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Topic: The Monarch Report!

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The Monarch Report!




My name is David Thomas Hill and I was born February 17, 1964 in Beverly, Massachusetts about one year after the Cuban Missile Crisis and about three months after the (possibly faked) assassination of John F. Kennedy who was also from Eastern Massachusetts. My birthday was bookended between the opening of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII and the closing of the same about a year later by Pope Paul VI. It was at this very time that the Schism between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church was healed when Paul VI met with Athenagoras I which was the first time in over a Thousand Years that those two Patriarchs got together. They then closed the breach by co-jointly blessing the same single Cross which they then entrusted to one man whom the listener may know as the founder of the Peace Corps by the name of Sargent Shriver who met with both of those leaders at that momentous occasion. The listener may well ask why did the two most powerful Religious Leaders in the World chose to give that History making Cross to Mr. Shriver out of everyone else on the entire planet at the time.


The events surrounding the Second Vatican Council was described by the Bishop of Dakar as being "organized by a master mind" and led Cardinal Ottaviani to lament that the Liturgical Traditions of the Faith were not, "a piece of cloth to be refashioned according to the whim of each generation" which was a direct reference to the most famous piece of cloth in the care of the Church housed in Turin and, no doubt, the healing of the Schism is intimately connected to the events concluded under that council, in more ways then one.


The people who run this world then decided to commemorate all these events by sealing it with the Killing of John Signature where they would pass the Scepter of one person named John to another, as with John Kennedy passing his Scepter to Lyndon Johnson and Pope John passing his Scepter to Pope Paul whose given name was Giovanni which is Italian for John. This Signature is drawn from the death of John the Baptist and the listener should realize that they chose this Signature on this occasion because John was the precursor of the Messiah.


Exactly forty days after my birth, to the day, the Good Friday Earthquake occurred which hit Turn Again Heights in Anchorage, Alaska. The name of the town that they decided to report in the News was chosen by the Insiders of this World as a play on the words, the Shroud of Turin Again where the Shroud was wrapped around Jesus on the very first Good Friday Earthquake 2000 years ago and this second Good Friday earthquake was possibly a result of a very large nuke detonated off the coast of Anchorage similarly as some suppose occurred with the Christmas Tsunami in Asia in 2004. This name was chosen solely to use it as a Signature to the experiment that resulted in my birth.


Four months later my family moved from Topsfield, Massachusetts to Vermont where I grew up, following, precisely, the path of Joseph Smith and his old man who, like my adoptive old man, was born and raised in Topsfield and then moved his family to Vermont and the sleepy little town of Sharon which is about a stones throw away from my home town. The listener should keep in mind that Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church (who were funded by the Rothschilds who are Bankers for the Jesuit Black Pope who claimed in the 1800's that he ran the world from Paris arguably on behalf of Immortal Insiders) all believe we can become God and all this was done by design by the Insiders to connect myself to the founder of that religion. They may have accomplished this more easily if, as I suspect, my adoptive old man, whom I assumed was my actual sire until a couple of years ago, was connected with the OSS which hired alot of Navy Personal like him after WWII, after they not-so-conveniently lost an entire Japanese Fleet in the Pacific just before it attacked Pearl Harbor and which became the organization called the CIA.


That I was targeted by the people who run this world at this early date is clear from the destruction of a building in McMasterville outside of Montreal on October 1, 1975 as reported by Facts on File which was a Chemical Plant owned by CIL, the parent company of Dupont who, along with the previously mentioned Rothschilds, is one of the Thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati according to Fritz Springmeir.


This building that was destroyed was in the shape of a Golf Ball and exactly Seven Years later to the very day, in mimicry of the seven year tribulation, another Golf Ball shaped building was commissioned called Epcot Center when they performed the opening ceremonies of their new and improved StarShip Earth linking these two events together and this Signature shows you the ultimate goal of what they call their Armageddon Script and that is the destruction of this earth so that they can bring their New World Order out of Global Chaos. Check out the opening scenes of the movie Armageddon for their use of these symbols and watch Bruce Willis launch some Golf Balls at Green Peace and now you know why the Russians just launched a Golf Ball from the International Space Station at Earth in March 2006.


Now, the article from Facts on File does not tell you that the building was in the shape of a Golf Ball and the reason that I knew that was because my sixth grade class was returning from an overnight trip to Montreal and we had stopped in the parking lot just across the street and were actually unloading the bus when the building exploded and they destroyed their own building and killed about eighteen of their own people just to give me a memorable first trip out of the country and to make me feel like I was in the Eye of the Storm and their exact words at the time in one of their own Headlines was, "Do yourself a favor - introduce your kids to Golf".


I graduated from High School two years and twenty-two days after David Alexander Johnston (note the names) was killed (or disappeared) at the Mt. Saint Helens eruption on May 18, 1980. Helen is just another name for Hell the god of the underworld - get it? The Insider name games are based on their belief that words have power which any symbolist should be able to verify for you, but I am thinking of Cirlot in particular and his Dictonary of Symbolism. Assuredly the Volcano had been destabilized with the help of an early version of HAARP and possibly set off by an underground nuke.


