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Topic: Double Cross : JFK

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Double Cross : JFK


I can't pass on this one - this is absolutely incredible.

Having theorized that, since my surrogate mother and donor mother were both original Children of the Veil, I decided that the most famous donor, John F. Kennedy himself, may also have been one of the original children.

Only problem was that he was born in 1917 and the Time covers don't start until 1923 however, I immediately realized - when I was thinking about all this on Christmas Eve - possibly not a coincidence - that, if they were gonna sire someone from the veil, the most likely choice was none other than General Sir Edmund Allenby who, as you know, took Jerusalem from the Turks in that very same year - as Y'shua himself will at his return - and thus they planned, all along for Allenby to take Jerusalem at Christmas of that year as a Signature at the birth of John. Compare a picture of the two at the URL above - same chin, same nose and same eyes and if memory serves, same height. In fact, in my opinion, JFK looks more like Allenby then he does his 'old man' which I have included in the URL below for comparison.

So, on Christmas Eve, while I was pondering all these things, I thought to myself that they probably wouldn't have killed one of the original Monarchs - perhaps The Original Monarch - and then a question prompted itself due to Patricia Cornwell's book on "The Face of Deception".

She starts her book out with yet another JFK conspiracy theory and draws you into her theory and you are all along expecting JFK's face to be revealed in the skull restoration work being performed by the heroine and then, low and behold, it isn't JFK's face but the current President's face with a double having taken his place in the White House.

At the time I read that up in Boise, I immediately wondered to myself - what if they killed a double of JFK?

I wrote it off then, and the other night again, until I realized the motive.

They wanted to mimic conditions that I would have grown up under had I been born 2000 years ago so they killed JFK similarly as Y'shua had died at a young age.

But, the point is, my old man didn't stay dead.

So, they would have wanted to fake JFK's resurrection to fit the bill of my old man's resurrection so what are they gonna do?

Kill his double and then, about four years later, have JFK stop by and shake my hand when I was about four years old.

All the other kids were not around so they must have been in school and I was home alone with my adoptive old man and my mother.

My old man wants me to meet one of his friends from Mass and he tells me "I want you to shake this guys hand and squeeze it a little bit and look him in the eye."

I wasn't too keen about meeting strangers but I wanted to live up to my old man's expectations so I walked up to this slender man who was noticeably taller than Howard, took his hand and squeezed it while shaking it and then looked him in the eye. He, of course, had the Mass accent that I knew from my parents and, when that chore was over, I promptly hightailed it out of there.

I am willing to bet that that was none other than John F. Kennedy 'resurrected' from the dead.

Now, here's what happened, I suspect, in the background.

My mother would have been in the dining room trying to get a look at this 'friend' of Howard's and from the distance of about twenty feet from where the Historic Handshake occurred, she could not have missed the resemblance and then - knowing that she had been artificially impregnated against her own will - and now knowing that it had been with Howard's permission - she then would have see the dead President in her front yard and knew he was the 'father' though she, of course, didn't know about the Veil - and all this would have been too much for her to handle and she had a nervous breakdown and spent some time over in Burlington - perhaps by design by the Insiders to monitor her to make sure she wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Yeah, right, like who's she gonna tell.

And, there you have it. You have one person stating that he was told that they were going to fake the assassination and then you have another person stating that the body was not JFK's and thus, when you add two plus two you get a Double Cross.

Either A) the Bethesda autopsy team members including experienced medical technician Paul O'Connor were incompetent and did not observe such Parkland intercostal, chest penetrating, pleural cavity surgery therefore calling into question all of their autopsy observations. Or B) the Bethesda doctors indeed observed such chest penetrating surgery but made both false reports and gave false testimony for whatever obscure justice obstructing reasons, those false reports including the statements of medical technician Paul O'Connor and the statements that were made to Harrison Edward Livingstone. Or C) the Bethesda doctors also told the truth.

The Bethesda body they dissected and the body observed by Bethesda autopsy medical technician Paul O'Connor did not have observable chest penetrating surgery because the body they observed at Bethesda was not the body of President John F. Kennedy.

