one day after a Sanitation Safari I found a copy of a Jim Corbett book about his adventures in hunting down man killing Tigers in India and it was after dark and I stopped on the grassy section of Spear and sat under a street light and was reading one of his accounts and he said something to the effect of, "I don't know by what campfire you are reading this" and I knew that he was able to see me and was, literally, talking to me through his book - the same book, by the way, in which he states that some strange things happened to him during the night, at this first location which he said he would elaborate on in another book which I don't know if he ever did but I suspect he was talking about seeing me in the spirit. At any rate, in the very last story in the book, when he was tracking down the Man Killer of Champawat, he was running out of time before he had to leave - the last day and only hours away before he left - so I told him, "Why don't you call it in" and he then went into a dissertation about the risks of calling in a Man Killing Tiger in the middle of rut when they show up and there is no mate for them, so I reminded him that if I was reading this he must have lived to tell about is, so he girded himself like a man and decided that he was going to give it a go, which he did, and it succeeded and he bagged the tiger just as the sun was setting.

After this, I turned my attention to the Scriptures, realizing that, in theory, I should be able to make contact with the writers therein and the most noticeable one is when Moses was talking to Y'hava on the mount and said that, if He did not go up with the Israelites then, "Blot my name out of the Book you have written" and the reader will note that he spoke in the past tense - the book had already been written and Moses actually saw me reading a copy that had been planted by the Gideons - and this is confirmed by the Proverbist who said we live our lives as a story that has been told, for he also saw me reading about his own life.

It was around this time - only about a couple of months ago - that I realized that, if the original authors had actually seen me then, perhaps, the translators themselves had also seen me so I started looking at the King James Translation of the Word and especially the Frontispiece which is also supplemented by the Epistle Dedicatory and there is enough circumstantial evidence contained between the two that will show the reader that, in fact, these translators actually saw me in the spirit and commented upon it in their Letter as well as the Frontispiece which is what I will turn to now and, I plan on saving the most important connections for last.

At the time I was investigating all of this I was living in a very small brick building - clandestinely so as not to get arrested for trespassing - and the translators and the artist of the engraving could actually see me and he worked some of what he saw into the frontispiece like the two PVC pipes outside my door in a cross which appears in the Frontispiece as St. Andrew's Cross. I had drawn a picture of this brick shack from memory was eventually going to scan it into the computer and place it here somewhere but I have since lost the picture so, for now I will describe to you some of the things from the Frontispiece that came right from my shack.

1) Because my enemies had threatened me so many times in the past, I actually had several locks on the door of the shack so that they could not get in while I was sleeping. One of those was actually a bike chain which I had nailed to the door so that I could close the door and then hook the chain to the frame. When the door was left open, as it usually was when I was there during the day, the chain would hang straight down and it looked exactly like the Rod that is in the Hand of Moses.

2) There were three sets of shelves in the very small shack - basically a glorified closet - and one of them was directly in the way of where my head would be at night when I was trying to sleep and I banged my head up against the shelf several times until I finally realized that I could turn the shelf up on one side and tie it, basically, right up against the wall and if you look at the 'door' in the Frontispiece, where the title of the Holy Bible appears, and then look above it, there you will see that very shelf.

3) I had a little mag light that I found in the trash and, with windows covered up, I turned the light on one night to do some reading in bed and I laid it down on the pillow and it shown onto a piece of cardboard that I had at the head of my bed and, because it was at an angle, it actually made an oval and this same oval appears around the Holy Dove but what was really interesting to me is, because of the plastic cover over the bulb, there appeared another, slightly darker, oval within the oval of light and this also is included in the Frontispiece, as you can see.

4) The translators began to see me in 2001, immediately after Theoferrum and they have seen many of the studies that I have done - and corrections or updates of some of their own translational work - and they also saw me the day when Y'shua told me I was his son. Let me recount that story for you real quick. I was returning to the computer from a smoke break and he asked me, "Did it ever occur to you that you might actually be my son?" And, because of the things that have happened to me through the years - some of which are recorded in the post the Eye of the Storm - I actually replied that I had thought of it a couple of times but I couldn't picture him coming down here and having a physical relationship with my mother so there was no way possible I was his son and he replied, "What about the Shroud?" and the first thought that entered my mind was, "Holy ****." So, now, look at the very middle of the Frontispiece directly under the Holy Dove at the man in the Shadows and you will see a spot on his head and that is, literally, Holy Turd from the Holy Dove.


5) They knew of my belief that I was going to be taken back in time as the Son of Man had been and thus, that man in the Shadows is myself and the background with the group of men at the top represents the past and those who have died for Y'shua with the fore ground representing the present cause they also knew my belief that John and John Mark were actually still alive and the middle ground with Moses and Aaron (who represents Elijah) represent "somewhere between heaven and earth" for they knew my belief that Moses and Elijah are the two witnesses and would be back in the future.


6) Speaking of John Mark, they were also privy to my research into the Religion of Mithra and that I had finally decided that the original Mark of Mithra was two swords crossed in Saltier forming an X and my belief that it was the original religion of the Ten Lost Tribes (note the Tents in the picture representing the Tribes of Israel), having been founded during the time of the Exodus - the Divine Bull of Heaven - and that my right hand man John Mark had probably been a member and, therefore, there should be an X on his right hand and, if you look very close you will find what you are looking for. It might not show up in this picture but there is an excellent detailed enlargement of the Frontispiece on the Internet somewhere and when I find it again I will get a closeup of that mark. That it was exactly where I was expecting to find it is a very strong argument in my favor.