I then served in the United States Air Force for four years, stationed first at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in Mons, Belgium with Det. 2, 1964th Com Group. It is no coincidence that this Detachment was commissioned the year I was born and decommissioned the year I left it in 1984 and it also is no coincidence that the Insiders sent me to the Military Branch of NATO Headquarters at the same time that the first Beirut War was occurring in the Middle East and this is more so true when one realizes that SHAPE was built on the very tract of land where the Angels of Mons appeared during World War I and was given to NATO by Belgium for that very reason. I ended my tour at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska which is where the HAARP Array is located which is probably why they sent me up there from which I was Honorably discharged in June of 1986 after reaching the rank of Sargent for a Day - you know, like Sargent Shriver.


After that I went to a Baptist Bible College for one year in Arizona (and they reacted with the Televangelist Star Wars according to Time Magazine) and got a 98% which was the highest score on the finals involving Christology and Bibliology without even studying for the exam and I have read most of the major Protestant Theologians including all of Lewis Sperry Chafer's Classic Work on Systematic Theology and also George Peter's Premillenial Classic the Theocratic Kingdom, as well as the entire Bible over five times and I include this information here to prepare the listener for what I am going to present subsequently in the remainder of this post. I know my Theology and do not make Theological statements or propositions arbitrarily, especially as it relates to the Inspired Word of Y'hova and that as it reveals His Divine Son, Y'shua ben Y'hava - this being the Hebrew name for Jesus.


After Arizona, I returned to Vermont where I worked at a Hydroelectric Dam on the Connecticut River called Comerford Station for 10 years until they automated all the Operators out of a job and replaced us with computer chips and that for the sole purpose of driving me to the poor house so as to mimic conditions that Y'shua experienced during the course of his ministry and this included slandering myself to my family and friends and co-workers at every job I ever had and every place I ever went in order to drive me away from employment of any kind and society in general. I then worked odd jobs for a couple of years and went Homeless in 2001.


It was just after I went homeless, on May 24, 2001 which was the New Moon of the Third Month on the Jewish and Aviv Calendar, that Y'hava took my spirit back in time to the crucifixion where I joined Y'shua on the cross and offered him as the sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world in fulfillment of Isaiah 53:10. While on the cross, because God's Wrath or His Creative Energy was poured out on Y'shua and on myself by association (the "you" of both Chapter 52 and 53 - "


Many shall be astonished at you" and "If you offer His soul") our two spirits were alloyed together and one of the results of this Hypostatic Union is that I became telepathic and reverse clairvoyant through time.


This Co-Crucifixion, which has already occurred in the spirit, will at some time in the future result in a change in my mind and body as well which the Apostle Paul, who saw these events through the Spirit as they occurred, described as growing up into "the fullness of the stature of Christ". That is to say that my body which is about five foot eight inches will fill out to Y'shua's height which was about six foot three or more and my skin complexion will assuredly change to Middle Eastern and this change is described as the Marring of Isaiah 52:13.


For any Theologian out there who may take exception to that last statement they would need to consider that the word used for marring is exactly the same as for Levitical Uncleaness and would have rendered Y'shua unfit for either sacrifice or High Priest and, therefore, there is no way that description can be referring to him in any way or at any time.


They should also consider that none of the Apostles applied that passage to Y'shua and Paul's reference is secondary in reference to the preaching of the Gospel and that the only two Church Fathers (Ignatius and Irenaeus) who mentioned it applied it to the change that occured at His incarnation and not the beatings that he sustained at the crucifixion.


Now, it is because of this event which I like to call Theoferrum Crucibulum that the listener is able to hear and perhaps see me through the spirit and that, possibly, through time.


Subsequent to Theoferrum, in the fall of 2003 I then traveled out to Denver where I remained until the fall of 2007 at which time I decided to travel the US in this homeless condition. I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona, having traveled here from Los Angeles and most recently Santa Fe, after having made a short excursion through Boise, Idaho and Reno, Nevada on my way.


Now let me tell you what I've found...


The Monarch Project :


While in Denver I discovered that I have been a Targeted Individual (TI) of the CIA Operation called MKULTRA and specifically the Monarch Project where I was literally surrounded by thousands of spooks (CIA, FBI, NSA etc) who have chosen Denver for their New World Order Capital in Amerika which is why they recently built the International Airport in the fastest growing city in this country and this is because the Mile High City is the perfect latitude and longitude for Global Communications via Satellite which is, of course, the most important infrastructure of any government, let alone a Global one.


The existence of the MKULTRA Program is not in doubt and in 1974 then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all the files destroyed but the Program still continued according to Victor Marchetti in 1977 and this has been portrayed in movies such as the Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington, Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and, most recently, the Bourne Ultimatum with Matt Damion.