"Now a footnote, and I will repeat here what I said. Dr. Charles Wilber, this is my last part of my paper, Dr. Charles Wilber was apparently the first to publish serious questions concerning the chest cavity contradictions between Parkland and Bethesda. Wilber concluded, this is 1978, 'the inability of the pathologists to find evidence of perforation of the inner chest wall by drainage tubes inserted before death by skilled surgeons raises questions about the surgeons or the pathologists. Either the emergency room surgeons botched a routine life saving procedure or the autopsy pathologists were less than thorough. Notice that he doesn't examine all of the possible logical options. Wilber, however, in fact misses the full and ominous conclusions to be drawn from these contradictions. Livingstone cited Wilber by the way in High Treason 2 and quotes him directly.

"In 1992 I published a short introductory version of "These were Knife Wounds" in Dateline Dallas. Later that same year Livingstone took a critical look at "the chest tubes" in High Treason 2, making an extremely important point, 'Everyone at the Bethesda autopsy says the Bethesda body's pleural cavity was not violated, not by anything, even a bullet.' That is the Bethesda autopsy doctors said that the cuts where the chest tubes would have gone in were superficial. In '95 Livingstone summarized the contradictions, 'Were chest tubes inserted in Dallas to drain the chest? This isn't some dispute. The evidence seems clear that from the Dallas doctors that the tubes went all the way into the chest and fluid was pumped out. But the autopsy doctors dispute this and say that the incisions were merely started and did not penetrate into the Bethesda body's chest. That's my phrase "Bethesda body".

Livingstone has therefore not drawn for me the inevitable dark conclusion, though he has entertained it momentarily, I quote him from High Treason and that is 'So one might wonder just whose body was autopsied but I am only half serious when I say this.'

"I conclude, if both the Parkland trauma room one doctors and the Bethesda autopsy team told the truth then the Bethesda body was not the body of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy."

"Thank you."

Kathlee then introduced Mr. Livingstone.

Harry was very interested and concerned about the medical investigation by the Review Board. He mentioned prior to his presentation that he wanted to discuss the Board's medical investigation with the audience at sometime during the conference. He wanted a letter drawn up to the Board expressing his concern of another cover-up on the medical evidence. He thanked George Michael for taking notice of a lot of his research.

He pointed out that he has always wondered if the Bethesda body was indeed John F. Kennedy. They did have a lookalike for him for certain kinds of public functions. They may have shot somebody that night and part of the whole deal at Bethesda said, "For all of you sailors concerned this is John F. Kennedy and nobody is going to say anything different."

And then they went ahead with an autopsy and made it look as good as they could. Livingstone did not think that that was beyond the realm of possibility because this was an overthrow of the government of the United States. These kinds of things are very brutal and repeat throughout history.

Now - ask yourself this.

Why is it that - out of all the conspiracies involving this event - no one have ever seriously presented the possibility that it was a double that was shot?

In fact, even more noticeably is that even the individual above who knows about JFK's double, and who is aware that there are problems with the autopsy reports, doesn't imply that JFK himself was still alive - he implies that they also shot the double for the second group of coroners to examine leaving the reader to believe that there were two bodies when, in fact, there was only one.

In other words, his book is probably also a smokescreen to cover over the fact that they faked JFK's death.

The main reason they don't want anyone to know the truth about all of this is because this begs a very obvious question.


Why would they fake the assassination of the President of the United States?

It is not to take over the government, as the individual above surmised - probably because he could not think of any other reason to fake his death which alone should tell you something - because the entire government including the President agreed to this little show - now you know the real reason for Lyndon Johnson's infamous wink on Air Force one - and, therefore, there remains no other logical reason for this except what I have suggested in this post - keeping in mind that I was the one who figured all this out.

They faked his death so that they could fake his resurrection.

So, I'm checking out the events surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy - one of my donor sires - and, turns out that the decision to go to Texas was made between him and Johnson and Connally on June 6, 1963.

