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Topic: The Hidden History of the Shroud of Turin!

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The Hidden History of the Shroud of Turin!




The Hidden History of the Shroud of Turin


"In this last third of the 20th century, there is something shaking the human race. It is as if the latter had carried strange unwanted dreams in its head for millennia, only to wake up brusquely and try to live the dreams. There is abroad on the human scene a spirit that cannot be caged. Something that has been compressed, held down, distorted, and enchained for a long time has now coagulated, boiled up, and is in the process of explosion."


The Encounter by Malachi Martin, 1969


33 AD Y'shua is Crucified and the ancient Greek of Mark tells us he let go with a loud cry and then gave up the ghost and was subsequently wrapped in the Shroud which Paul refers to when he said, "If we have been buried in the Image of his death, we shall be raised in the Image of his resurrection." That both of these images are on the Shroud is subsequently confirmed 2000 years later. From Israel the Shroud is lost to History for about five hundred years.


544 AD The Shroud is discovered above a gate in the walls of the City of Edessa, and it remains in the city for four more centuries.  Seeds found on the Shroud in 2006 confirm this being from plants that only grow on derelict stone walls in the Middle East.


944 AD The Shroud is taken to Constantinople.


1204 AD Constantinople is sacked by the French and the Shroud taken, probably, to Besançon, via Athens.


1355 AD The Shroud is displayed by Geoffrey de Charny in Lirey, France, and it remains in his family.


1418 AD The Charny family turn the Shroud over to their in law, Humbert, Count of Roche for safekeeping and it is placed in his castle in Montfort. From their it journeys to the Buessarts Chapel of Doubs.


1448 AD The Shroud returned to the Charny Family who intern it in Mons, Belgium but then subsequently sells it to Duke Louis I of Savoy in 1453 AD.


1465 AD His son, Amadeus, in 1502 AD, interns the Shroud in the Sainte Chapelle at Chambéry, which he founded.


1473 AD The Shroud transferred to Turin to keep it from being repossessed by the Charny Family and it moves back and forth to Ivrea, as well as being placed on display several times in various locations by the Savoys, until it finally settles down at Chambery Chappele again.


1532 AD A Fire breaks out in the Chambery Chapelle damaging the Shroud.


1535 AD The Savoys are invaded by the French causing the Shroud to be spirited from place to place for several years - Turin, Milan, Nice, Aosta, Vercelli where it stayed for 20 years until returned to Chambery in 1561 AD.


1578 AD The Shroud is moved to Turin per the orders of Duke Emanuel Philibert, where it takes up a permanent residence and placed on display many times for Royal Weddings as well as for Pope Pius VI who kissed it tenderly on his way to Crown Napoleon Emperor of the French in 1804 AD.


1666 AD Guarino Guarini arrives in Turin to build the new chapel and, as described by John Beldon Scott, in a tour de force of optical architecture, the artist brings the visitor on a direct path from the Testicular Choir Lofts, to the Loins of the Chapel and up through the Phallic Center to explode and cascade down the outside of the edifice and become interned on the Fabrics of the Shroud itself and thus the visitor experiences what Malachi Martin describes above, as the process the seed on the shroud itself goes through.


1874 AD The prevalent view as to the death of Y'shua is one of a fatal Heart Attack propounded by Shroud which replaced the view that was in vogue at the time, that Y'shua had swooned on the Cross and had not really died.


1925 AD LeBec proposes that Y'shua died as a result of asphyxiation from the cross which becomes the accepted view and is made popular by Barbet circa 1950, based in part on his examinations of the Shroud. The diagnosis goes uncontested for about sixty years by any expert in the sciences involved.


1931 AD The newly elected Archbishop of Turin, Maurilio Fossati, allows the Shroud to be photographed by Giuseppe Enrie. It is on display two years later when Dr. Barbet has a chance to examine it which leads to the conclusions he publishes in the 50's. Archbishop Fossati continues as steward of the Shroud up until the Second Vatican Council era.  From these photos it is learned that you need to stand in a specific spot for the image to be 'in focus' which proves the image was formed by light from the resurrection.


1937 AD Whitaker publishes his work stating that the man on the Shroud died of asphyxiation. The continued emphasis on this theory would eventually lead someone to conclude that, because asphyxiation leads to oxygen depletion of the brain which results in sexual arousal, that there may have actually been a seminal emission of some kind that made its way to the Shroud.