The existence of the Monarch Project was actually verified by Anton Chaitkin writing for The New Federalist and interviewing then CIA Director William Colby who was asked, “What about monarch?” to which he replied, “We stopped that between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s" which is the "cover story" that they used for MKULTRA which we have shown continues to this day, so it is a given that the Monarch Project is also alive and well having been contracted out to the Sheep Dipping Corporation known as the Tavistock Institute (where Sheep Dipping in Spook Speak and is refering to burying a project that is in jepardy of discovery and they actually have this symbol as their Corporate Crest) which is attested to by over 500 Personal Testimonies from these Monarchs contained on the Mind Control Forum WebSite which the reader should consider is assuredly run by the 'illuminated' perpetrators themselves as a means of trying to control these Monarchs, which the screen names that they have chosen indicates (one of which is the symbol of the Raven which I have seen numerous times on at least four different forums and they are there to distract the Monarch from various subjects that make them uncomfortable, just as the Ravens in the Wizard of Oz distract the Tin Man) and when I started posting on the message board on that forum some of the information contained in this letter - specifically that contained in the next paragraphs - the lady who runs the site promptly kicked me off and because there have been so many of these people coming forward the Intelligence communities tried to cover all this up by slandering these people starting with a "misinformation Campaign" in 1993 which they labled Operation Armageddon (which we will be seeing again) which does nothing more then tell you exactly what their end goal really is.


I believe that all of the "149 sub projects" of the MKULTRA Program were actually established solely to meet the goals that they commissioned under the Monarch Project. The entire system was founded on the "Black Arts" Projects of the Nazi's whose expertise, other then Physics, were "Psychiatry and Micro Biology" whom this country subsequently imported under Operation Paperclip just after World War II and the name of the Project tells you what its goals are - breeding Monarchs.


These Scientists were, of course, obsessed with founding the Master Race and, therefore, Genetics and Bloodlines and the purity of the Human Gene Pool are everything to them.


The Physicists were apparently assigned to the Air Force, one would assume, to develope the propulsion systems the Germans were known for and the Navy and thus OSS/CIA were given the Psychologists to develope their little Mind Control Program and the US Army was assigned the Biologists in order to develope Bio Weapons but this also explains why the Monarch Project was originally commissioned by the Army because it would have been the Biologists who were responcible for the experiment that led to my birth.


From their own sources, this Project was to give "Imperial Conditioning" to "40,000" "Bloodliners" that they keep "detailed records" on and there are, apparently, since the 60's, an additional 2 Million 'commoners' that have also been victims of MKULTRA who, in my opinion, are merely support (they are taught to "crush the Monarch") for the training of these "Chosen Ones" which is a term first used by Mengele during his torture of Twins in World War II.


The Insiders have spent, literally, billions (possibly trillions) of dollars on the bloodliners alone over the last forty years as the episode with the two Golf Ball Buildings prove and this then leads to the very obvious question as to exactly what bloodline could possibly be worth spending that much money on, which is more than they even think about spending on the Merovingian Lineage made famous of late by the movie the Da Vinci Code and which is rumored to be the descendants of the Daughter of Mary Magdalene and Y'shua and which comprises most, if not all, of every Major Monarchy in Europe which is, of course, the people who run the entire world, I might add.


As an example of the money they have alloted to the Monarch Project the listener should consider that they have the capability of manipulating the weather via Chemtrails and the HAARP Program up in Fairbanks, Alaska which came on line while I was working at the Power Company in June of 1996 at the exact same time that the West Coast experienced its own Black Out which I was actually expecting having read the book Angels Don't Play this HAARP in the beginning of that year which told me when it was going to be fired up.


They manipulate the weather on regular basis to get the Monarchs to think that they are constantly in the Eye of the Storm as Y'hsua was while on this earth or even that they can control the weather as he also was known to do on occasion and one would imagine that to scramble all the jets they need to lay down a cloud of chemtrails or to fire up the HAARP probably borders on 20,000 dollars or more a pop and they do this two or more times a week just on myself, let alone all the other 40 thousand Monarchs and that is just in the U.S alone.


Weather Modification is not fantasy and The Times of London ran an article on the subject on July 17, 2006 where the author of the article Jeremy Page quoted a Western Diplomat who referred to Vladamir Putin, then President of Russia, as the Man who controls the weather assuredly with their own version of HAARP which came on line decades before ours did.


One episode was while I was in Reno which started out with a major "Fifty Year" Rain Storm on Friday Night Jan 4, 2008 which resulted in the Levee being breached - undoubtedly with the help of some Special Forces and some C4 - and subsequently flooded a thousand or more houses here in Reno and displaced about 3500 people. Now, I have only been in Reno once in my life and that for only a month and thus the odds that, while there, I would experience a 50 year flood would be 50 X 12 or about Six Hundred to One Odds. The reason they did this is because the Levee was located in Washoe County and a couple of weeks before that, I was trying to figure out if it was pronounced Washoo or Washow and settled on Wash Out. I, of course, was just kidding, but the Insiders who run this world took that and washed out the county just to try and impress me.


