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After the coincidence involving Madeline Albright, and other similar coincidences, the article below came out in Newsweek Magazine.

I had just posted En Passant a few days previously (which talked about Current Events in the Middle East) and I strolled down to see my mother and was looking at the latest issue of Newsweek and saw that article and as soon as I saw it I knew that it was published at that time for my benefit.

Now, it doesn't really matter when the article, or certain statements by politicians are made, what matter is when they are published in the Media and if you will compare the dates you will see that my article came out just before this article so they chose this article in response to my post - both utilizing the symbolism of the Chess Board. I am not saying that the author of the article, necessarily, was writing to me, but I am saying that the Editor of Newsweek - probably under the authority of an Insider in the Shadows - published the article for my benefit.

One other comment of note is that the article is describing the relationship between a father and a son and thus the Insider responsible for publishing this article for my benefit - the same one that continues to talk to me on a daily basis - was claiming to be my father in some way which I noticed but which did not make any sense at that time but now, with the knowledge of the Monarch Project and the Donar Sires used to rehydrate the Seed from the Shroud of Turin, this makes perfect sense.

David Hill 30 Aug 2001 En Passant

While investigating the events in the Balkans Peninsula that will open the events of the trib, I heard a statement "in passing" that got filed into the back of my head. Then, after I had come to the previous conclusions that I have recently posted on the doves, I had this uneasy feeling that there was still one minor detail out of place...

When The King Is Dethroned

I jumped at the chance to teach my son how to play Chess. I just wasn't prepared for him to beat me.

By William O'Fallon September 10, 2001

Newsweek Magazine


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