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Topic: Palistinian Prime Minister

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Palistinian Prime Minister


I make a statement that that "Road Map" is at a dead end, so to speak and immediately the Prime Minister of Palestine demands the Quartet revive that same Road Map - hadn't been in the News for months until I mentioned it...

David Hill 9 Feb 2004 End of the Road

This is, actually, the end of the Road Map to Peace, as, assuredly, this relationship will continue to accelerate so that, by the start of the Tribulation in the very near future, when war breaks out in the Middle East, Turkey will come to Israel's assistance, possibly due to come type of mutual defense agreement with each other, and the victory in the war will pave the way for the confirming of the Covenant between the Antichrist and Israel. The victory in that war will also propel Turkey to a position of prominence in the European and Asian arena's as well.

This is pretty much the scenario that I was expecting and have stated in several of my posts. Again, I would reiterate that the AC rises to power "with a small people" and this is assuredly referring to some type of Political or Military or Religious faction inside the country, and not necessarily the current Political Regime. Hitler would be the classic example of this type of rise to power.

Like it or not, what we are seeing is the revival of the Ottoman Empire...


ANKARA - Israel and Turkey are planning joint weapons projects in Central Asia. Turkish diplomatic and industry sources said Ankara and Jerusalem are discussing the prospect of a weapons sale to Azerbaijan. On Thursday, the Ankara-based Hurriyet daily reported that Turkey's deputy military chief of staff visited Israel on an unannounced trip. Hurriyet said the deputy chief was accompanied by a 45-member delegation from the Defense Ministry and state-owned defense companies. Hurriyet said the meeting discussed cooperation in military and defense cooperation as well as intelligence exchange. /hill29-8.htm

Palestinian PM urges Quartet to revive Road Map

By Kevin Smith

DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuters) - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie called Monday for members of the so-called Quartet of Middle East peace makers to help revive the "road map" plan.


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