Another reason they destroyed this second Levee was for the Twin Signature connecting it with the destruction of the First Levee in New Orleans in August of 2005 with Hurricane Katrina the smokescreen for the Levee's destruction (the primary reason for Dam or Levee failure is overtopping the Crest which did not occur in that storm) because I had three brothers born with myself (two sets of twins or twin twins separated at birth with myself as the runt of the litter left with the mother) whose names the listener would recognize were I to drop them (try a Google Search for our Birth Day - that's how I found them) whom the Insiders like to fancy are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - I kid you not.


Unbeknownst to myself at that time, that same storm hit Sacramento where they knew I was planning on moving to in a few weeks and two experienced homeless people who knew this storm was coming three days in advance, camped on the river anyways and were killed overnight - David Griffin and Jon Gallagher. They murdered these two men (or made them disappear) who were probably 'commoners' just to commemorate my trip to Sacramento using the twin signature again.


Other examples of the use of this Signature are the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 (with Eleven being an High Occult Number) resulting in the Second President Bush starting the Second Iraq War and you also have the Gemini Capsule for the Moon Shot with it's Mark II Rockets at the time of my birth occurring precisely at the same time that the Vatican had a Twin of Pope Paul VI running around giving speeches in his name according to FBI Voice Analysis reported by Piers Compton in his book the Broken Cross followed up by the twin Popes who took the twin name John Paul (twin twins again) all of which is based upon the ancient Roman Empire's fascination with the Twins (via the Methras Religion which uses the symbol of Twin Swords in Saltire) including the Duality of the Cosmos which is one of the Cardinal Doctrines of all the Secret Societies.


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which they utilize on a regular basis is the product of Nikola Tesla's attempt to provide free energy to the world's population by tapping into the Ionosphere which the Government decided was much too important to be used in so Altruistic a cause so they basically commandeered all his information and built this Microwave Array so that they could play god with nature.


With this little toy they can communicate with subs below surface, steer and perhaps create Hurricanes as well produce ground penetrating radar and, if they use enough wattage from the Natural Alaskan Gas Power Plant which supplies the array with all the energy they need, they can cause earthquakes like the one that hit Erie, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1998 at the precise, and only, time that I visited my friend from the Military who grew up there which subsequently became known as the Pymatuning Earthquake named after the Reservoir where it hit which is the same thing they had done on several occasions at the reservoir I worked at on the Connecticut River in Vermont. My friend was in the store at the time and when he came out I told him we just had an earthquake to which he replied, "We don't get earthquakes in Pennsylvania" but they did while I was there.


Not-so-coincidentally, this same friend just happened to have met the person responsible for targeting and fine tuning the HAARP Array who was called into the task cause "they were having problems with this thing starting alot of fires" and for the reader who wants to preform the research they will find that all the states that were affected by the Black Out on July 2, 1996 on the West Coast all had massive brush fires that summer from all the energy that cascaded down from the ionosphere during testing.


So when we consider that the people who run the world have "billions of dollars" to spend on the Monarchs alone, then this begs the question of what Lineage could possibly be more important then their own supposed Maternal Lineage from Jesus Christ and the obvious and only answer to that question would be the Paternal Lineage that stems from Y'shua.


Now let me explain...


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The Children of Jesus Christ :


In May of 2005, on the New Moon of the Third Month of the corrected Jewish Calendar, which was the Anniversary of the arrival of the Israelites to Mt. Sinai, while still in Denver, I was walking back to the computer terminal in the Denver College Library when Y'shua, via the Spirit, asked me if I had considered the possibility that I was actually his son and I replied that I had considered it a couple of times - this alone is inadvertent witness to the truth of these things - because of the things that have happened in my life but that I couldn't picture him coming down here and having a physical relationship with my mother so there was no way possible that I was his son to which he replied, "What about the Shroud."


As soon as I heard that, I knew I was the physical Son of Jesus Christ and to establish the foundation let me tell you the facts behind this. When Y'shua was crucified, at some point in time his legs would not have been able to support his body weight anymore and he would have relaxed his legs and then hung suspended by his arms alone which would lead to asphyxiation which led to oxygen depletion of the brain and this, in turn, led to sexual arousal - this is a medical fact which is very apparent from the 1976 Shroud of Turin Research Project(STURP) 3D Images of the person on the Shroud - where the bulge on his stomach can only be his erect sexual organ not-with-standing the lies to the contrary that Professor Zugibe was commissioned and subsequently knighted to publish in reaction to those very images ("The Cross and the Shroud" 1982 - the year I graduated) and motivated in no small part, no doubt, by the comments of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre that "The Veil covering the greatest deceit ever to have mystified the clergy and baffled the faithful, is doubtless beginning to be torn asunder" another reference to the Shroud of Turin by someone in the know at that very time.