1939 AD The Shroud in moved to the suburbs of Naples due to the outbreak of war where it remains until 1946 when it is returned to Turin. This remote location would have allowed subsequent inspection of the Shroud for any type of seminal emission.


1951 AD Holy Shroud Guild founded with Otterbein elected as President.


1953 AD Barbet publishes his, now famous, treaty on the Shroud also stating that Christ died of asphyxiation which now receives widespread publication and acceptance.


1962 AD Pope John XXIII opens the Second Vatican Council under some opposition from several Cardinals including Ottaviani who was heard to say, "The rite of Holy Mass should not be treated as if it were a piece of cloth to be refashioned according to the whim of each generation." The greatest rift in the Catholic Church is compared to the Shroud of Turin. After publishing his works, "Mother Church Rejoice" and "Peace on Earth Good Will to all Men" he passes away to be replaced by Pope Paul VI. The words of the latter publication are, of course, drawn from the Angel who announced the conception and birth of Jesus Christ, 2000 years previously.


1964 AD Malachi Martin leaves the Vatican over the debacle of the Second Vatican Council. He had been in residence for several years up until this time. He would go on to write several books that are of note in this History. This was the year of the Good Friday Earthquake in Turnagain Heights in Anchorage, Alaska, exactly 40 days after February 17, 1964 when the writer, and Mark Kennedy Shriver, were born. Some will see in the name Turnagain, a word play referring back to the Shroud of Turin Again.


1965 AD Pope Paul closes the Second Vatican council by discontinuing the practice of Crowning the Vicar of Christ. Under normal circumstances this thousand year old practice would not be discontinued unless Jesus Christ himself returned around this time - or had an heir born. The fiasco of the Second Vatican Council causes Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to exclaim that, "the veil covering the greatest deceit ever to have mystified the clergy and baffled the faithful, is doubtless beginning to be torn asunder." Once again, the crises in the Church is compared to the Shroud of Turin.


1965 AD Palmi appointed as the new Archbishop of Turin during the most tumultuous period in the Church's modern history.


1966 AD Zugibe is invited to join the symposium concerning the expo being planned for the Shroud in 1978, by the President of the Holy Shroud Guild, Otterbein with the words, "Now is the time to make suggestions. Now is the time to ask questions. Now is the time to seek an answer to past objections and to anticipate new ones. This is a tremendous task. We need you help. You are qualified to explain the Shroud to experts." The objections that they may have been anticipating can be found in Mr. Zugibe's subsequent contribution to the Shroud of Turin research - that Jesus did not suffer from asphyxiation and, further, that his body had been washed before he was entombed, both of which would be a very convenient smoke screen if there were actually a seminal discharge found that was subsequently re hydrated and artificially inseminated resulting in a pregnancy that came to full term in which twin sons were born to the Man on the Cross. Their haste was probably spurred on by the 3D Image of the Shroud that appeared at this time where his erect phallis is clearly seen in the photos.


1969 AD Malachi Martin publishes his work, "The Encounter", and introduces the work with words that call the Shroud, and the Seed that it contained, to mind when he said, "In this last third of the 20th century, there is something shaking the human race. It is as if the latter had carried strange unwanted dreams in its head for millennia, only to wake up brusquely and try to live the dreams. There is abroad on the human scene a spirit that cannot be caged. Something that has been compressed, held down, distorted, and enchained for a long time has now coagulated, boiled up, and is in the process of explosion." Mr. Martin subsequently publishes "Jesus Now" as if he were walking the streets of America, where the Papal Tiara came to rest.


1975 AD A scandal arises that there was a Twin of Paul VI running around the Vatican giving speeches in his name, where the voice patterns of the two are confirmed to be separate individuals by the FBI. Subsequently Paul dies in 1978 AD and his successor takes the twin names of his two predecessors John Paul, the only Pope in 2000 years to take two names. He subsequently dies 33 days later and his successor also takes this name to become Pope John Paul II as if to continue the Twin Motif started under Paul VI.