7) During the winter I hung a sheet over the door to keep out the cold winter air and during the day I would roll it up and then hang it from the Shelf and it looks exactly like the 'sheets' that are holding up the lower shield that has the Pelican in its Piety with five chicks on it. This one has a further story in that they heard me one time when I went in the spirit to the Triumphal Entry and I was talking with Y'shua and I said that they still sing songs in your honor 2000 years from now and then I starting singing the song, Here he Comes by an artist of the seventies and he then made the statement, "out of the mouths of babes, you have perfected praise" which is how the cornucopia appears but the reader will also note that in the Old Testament it is translated as strength and thus the sheet strengthens the shield.

8) During this time, especially around Jewish Holidays, my enemies would try and anger me anyway they could and one of the things that they did, believe it or not, was to try and get me to think that a raccoon was attacking the cat that lived on the same property whom I had named Leo so they actually shaved part of the side of his face, then put Elmer's Glue in it with some Red Ink (from Matthew's missing Ink Well - note the other three writers have theirs) to make it look like he had half his face ripped off, but they only succeeding in making him look like a "Punk Rocker" and, if you look on the Dexter (right side) of Leo's face in the picture you will see that he had some fur out of place in the exact same spot as my buddy Leo.

9) I was performing these studies at the very tail end of the year 2006 and if you look at the top of the picture you will see that the Sun and Moon form the double zero in that year and if you look at the left you will see a two in the clouds and on the right, with the head of one of the saints, the cloud forms what could be understood to be the numeral six - this is no joke by the way - and they incorporated this in the frontispiece because many times back east they would have seen me - while living homeless - draw up my own calendar and I would always put the year in large print at the top exactly in that fashion.

10) Now we can start incorporating some of the Letter of Dedication into this post. The reader should know that there are quite a few Scholars who choke every time they read that letter of Dedication cause they can't figure out how all these Godly Men who produced, perhaps, the best translation of the Word of Y'hova ever published in the English Language - which they called "one more exact translation" and ask yourself how they knew 400 years ago that it was going to be the last great translation - could possibly talk about the individual called King James in such exalted language and, the point is, in fact, that they were not talking to King James, they were talking to King Jacob - per Strong's who states that James comes from Jacob - where this latter name is symbolic of the end times leader of Israel and one of the translators - when I find it I will include it here - insisted on calling this copy of the Bible the King Jacob's Translation to indicate they were not talking about the King but this person they could see in the spirit shining like "the sun in its strength" who was also the "Principle mover and Author" of the work, cause they have seen me in all my studies since then which has consisted of numerous studies and reading through the word at least four times since they began to see me. That they were talking about me is further indicated by their choice of the Title Prince for this individual because the end times leader of Israel is called Prince David by Jeremiah and Ezekiel and I prefer the term Prince to the term King cause Y'shua is the King of Israel and I, as his son - which they refer to as the "Hopeful Seed" - am the Crown Prince of Israel. They wanted me to know that their "eye's do behold thee" and that my name was "precious among them" having seen me searching for Prince David in the Scriptures, and they considered me to be "the wonder of the world in the end days."

11) Now, I spent quite a while trying to find the Title of Theoferrum in the Frontispiece and, for all I know it is there somewhere, but I never found it and the Translators wanted me to know that this "Undoubted Title" is contained in the picture and it is for Theoferrum is Godsteel and you will see that all of the Saints are, "Holding the Sword in readiness for when your patience is complete" so that they can execute vengeance upon their enemies - that is exactly what Theoferrum is all about. Further, note the choice of their words for my middle name, which they knew, is Thomas - as in no doubting Thomas.

12) They would have been aware of my post on the "Hand of God" and they incorporated this into the Letter of Dedication as well as in the Frontispiece for you can see that the clouds look like hands holding the Sun and Moon.


13) They would have watched one night on my way home from the College Library passing the Fire Department where one of them was playing a song on the Bag Pipes and they would have heard my own heart stirring for the song being played cause there is just something about the Bag Pipes that grabs ahold of my spirit and they would have heard me as I theorised that the Bag Pipes might actually have been the Sack Butt mentioned by Daniel so when you look at the top right of the picture you will see that Daniel has a set of them in his hands.

14) They would have heard me, as well, singing the Moody Blues song, "Your Wildest Dreams" which talks about Stars Reflected in your Eyes and so they decided to put a couple of stars in the frontispiece around the Moon looking exactly like Stars reflected in some one's eyes. Turns out the song doesn't say anything about stars but skies reflected in your eyes but I didn't know that and neither did the engraver.

15) Now, the engraver is a very accomplished artist and you will note that all of the people are in perfect proportion however if you look at Moses, his head is just a little too small for his body and this was their acknowledgement that, at some time in the future, I was going to grow up into "the fullness of the stature of Christ" because of the change that occurred in my spirit at Theoferrum which has yet to be fulfilled in my body and mind.

16) And so it is that the artist also left the Ten Commandments empty - compare with the writing that is clearly visible in John's Gospel - because the two sets of commandments (and Arks and Tabernacles - "zeal towards the house of God" - and Temples) are symbolic of myself and Y'shua where the first set was broken as was He and the second set was not which represents myself and leaving them unwritten was showing that they realized I was going to change in the future and become like Y'shua and that change had not occurred yet.

17) And now for the clincher. When I first found out I was the son of Y'shua, I came out with an Editorial on it on May 11, 2005 and I used the Headlines that the Insiders themselves used to announce my conception one of which was the Worm Turns and I have the photo to go with that statement.


So, take a look at the frontispiece at that Book in the Hand of John Mark and you will see, lo and behold, that, in fact, the Book Worm Sperm Turns another page - and that, dear reader, as far as I am concerned, is conclusive evidence that I am Telepathic and Reverse Clairvoyant back through Time.

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