So, just before he gave up the ghost, Y'shua then allowed the discharge that made its way to the Shroud of Turin in fulfillment of the Prophecy in Isaiah 53:10 "If you make his soul an offering for sin, he will see his own son." The word son in the Hebrew, as I have paraphrased it, is Zara which means Seed and can only be referring to physical offspring or a son and, as the prophecy states, his physical son would offer his soul as the sacrifice that takes away the sins of the world and, therefore, he obviously must have a son and that event was fulfilled by myself as stated, on May 24, 2001 before I realized I was his son when I joined him on the cross through the Eternal Spirit and offered him up as that sacrifice, which event I like to call Theoferrum - GodSteel - and a Google Search of this word that I myself Coined would be of interest to the listener however, I believe all my websites are being blocked from loading on anyone else's computer - for now, anyways.


Now, the discharge on the Shroud has been called a Water Stain in the past and can also be seen in some close up photos of the mid section right at the tip of his erect sexual organ and it has subsequently been proven that the stain was on the cloth before the fire in the Middle Ages ruling out the possibility that it was from water used to put out that fire and thus is assuredly contemporaneous with the burial and, knowing that there are no bodily injuries in that area, there then is only one fluid stain that can be and that is a Seminal Discharge not-with-standing the other lie that Mr. Zugibe published in that same work to the effect that the body was washed before burial and both of these lies were perpetrated to cover up the fact that this discharge is on the Shroud in case anyone such as myself came looking for it and that author is the only one to foolishly suggest that Y'shua did not suffer from asphyxiation while crucified and that they actually had enough time to wash his body which, had they done so, there would be no bloodstains on the Shroud either, would there?


Perhaps I should add here that the Radio Carbon Dating that was performed on the Shroud in 1988 was purposely, in my opinion, taken from the re-worked section of the Shroud just after the fire in the Middle Ages, specifically to give a 'false' date from the 1300's when it was reworked. Joseph G. Marino and M. Sue Benford have actually proven this point from the Sindone 2000 Orvieto Worldwide Congress and in 2006 the Shroud was subsequently redated by a group of Russian Scientists from the Russian Federal Security Service to be "no less then two thousand years old" which, then, removes the only reasonable doubt to the authenticity of the Veil.


After the discharge made its way to the Shroud it was safely contained therein until the turn of the last century when the Insiders went looking for, and found, the discharge and began to rehydrate the seed by using a Donor Source with spermatozoa removed into which they would drop the seed from the Shroud and then they would impregnate a woman with the seed to give birth to one of the Children of the Veil.


This is actually pictured for us by the Insiders who Signed the movie Twins where the experiment that resulted in their birth contained six sires whose donor fluids were mixed together in a blender at Los Alamos which was originally commissioned for the Manhattan Project under the authority of the United States Army who as stated, were originally responcible for commissioning the Monarch Project.


It is of passing interest to myself that they actually named their first Super Computer after the School I attended called Blue Mountain Union High School which itself was named after the Mountain that can be seen very picturesquely from my home in Vermont. They just recently mothballed that one and they are building the next one called the Q Machine where the Masonic Symbol of the letter Q has connotations of, and actually pictures for us, the male female relationship as well as the resulting offsping of that usion, interestingly enough considering the information just presented to the Listener. If you need me to spell it out the O would be the female part and the ~ would be the male part thus representing the union when they are actually placed together and then, also, it is no stretch of the imagination to also see that together they also look suspiciously like a Sperm.


The fact that there are people that would like to clone Y'shua from the blood that has been found on the veil serves to show us that if, in fact, a seminal discharge was discovered on the Shroud, then there is no doubt at all that the Insiders would try and rehydrate that seed if only to see if it could be done and further, the fact that they have successfully rehydrated the Two Thousand Year old seed from an extinct Palm Tree in 2005 proves that the rehydration process itself is theoretically sound and there then remains only one more question.


Did it work...


The Christ Family Album :


