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Topic: The Science Involved

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The Science Involved


The reader may, no doubt, immediately scoff at the statements that I have made on this website concerning children of Jesus Christ being sired from the Shroud of Turin however, there are three forms of proof that are offered on this site which supplement each other and support all the statements that I have made hear.

The first form of proof is the Scriptures that predict that Y'shua will have offspring and I would turn the readers attention to my sections on Theoferrum for those proofs.

A second form of proof is the reactions from the Insiders to my life via Headlines and Current Events showing that they have known who I was from before the time I was born which, then, is only possible if the things I say on this site are true and there are plenty of examples of this for the casual reader to verify.

The third form of proof is the Scientific Evidence that I supply here which draws the reader on a logical chain of events to show that, in fact, in theory, it would be possible to sire someone from the Shroud and, when this is taken into consideration with all the other proofs - especially the predictions in the Word that Y'shua was going to have a son - then it becomes crystal clear evidence that, in fact, the Insiders of this world have sired children from the Shroud in fulfillment of the Inspired Word of Y'hava.


Take a look at this 3D Image of the Shroud of Turin. See that 'bulge' in the stomach of Y'shua? There is only one thing that can be and that is his erect sexual member. At the tip of that member there is what has been called a water stain however, a group of scientists have proven that the stain was on the cloth before the fire in the Middle Ages and, therefore, is original to the burial itself and, therefore, there is only one thing that can be and that is a Seminal Discharge in fulfillment of the Prophecy in Isaiah 53:10.

This, at once, destroys Professor Zugibe's argument that the person on the Cross did not suffer from asphyxiation - pictures don't lie.

He shall see His own Seed.


Take a look above left of the blood in his hands and you will see the fluid stain that was originally thought to have been a water stain from the fire in the Middle Ages but which has been proven to have been on the cloth before that event and it is assuredly original with the burial and thus, there is only one thing that can be.

A Seminal Discharge.

This stain, as well as the fact that there is actually an entire image on the cross from just the body stains themselves, also destroys Professor Zugibe's statements that the body was washed before being wrapped in the Shroud or that first image from the stains would not be on the Shroud either.


At the time that I was researching all of this, they just happened to post this article about a 2000 year old seed from an extinct Palm Tree being re-hydrated successfully which ended up sprouting which shows that, in theory, any Seed from the Son of God on the Shroud may be successfully rehydrated so that it actually reanimates itself as well.

They were bragging about the Experiment.


What do you suppose the Insiders of this world would do if they found out that there was a Seminal Discharge from the Son of God on the Shroud of Turin? Well, since some people want to actually Clone Y'shua from the Human Blood that they have found on the Shroud, then it is a given that, if they found his Seed then they would certainly try and rehydrate it and we have shown that it would probably rehydrate with no problem and now there remains only one question.

Did their Experiment Work.


Pope Paul VI was the Pope who closed the Second Vatican Council in 1964 which is the Year I was born. He closed the Council by discontinuing the Thousand Year Old Ceremony of Crowning the Vicar of Christ by giving away the Papal Tiara to America. Knowing the tenacity of Ceremonial Traditions in general, and especially in the Catholic Church, then it is obvious that there is only two reasons why the Pope would have given away that Crown of Authority. The first is if Y'shua himself returned circa 1964.

Or had an Heir born at that time...

Barrie M. Schwortz :

The Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project :

Frankly, I am still Jewish, yet I believe the Shroud of Turin is the cloth that wrapped the man Jesus after he was crucified. That is not meant as a religious statement, but one based on my privileged position of direct involvement with many of the serious Shroud researchers in the world, and a knowledge of the scientific data, unclouded by media exaggeration and hype. The only reason I am still involved with the Shroud of Turin is because knowing the unbiased facts continues to convince me of its authenticity.


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