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Topic: Russian Federal Security Service redates the Shroud!

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Russian Federal Security Service redates the Shroud!


This is the organization formerly known as the KGB.


Suffice it to say that they would be considered experts in examining the remains of someone who had been tortured.


Experts from the Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB have studied the shroud of Turin and found proof of it being indeed an image of a crucified man with wounds that Jesus Christ could have.


Criminologists of the Federal Security Service subjected the shroud, believed to be Christ’s grave clothes, to a number of experiments.


For the purity of experiment, the shroud with an imprint of a human body was studied as an ordinary corpus delicti, regardless of its historical value.


First, we have dated the cloth,” the head of the criminology department Anatoly Fesenko told Zhizn daily. “We estimate it to be no less than 2,000 years old. American experts were wrong to say it was only 1,000 years old,” he said.


Then, by studying the imprints on the shroud, experts described the wounds that its bearer had.


We were in possession of an image of a naked man, back and front. The man had been whipped with whips of Roman kind, five-tailed with lead buttons on ends,” Fesenko said.


The man has a broad mark on his shoulder, as if he had been carrying something heavy. His nose is broken, and the left cheek swollen. The man’s features are asymmetrical, because as he had endured great pain, the face muscles contracted differently after he died.


The man’s arms and legs bear marks of similar large wounds where the man could be nailed to the cross. The chest looks typical of someone who dies of asphyxia.


The nails however were not drawn into palms, as we usually see them in icons, but pierced the arm close to the hand between two bones.


By conducting another series of experiments with cloth similar to that of the shroud, experts were united in the opinion that the Turin shroud is by no means a fake.


The image on the shroud indeed depicts a crucified man whose wounds are identical to those that the Bible describes Christ to have had.


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