That the successful rehydration of the seed from the Shroud resulted in the actual Reanimation of the same with resulting pregnancies carried to full term is actually what Time Magazine was originally commissioned to record - hence the name. The Insiders of this world actually celebrated many of these births by placing the Donor Sire on the cover of Time Magazine starting circa March of 1923 and the listener can check for themselves and look up the date of very famous people and when they were born and then go check the Time Cover at the time of birth (realizing that the copy would have been released the week before so you need to look at the next week's cover and, sometimes if the date is exactly the same you must go two weeks ahead unless they induced the birth) and they will see the physical resemblances of many famous people and their respective donors and I would remind the listener that these pictures don't lie. I will list a few here to prove my point but this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Mohandas Gandhi was the donor for the Journalist Danny Casolaro who was subsequently murdered by the Insiders for asking too many questions (although it may be possible that his death was also faked) and two mysterious strangers attended his funeral and gave him a Medal and saluted him even though Danny had no military experience and no one has ever been able to answer the question as to who these two were and what they were doing at his funeral. Point is, this was India's Golden Child of the Veil and he was given full Military Honors from that country at his death as if he was literally Gandhi's son, which, in fact, he was for he bore Gandhi's DNA in his own body. Danny had been working on a conglomerate of conspiracy theories in an effort to determine who was at the top of the world's pyramid controlling all these things which he subsequently dubbed the Octopus and apparently he was getting a little to close for their comfort so they either killed him or made him disappear on August 10, 1991 for all practical purposes and then Lamech himself signed the 'murder' with his own Signature which is 77 drawn from his own lament in Genesis to that effect which is strong indication that he is still alive as one of the people who participated in a battle for the fruit from the Tree of Life before the flood as recorded in the mythologies and constellations of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius where Hercules, as one of the Angels commissioned to guard the way of the Tree of Life, holds that tree in his hand. He then bragged about what he was going to do using the Cover of Time Magazine for obvious reasons, which shows a picture of the King of Babylon and asks, "Was it worth it" which he would have had the perpetrators toss on the table in front of Danny just before he disappeared making it impossible for him not to have made the connection, more so since Time had promised him a spot on their magazine. Some may find the concept of immortality a little difficult to believe however, a Think Tank of Psychologists from the Immortality Institute in 2004 AD determined that if the secret of immortality were ever obtained, it would be guarded by a few select individuals who would eventually end up controlling the globe and enslaving everyone else and people like Danny and a score of others who have investigated these things have found that this is exactly what the present situation on the globe really is. Take a look at that cover and tell me that is not a global conspiracy of a "Master Mind" for lack of a better term.


Vyacheslav Molotov of the Molotov ****tail fame, appears on Time Magazine at the birth of none other then the Insider Golden Boy Mr. William Bubba Clinton and the resemblances speak for themselves and, in the process, they tell you one of the ultimate goals of the Monarch Project which is to produce their version of the Molotov Antichrist. This is why they had Clinton "confirm the covenant" with Rabin (which in Hebrew means many - Daniel 9) and Arafat in the Rose Garden at the same time that they burned down the Waco Compound of the Branch Davidians in April of 1993 led by Mr. David Koresh (note the name) who believed his death would result with the breaking of the first Seal of Revelation (when many assume the covenant mentioned will be confirmed) ending seven years later precisely on Y2K (Year Two Thousand) when all the computers were supposed to lock up and shut everything down and lead to Global Chaos and this was their first major attempt to start Operation Armageddon in Modern Times after the Cuban Missile Crisis.


A couple of more points on this one are that I decided to look up David Koresh as well and it turns out that he also was a Monarch with Jimmy Hoffa the donor and thus they literally sacrificed a Lamb of God (or made it look like they had) in order to try and start Armageddon while they had another Child of the Veil actually in the position of the most powerful public figure in the World to try and fulfill the prophecies concerning the Antichrist.


And it also just so happens that they tried to start a Second American Civil War starting with the race riots in LA just previous to this, hoping it would spread to other cities with the Rodney King beatings on March 3, 1991 and subsequent acquittal of the Officers the next year in 1992 and, sure enough, turns out he is one of the children of the veil as well with his donor being Russian Ballet Star Rudolf Nureyev.


All of this was timed to coincide with the apex of the Gangsta Rap movement so it is no surprise that at least one of these rappers, Eazy E, being Straight outta Compton here in LA, was also probably one of the children of the veil with his donor being an architect from here in California by the name of William Pereira, but when the targeted date came and went they decided to put this Civil War on the back burner for a while, but not totally ditch the idea so they sired another child from the veil, as they have done on numerous occasions, with the donors being Eazy himself and very possibly Jesse Jackson who appears on Time for the birth of Eazy's son the Prince of Compton who is just now trying to bring about a "Rebirth of Gangsta Rap" just in time for the possible election of the first African American President. Then they probably faked Easy's death under the guise of a very rapid case of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome first diagnosed in the early 80's because it was man made according to Lyn Horrowitz and others) just after he got done meeting with the Grand Master of the Intelligence (I use that term very lightly) Community, Mr. Skull and Bones Poppy Bush himself who, apparently, introduced the Gangstas to the Masonic Alphabet according to some of their fans.


Clarence Dillon graces the cover of Time at the birth of African American Presidential Candidate Barak Obama with visions of racial war dancing through the Insiders' heads utilizing the Presidency if he wins the election this year. This one is important for a secondary reason and that is because it shows us that it is not just the Biblical Prophecies that these people are trying to fulfill, but all the Apocalyptical Prophecies from various sources around the Globe one of which states that America will give its Power to the Blacks and apparently the Insiders place much on this one because it is from a German Visionary who, by the way, probably saw me cause I read his works when someone posted them on another forum similarly to the Hopi Prophecies. It is this German Prophecy of Alois Irlmaier that mentions some deadly poisonous Yellow Lines floating down from the sky that assuredly prompted the invention and production of the Chemtrail phenomena and that solely to fulfill those predictions with Weather Modification being a secondary result.


