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Holy Blood Holy Veil



Holy Blood Holy Grail : May 11, 2005

As far as the captions below, they are interesting little Headlines that you need to read between in order to understand what I am getting at. The material between the captions are not quotes, but my musings on all this. In other words, in those periodicals, it is not so much the article itself that is important, it is the Title of the Article that tells you the real story (if you don't believe me than read the Article from St. Petersburg Times at the bottom of this post and note the date of its posting and ask yourself why did they post it at this time). This can be proven when, in most cases, you simply ask what the Title of the article has got to do with the material in the article itself. Many times there is absolutely no connection between the two, or slender at best.

Now, some of the Captions below don't have the source but they are from the same time frame and when I get Time I will provide them. They may also not be direct quotes, like you would find in Newsweek, but certainly provided the theme intended by the author and if any of them are wrong I will correct them when I get the source.

Further, this is only a handful of quotes but I could have used up to 20 or more that I found in this same time frame between the death of Kennedy and the election of a New Pope nine months before.

Interestingly Enough, when he got into office, for some strange and unknown reason, Paul VI discontinued the practice of Crowning the Vicar of Christ.

"Behind the Veil" National Geographic Society March 1964

Everyone knows about the Shroud of Turin being the Burial Cloth of Y'shua and for those who have seen the latest information on this, there really remains no doubt that it is genuine. The face cloth, though separate from the Shroud, bearing no image itself, yet having over 70 points of perfect contact with the Shroud prove that it is a relic and not a forgery, for the history of the face cloth is known back to the first couple of centuries of this era. The fact that the Radio Carbon Dating was proven to be designedly erroneous due to the piece of cloth they chose having been damaged by a fire also lends its weight to this conclusion. The fact that they have found the imprint of Roman Coins dating to 30AD on the shroud dates it to that time period of which there was only one famous crucified victim that the Church would have worshipped to the point of preserving this cloth for 2,000 years also bears this out. The fact that the Apostle Paul makes mention of this Shroud in his letter when he said, "If we have been buried in the Image of his Death" in reference to the blood and body stains and Fluids on the cloth, "We will be raised in the Image of his Resurrection" in reference to the Image of the Man on that same Veil, also lends its very Divine Testimony to the Shroud being the very cloth that Y'shua was buried in. The fact that it really is blood and Body Fluids on the cloth also contributes to this conclusion. The fact that the Blood (and thus All The Other Body Fluids) has not faded in color but have maintained their original quality identifies the victim as only one person ever born into this world. The fact that the Image itself renders a Negative and a 3D effect adds further weight to this Enigma as does the Second Image on the Shroud which I have shown is probably not Y'shua but Another person who was in the Tomb. The fact that the individual Expired of Asphyxiation, as is true of The Crucifixion described in Isaiah 53:10, confirms all this. The fact that they have found the Seed on the Shroud that was indigenous to the Holy Land again Dispels Disbelief from those who are seriously trying to Discover the Truth of the Matter.

"The Last Full Measure" National Geographic Society March 1964

So, now that we have established our foundation we can continue on to the next logical conclusion. Several Science Fiction works have been written using the events of the Crucifixion as their foundation. The story of the Immortal Warrior Kane sprang from this thesis and of late there has been the Cloning Series that used this very Shroud and the blood on it to develop its story. However, I am convinced that the Reservoir of the Spirit of a Man (Mal 2:15) contains the Seed which is passed on through Ejaculation and subsequent Insemination to the Egg which bears the building blocks of life and, in any attempt to Artificially clone someone, where the Life Bearing Seed is not utilized, will result in a lifeless body or a still born, therefore his whole story is based on a faulty premise, which is why it is the sins of the father that are passed on to the offspring, and not the sins of the mother. If it were a perfect clone then, since Y'shua was sinless, so also would the clone, which in his story it was not. He makes no mention of the Blood on the Veil except in passing stating that it was 'dead' but makes no mention of the possibility of Rehydrating the Dormant Fluid with the Last Full Measure from a Donor Source of the same Fluid so as to restore the Fluid to its original quality. The reason I state this is because the Blood itself contains the Life and if the Blood is restored then so is the Life which, of course, some would say is, in this case, Eternal, and some would say was an "evolutionary throw-back" since they are prejudiced against the Man behind the Veil.

"Watching a Gorilla grow up" National Geographic Society March 1964

In my post on the False Prophet I theorized that if Judas had of come in contact with this Seminal Source of Eternal Life, then he would have become immortal, and, therefore, if the Fluids on the Shroud could be Rehydrated then they could take that Last Full Measure and combine it with some Donor Fluid (rendering the possibility of contamination and sin and thus no immortality even if 'filtered' to remove excess properties), or combine it with water and drink it and they would, in theory, attain Eternal Life. In fact, Y'shua himself said that if His Body was Ingested in some way, or his blood consumed, then One would Become Immortal and he said this in a Spiritual sense, but he used the symbolism for a reason and that is the possibility that this would actually be the case in the Physical Realm as well.