1978 AD The Shroud of Turin is examined by various experts, subsequently called STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) resulting in a 3D contour picture of the man on the Shroud, where it is obvious that he suffered from asphyxiation while crucified. Blood samples are taken at this time that later are confirmed as containing human DNA. The Photographer, who is a Jew, continues to support the Project convinced that it is the burial cloth of the Nazerene, though he doesn't personally accept him as Messiah. "Frankly, I am still Jewish, yet I believe the Shroud of Turin is the cloth that wrapped the man Jesus after he was crucified. That is not meant as a religious statement, but one based on my privileged position of direct involvement with many of the serious Shroud researchers in the world, and a knowledge of the scientific data, unclouded by media exaggeration and hype. The only reason I am still involved with the Shroud of Turin is because knowing the unbiased facts continues to convince me of its authenticity".


1982 AD Zugibe publishes his work in an attempt to discredit the theory of asphyxiation of Y'shua while on the Cross including a emphatic claim that Y'shua had been washed before entombed. He is subsequently Knighted for his efforts.


1983 AD King Umberto II dies and gives the Shroud to the Pope and his successor as long as it stays in Turin.


1985 AD Events are set in motion to date the Shroud via Radio Carbon involving seven different institutions including the British Museum and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. By 1987, they have dropped the list down to only three Laboratories one of which would be the Zurich Laboratory which had previously (1985) made a thousand year error in dating a cloth from an Egyptian mummy, yet they were chosen over the British Museum and the Pontifical Academy supposedly due to their, "experience in the field of archaeological radiocarbon dating." It was this very test, performed the next year, that dated the Shroud to the Middle Ages, which was subsequently refuted, not only by further tests, but because they, conveniently, took samples from the Shroud that had been reworked after the fire, thus giving an incorrect date for the Shroud itself. This would, of course, also throw off anyone that may be questioning whether or not there was a seminal discharge on the Shroud.  The results were released on October 11th which was the anniversary of the arrest of Jacques Demolay the Grandmaster of the Templars and the book, "The Second Messiah" was released soon after claiming the image was his, not that of Jesus Christ.


1988 AD The Cloth of Oviedo is compared with the Shroud showing over 70 points of congruity which then proves that the man pictured on the Shroud was wearing the Cloth also and this confirmed the age of the Shroud back to at least the 700's. Also this year, Leoncio A. Garza-Valdes tested the blood samples taken from the Shroud in 78 and confirmed that they contained human DNA. This leads some scientists to want to try and clone the individual.


1995 AD Nicolo Cinquemani shows that there are two images on the Shroud, as the Apostle Paul noted. One caused by "blood clots showing the position of the body in the hours immediately after death" and the other "due to dehydration and oxidation of the cellulose caused by radiation." This first image of his death would bleed through the cloth to stain the reverse side where a second image is subsequently found at the turn of the millennium.


1997 AD The Shroud was 'miraculously' saved from a second "suspicious" fire on April 11, with the hero somehow breaking through a Bullet Proof Window to rescue the fabric making this the second fire to threaten the relic.


2002 AD Aldo Guerreschi and Michele Salcito prove that the water stains were not from the fire in 1532 AD but are from an earlier time, including the stain in question on the belly of the man, where also his erect member can be seen. Since there are no bodily injuries in this area and with any water stains ruled out, there is then only one thing this can be and that is the seminal discharge.


2003 AD Alan and Mary Whanger prove that the individual on the Shroud was actually wearing two crowns of thorns.


2004 AD Giulio Fanti and Roberto Maggiolo discover a second image on the reverse side of the Shroud of Turin with noticeable differences from the front side the most important of which is that the nostrils on the second image are wider than the front as if the individual was flaring his nostrils.


2006 AD Officials from the Russian Federal Security Service, re-date the Shroud, via Carbon Dating, and find it to,"be no less than 2000 years old" and confirm that the individual suffered from asphyxiation while on the Cross. Also this year an Agnostic sues a Priest for fraud demanding he prove Christ existed. After their court appearance the Judge waits two full weeks before throwing the case out of court on the same day as the opening ceremony for the Turin Olympics which features groups of Spermatoza ('snow') and Blood Vessels skating around the ice on display for all the world to see however most people probably would not have realized what they were looking at unless it was pointed out to them when it becomes all too obvious. The Agnostic, after the verdict, then tells the Priest that he no longer has to prove that Christ existed, only that the Priest had not defrauded anyone.


2006 AD Jesuit Officials from the Catholic Church, during a 'restoration' project actually submit the Shroud to a steam cleaning to the public outrage of Christians and Scientists alike.


This is the Hidden History of the Shroud of Turin.


This is my story...



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