This, as I have already stated elsewhere, was the precise day of my conception which then means that the two men below are responsible for either faking his death or planning it - at the behest of the immortals one of whom may have been Valera, as previously mentioned, whom JFK had gone to see earlier that summer.

So, it is not surprising to see that Connelly was actually in the same car with JFK and the Driver who was assuredly one of the assassins was from Ireland and thus one of Valera's men.

Now, look at the name games in the three cars below - Roberts, Hill, David etc, all connected to myself in many ways. Note especially that Hill comes to the aid of the victim who had been shot from behind and may in fact have been one of the shooters for aught we know but this is doubtful.

A Presidential Visit to the state of Texas was first agreed upon by John F. Kennedy, by his vice president and Texas native Lyndon Baines Johnson, and by Texas native Governor John Connally while all three men were together in a meeting in El Paso, Texas on June 6, 1963. In 1978 Connally testified to the House Select Committee on Assassinations that in the Spring of 1962 "Vice President Johnson told me then that President Kennedy wanted to come to Texas, he wanted to come to Texas to raise some money, have some fundraising affairs over the State."

President Kennedy's trip to Dallas was first announced to the public in September 1963. The exact motorcade route was finalized on November 18, and announced to the public a few days before November 22.

On October 24, 1963, when on a visit to Dallas to mark U.N. Day, U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was jeered, jostled, hit by a sign, and spat upon. Dallas Police were fearful that similar demonstrations were going to happen to Kennedy when he visited Dallas; therefore, they increased the level of security during his visit, putting into effect the most stringent security precautions in the city's history.

On Friday, November 22, 1963, at 11:40 a.m. CST, Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline, and the rest of the presidential entourage arrived at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, aboard Air Force One after a very short flight from nearby Ft. Worth. The motorcade cars had been lined up in a certain order earlier that morning but, just prior to Kennedy's arrival, the order of the vehicles was changed. The original schedule was for the president to proceed in a long motorcade from Love Field through downtown Dallas, and end at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart.

The motorcade was scheduled to enter Dealey Plaza at 12:25 p.m., followed by a 12:30 p.m. arrival at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart so President Kennedy could deliver a speech and share in a steak luncheon with Dallas government, business, religious, and civic leaders and their spouses. Dallas' three television stations were given separate assignments. As WFAA-TV (ABC) was providing live coverage of the President's arrival at Love Field, KRLD-TV (CBS) was set up at the Trade Mart for Kennedy's luncheon speech. WBAP-TV (NBC), being a Dallas/Fort Worth network based in the latter, had done live coverage of the President's breakfast speech in Fort Worth earlier that day. On hand to report the arrival on radio was Joe Long of KLIF.

The trip also included a first stop in Houston for a 3,200-person dinner for senior Congressman Albert Thomas, who was considering not seeking re-election. On September 26, 1963, the two daily Dallas newspapers confirmed plans of the November visit.

There were concerns about security, because as recently as October 24, 1963, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, had been jeered, jostled, struck by a protest sign, and spat upon during a visit to Dallas. The danger from a concealed sniper on the Dallas trip was also of concern. President Kennedy had mentioned it the morning he was assassinated, as had the Secret Service agents when they were fixing the motorcade route. The motorcade route was described in both Dallas newspapers on November 19, 1963, and a map of the route was published on November 21, 1963.

Sgt. Davis, of the Dallas Police Department, had prepared the most stringent security precautions in the city's history, so that the demonstrations like those marking the Stevenson visit would not happen again. But Winston Lawson of the Secret Service, who was in charge of the planning, told the Dallas Police not to assign its usual squad of experienced homicide detectives to follow immediately behind the President's car. This police protection was routine for both visiting presidents and for motorcades of other visiting dignitaries. Police Chief Jesse Curry later testified that had his men been in place, the murder might have been prevented, because they carried submachine guns and rifles to take out any attackers, or at least they might have been able to stop Oswald before he left the building.