Nikita Khrushchev during the darkness of the Cold War gave silent testimony to the birth of the author John Grisham. This reveals the fact that at the top of the Insider World Pyramid, all the Insiders are working together for a common goal regardless of how they pretend to be at war with one another. That this world is run by an Elite group of Insiders at the top is not only attested to by the words of leading world politicians themselves, but it is also attested to in the Book of Daniel in his chapter on the Four Beasts where They told the World's second greatest Super Power called Russia, represented by the Bear to rise and devour flesh, which reached its apex in the Cuban Missile Crises when they tried to get Khrushchev and Kennedy to go nuclear and, failing that, they assuredly developed a set of trigger words from the experience and the protocols that were used by both sides, that they could use to brainwash two Presidential Manchurian Candidates for use in a similarly staged situation in the future.


John Dulles a notable Insider was assuredly the donor for Mr. Denzel Washington who has played in some interesting movies which, as I have stated, could be called Signatures of the Insiders by a Criminologist. In De Ja Vu the government is able to see into the future by a special camera set up much as some of my listeners can see the future through my eyes. This machine is rumored to exist and is actually known as the Chronovisor according to François Brune in his book The Vatican’s New Mystery supposedly built by the Italian priest and scientist Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti with the help of "Twelve Mysterious Men" who were also in the Tunnel when Princess Diana was killed August 31, 1997 according to one eye witness who was driving through the Tunnel at the time. This viewer was actually built at the very time of my birth with both of the above mentioned Popes involved somehow in its construction and the listener should just ponder the interesting coincidence that the Vatican, who has possession of the Shroud of Turin, also has been fingered as owning and controlling a machine that can see into the future. As I told one individual - myself having worked in Telecommunications with the Air Force for four years - the only way they could build a receiver that could record a signal from the future is if they have a transmitter in the future that can send its signal into the past and this is only possible through the Spirit of God so what they have done is build a receiver that can pick up on people's specific brain frequency known as the Theta Wavelength - your's truly in particular - which they then integrate with other transmitters and receivers via the Tetra Mast Arrays in a real time human machine Matrix which is assuredly the main objective of Project Blue Beam which then went on line sometime shortly after Theoferrum and I believe that this is the source for the Background Hum that many people including myself have reported hearing starting in the 80's in England and the 90's in the States.


General Allenby was the donor for none other than the most famous Monarch of them all to date and that is John F. Kennedy and this is where they got the original idea for Time Magazine because, when I realized he was one of the children and checked his birth year of 1917, I realized immediately that the man who took Jerusalem from the Turks was the prime contender for being the donor and found a picture of Allenby on a copy of The War Illustrated and when I compared the two there was no doubt in my mind that they were related and thus the people who published that cover, including Allenby himself, probably saw me and decided to commission a new magazine to record the birth, progress and destiny of the Children of the Veil. The reason I believe they faked JFK's death on November 22, 1963 by killing his Double is because they wanted to fake his resurrection so they could have him appear to the four boys complete with Eastern Massachusetts' accent about four years later about the time, I would imagine, when they 'killed' his brother Robert Kennedy in June of 1968 right here in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel (their old man was known as the Ambassador) shortly before my mother had a nervous breakdown for some strange reason and ended up spending some time in a Psycho Ward over in Burlington and they did this to mimic conditions we would have grown up under had we been born Two Thousand Years ago, after Y'shua's resurrection.


Now, as stated, these are just a few of the Donors that I have found on the cover of Time Magazine - I have over 40 of them discovered to date and the listener can easily verify these matches for themselves. Let the listener consider that it is doubtful that Time Magazine would spend their resources bragging about the birth of some Insider's bastard child, and at once there remains no explanation for all these similarities other than what I have shown here some of which contain similarities in dates, where at least two donors died on the birthday of their respective Monarch linking the two together which is pretty much an admission by the Insiders of what I have said here.


A Picture is worth a thousand words...


The Monarch :


In my case they went with 24 donors from the Human Kingdom which is actually reflected in the 24 Elders who encircle the Throne in Heaven who were not there in the days of Isaiah but showed up sometime after the resurrection and since the Throne of Heaven being a tangible symbol of the very Nature of God himself this, then, indicates a change that occurred in the Godhead around that time and the only explanation for this is the Hypostatic Union between Y'shua and myself where he also experienced a small change in the spirit at Theoferrum, which was reflected in his body instantaneously at his resurrection which is why the disciples had a hard time recognizing him after that event and thus my donors and their DNA became a part of his own DNA and was reflected in the inclusion of the 24 Elders around his throne.


