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Topic: The Power Involved

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The Power Involved


This is from Mr. David Lowe's New Book, Then His Voice Shook the Earth.

What do the experts who have meticulously studied this Shroud believe caused the image to form on the cloth in the amazing way that it did? This question will be explored to understand its significance with respect to the future resurrection of the dead in Christ and the transformation of the bodies of believers.

Thaddeus Trenn, Director of the Science and Religion Course Programme at the University of Toronto, stated that there was a primary, triggering event that caused the X-ray phenomena that are present on the Shroud of Turin: what he termed an “influx of energy.”

Dr. Alan Whanger, professor emeritus of Duke University Medical Center and Director of the Council for the Study of the Shroud of Turin, stated that some scientists have suggested that “a controlled nuclear event” occurred at the moment of the resurrection in which the Lord’s body gave off a massive amount of radiation, then “dematerialized and passed through the Shroud, leaving a kind of negative photograph with an X-ray component.

Another hypothesis, put forward by Dr. Allan Mills of Leicester University, suggests that the image might have been created by some type of electrical discharge between body and cloth, associated perhaps with the earthquake activity described by the Evangelist Matthew as having occurred while Jesus’ corpse lay in the tomb.

Dr. Mills believes that there may be a connection between the electrical discharge that took place at the moment of his resurrection and the earthquake activity described in Matthew’s gospel.

Dr. Kitty Little, a former nuclear physicist, stated that the image on the shroud could have been caused by an instantaneous nuclear explosion of light and energy, which would account for the well-defined image as well as the earthquake described in the gospels.

These scientists believe that the earthquake described in the account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ may have been due to the nuclear discharge during the resurrection event.


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