Motorcade vehicles and personnel

The lead car, an unmarked white Ford:

Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry (driver) Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson (right front) Sheriff Bill Decker (left rear) Agent Forrest Sorrels (right rear)

SS 100 X, a 1961 Lincoln Continental:

Agent Bill Greer (driver) Agent Roy Kellerman (right front), Nellie Connally (left middle) Texas Governor John Connally (right middle) First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (left rear) President John F. Kennedy (right rear)

Halfback, a convertible:

Agent Sam Kinney (driver), Agent Emory Roberts (right front) Agent Clint Hill (left front running board) Agent Bill McIntyre (left rear running board) Agent John Ready (right front running board) Agent Paul Landis (right rear running board) Presidential aide Kenneth O'Donnell (left middle) Presidential aide David Powers (right middle) Agent

Greer was born on a farm in County Tyrone, Ireland, and emigrated to the United States in 1930. After working for over a decade as a chauffeur and servant to several wealthy families in the Boston area, including the Lodge family, Greer enlisted in the U.S. Navy in World War II, and then joined the U.S. Secret Service on October 1, 1945.

Greer took a role close to Kennedy, and can be seen in several pictures with the Kennedy family. He chauffeured the president on many occasions, including the day of the assassination. Like all agents involved, he has been the target of much speculation and criticism for his actions on that day. He testified before the Warren Commission regarding the incident.

Greer retired on disability from the Secret Service in 1966 due to a stomach ulcer that grew worse following the Kennedy assassination[1]. In 1973 he relocated to Waynesville, North Carolina, where he eventually died of cancer. Greer's son Richard told author Vince Palamara in 1991 that his father "had absolutely no survivor's guilt."

Some commentators have criticized Greer's actions during the assassination, noting that he did not accelerate the vehicle to get the president out of danger as soon as he could have. In the confusion after the first shot was fired, the limousine's brake lights can be seen coming on briefly, slowing the car to almost a walking pace. The vehicle accelerated several seconds later, but by then the fatal shot had been fired. (Since that time, Secret Service agents have been trained to accelerate rapidly out of the area if they even think they hear gunfire.)

Greer did not discuss slowing the car in his statement to the FBI on the night of the assassination, nor did he mention this aspect to the Warren Commission during the official investigation. His testimony seems to deny that he turned to look directly at Kennedy during the shooting, although the Zapruder film shows him doing this. Secret Service procedures in place at the time did not allow Greer to take action without orders from senior agent Roy Kellerman, who sat to Greer's right. Kellerman has stated that he shouted, "Let's get out of line, we've been hit," but that Greer apparently turned to look at Kennedy, initiating a fatal delay, before accelerating the car out of the danger zone.[3] As Roy Kellerman told author William Manchester, "Greer then looked in the back of the car. Maybe he didn't believe me."[4]

Greer later delivered a heartfelt apology to Jacqueline Kennedy, seeming to claim that either he hadn't heard the shots or that he hadn't reacted in time.[5] Privately, Mrs. Kennedy was bitterly critical of the agents' performance, Greer's in particular, comparing his efforts to those of "Maud Shaw" (the Kennedy children's nanny). No agents were reprimanded or disciplined for their actions during the shooting.

Clint Eastwood's character in the movie In the Line of Fire was inspired by Clint Hill.

Appreciation dinner in 1963

In 1963, Thomas was seriously considering not running for a fifteenth term. Local Democrats organized an appreciation dinner on November 21, 1963 with over 3200 attendees to persuade him to run for another term. The most visible attendees were President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Johnson who both spoke of Thomas's leadership. Kennedy said, "Next month, when the U.S. fires the world's biggest booster, lifting the heaviest payroll into...that is, payload..." here the President paused a second and grinned. "It will be the heaviest payroll, too," he quipped. The crowd roared. "The firing of that shot will give us the lead in space," the President resumed in a serious vein. "And our leadership in space could not have been achieved without Congressman Albert Thomas."[7]

Thomas accompanied the Presidential party as it traveled to Dallas, where the next day President Kennedy was assassinated. He witnessed the swearing in of President Lyndon Baines Johnson on Air Force One.


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