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Topic: George Bush Jr.

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George Bush Jr.


Everyone remembers Dubya's famous Axis of Evil Speech but no one knows that he was responding to my post on the EU vs EU - see article below. If you check the date you will see that my post, where I used the phrase Axis about three times came out a couple of days before his State of the Union Address in which he coined the term.

Now, get this (Dec 4, 2013 AD) - I just went and fetched the quote from Wiki and, turns out, the Speech writer was David Frum can you believe it!?!

The Axis of Evil phrase comes From David...

David Hill 28 Jan 2002 The EU vs The EU?

One UN expert stated that there is a power grab going on between the US/UN/Britain against the EU, calling the former the Anglo Axis as opposed to the Socialist Axis which I would basically call the Imperial Axis...

The President's State of the Union Address

The United States Capitol - Washington, D.C. - January 29, 2002

States like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world...


The phrase was attributed to former Bush speechwriter David Frum, originally as the axis of hatred and then evil...


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