"Why did you do it?" Newsweek June 1963

One question in the afore mentioned book was why would Y'hava allow his Son to have a son Artificially Born from the shroud by someone who didn't even believe in him and I would guess that this was the author's way for allowing his clone to "go sour" to establish the plot of his book. The answer, actually, is so that the Prophecies could be fulfilled and specifically Isaiah 53:10-11 which will be the subject of the afore mentioned Upcoming Post but the reader should read Theoferrum for more information to prepare himself for that post. But what that question actually proves is that If the Body Fluids on the Shroud could be Rehydrated then there is No Doubt that someone would do just that, if for no other reason then to see if it could be done, but, much more than likely, it would be attempted so as to try and supply a source of Eternal Blood that they could consume. This is off course the ever popular Quest for the Holy Grail called the Fountain of Eternal Youth.

"Is this Trip Necessary?" National Geographic March 1964

Another, more ominous, reason why they would attempt this project, as I have proven in the Archive Section of this Site time and time again, is to bring about Armageddon, and what better way to accomplish this then to Sire Y'shua's Son, in one way or another, and try and turn him against Y'hova and set him Up as the Messiah or, as some would say, as the Antichrist, which was the entire plot of the afore mentioned book. Unfortunately, for them, the best laid plans of Mice and Men often go astray and it, apparently, never dawned on these bright boys that the Spitting Image might actually worship Y'hava and Y'shua as his Procreater and call the World to repentance. In fact, the very existence of this individual would prove that Y'shua Messiah has Come in the Flesh thus he couldn't be the Antichrist who will deny that very event.

"The Worm Turns" Newsweek June 1963


So, with all that information, you must know, as you read this, that at the very least, The Above Scenario Has Been Attempted and, therefore, there is a group of people on this earth who have literally drank the reconstituted blood taken from the veil, I would guess, circa 1978. So, now ask yourself this. Has this group of people extended the Grail to you so that you could take a drink and thus attain immortality? If not, then you know what they really think of you and that is that you are just a Cattle to the Slaughter as the rest of society is in their eyes. I don't know for sure exactly who all is involved but I suspect it is the Maltese Circle and since there is very little blood to use, then they have probably limited its consumption to their little click. And, by the way, if they do extend the cup to you, I would not recommend partaking of it.

"Good Friday Earthquake" National Geographic July 1964

"'And, behold...the earth did quake, and the rocks rent.' St. Matthew's account of the first Good Friday saw fearful repetition almost 2,000 years later when, on March 27, 1964, the earth again strained its thin coat and burst its seams, spewing sudden destruction."

This was exactly forty days after birth and the article tied the subject into the Resurrection of Y'shua, for obvious reasons. Notice the connotations in the above quote. The "thin coat" is referring to the Shroud, bursting its seams is referring to a discharge which is supported by the fact that earthquakes don't "spew" anything, which is more descriptive of a volcano.

One of the places that feature prominently in the article is Turn - again, which almost seems like a play on the Turin Shroud again. They either took advantage of the name to make a connection back to the event, or the earthquake itself may have been man made through nuclear means. If this latter, then they tipped their hand to what they had done nine months earlier.

I would guess, however, if it were man made, they would have tried to time it to the actual birth, not forty days later. Thus, one would have to ask oneself, What if it was not man made? I find it ominous that March 27th of 1964 was not only Good Friday on the Christan Calender, it was also Good Friday on the Jewish Calender as well. In other words, the earthquake occurred on the anniversary, exactly, of the death of Y'shua on the cross and, inclusively, exactly 41 days (for years?) after birth.

Putin Reads Papers Every Day

The St. Petersburg Times Friday, May 13, 2005

MOSCOW - In a wide-ranging interview broadcast on U.S. television last weekend, President Vladimir Putin said he read newspapers every day and found journalism very similar to intelligence work.

"You know journalism, as concerns collecting information, differs little if at all from intelligence work," Putin told Mike Wallace, an anchor of CBS television's Sunday program "60 Minutes."
"I worked in intelligence and know how information and information bulletins are made," the president said.

"After all, this is determined to a considerable extent by the political qualities of those who do it."
Later in the interview, Wallace asked Putin if he read The Moscow Times, and he responded "sometimes."

Wallace proceeded to read an Associated Press report of Putin's comments on the dangers of anti-Semitism.


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