Now, I have been led to believe, and I have found it to be true by certain idiosyncrasies that we have in common, that one of the donors for my rehydration process was none other than JFK himself in their effort to continue with their Messiah of the Master Race plan. Because they used so many donors, they chose to picture this using 12 symbolic men on the June 6, 1963 Cover at the time of our conception instead of at the time of our birth as they also did with Ted Kennedy's son and I would suspect that this was so that I would never figure out any of this since the Photographic Evidence is so conclusive in this regard.


They also included 24 donors from the Animal Kingdom and I debated whether or not to include this information here but decided that I would with the sure knowledge that eventually this truth would be revealed to the world and that is that the source of the donor fluid from the animal kingdom was a Sperm Bank that was included, along with Adam's Body, in Noah's Ark which was discovered by the Insiders in the 50's and completely raided by them by December of 1968 when the National Geographic Society presented a body to the Smithsonian Institute from the Ararat Expedition according to eyewitness David Duckworth who was an Employee of the Museum at that time when his co-worker by the name of Al Marak (spelling) told him a joke about Adam's Body like an Orange not having a Navel which is another version of the same joke told to myself by my Math Teacher named Buckley who is cousins of William F. Buckley Jr where this second joke states that Adam's body, sans the belly button, was found in the ice during an expedition. It is probably not a coincidence that William Buckley had connections to Yale who worked with the National Geographic Society in their expedition to Peru and that just four days before he kicked the bucket in February of 2008, the Society called for Yale to return the artifacts to Peru like the Smithsonian should return Adam's Body to Turkey indicating that Buckley Jr was the one that told my Math Teacher the Adam Joke.


But, for now, the listeners proof can be found, not only in the recent Scientific Discovery that every man on the earth came from one man whom they named Y-chromosomal Adam and whom was found in 1997 by Peter Underhill at Stanford University and at the same time by Mike Hammer at the University of Arizona and that every woman on the earth came from one woman whom they named Mitochondrial Eve and who was apparently found in 1987 by Mark Stoneking and Allan Wilson at the University of California, Berkeley (whom, by the way, and probably not coincidentally, are the people responcible for Los Alamos), but also the listner's proof can be found in the recent discovery of a "Lost Paradise" that was found in New Guinea February 8, 2006 as reported by the Guardian where the animals displayed "no fear of man" indicating that the sperm bank was filled before the flood when Y'hova put the fear of man into the animal kingdom that Noah, according to the Book of the Bee took Adam's Body and other valuable objects and placed them in the center of the Ark and that the Insiders then took those seeds and artificially inseminated the hosts in a controlled experiment Jurassic Park style to try and recreate the Garden of Eden and they released the 'discovery' to the News at the very time I was considering their inclusion thus confirming my suspicions (exactly as they did with the 2000 year old seed from an extinct palm tree when I was researching the 2000 year old seed on the Shroud) and the purpose of all this was to try and counteract the goodness of my actual Sire for, apart from producing the Master Race, the primary goal of the Monarch Project, as previously stated, is to produce their version of the Messiah which Christians would call the Antichrist and who is also known as the Beast - "Who is like unto the Beast and who is able to make war with him?" - now I guess you all know the answer to that question, don't you?


The process that I have described above, that I went through in my personal Quest to find out exactly who I am, was actually portrayed by the Insiders in the latest Bourne Ultimatum Movie - almost point for point - where he was on a similar Quest for his true Identity which brought him through CIA Headquarters via Turin (Spain but designed to be connected to Turin, Italy and the home of the Shroud) and the MKULTRA Program and he finally discovers that he was the Prototype for the Project and that his true name is David which the listener should know by now is my name and the use of this signature in that movie can not be coincidence.


The reason why the Insiders chose me over the thousands of other Monarchs born from the Veil is because they also have seen me back in time and that most notably at the time of the translation of the King James Version in 1611 where the translators could actually see me when I read their version to the point that they actually addressed the Epistle of Dedication to myself and not King James, which some pious saints have pointed out, due to the very lofty praise included therein, could not possibly have been directed at him, so the translators used the title James symbolically to refer to myself, for this is derived from Jacob who is the leader of Israel in the end days who is also known as Crown Prince David by Jeremiah, Hosea and Ezekiel and one of the translators actually called it the King Jacob Translation to indicate this symbolic application.


The Frontispiece of the KJ Version reflects the Epistle of Dedication where they refer to the "Undoubted Title" (note the reference to my middle name) that they saw me looking for called Theoferrum and if you look at the picture you will see that all the Saints in the background are "holding the sword in readiness for when your patience is complete" to render vengeance on their enemies, "this right hath all the saints" and that is exactly what Theoferrum and the Apocalypse (the unveiling) is referring to - the birth of the Angel of Y'hova who, as the Male Child of Revelation 12 is the Son of Y'shua made like unto his Sire to meet out God's Vengeance on the enemies of the Theocratic Kingdom as Captain of Y'hova's Host. For any Theologians out there, Barnabas (writer of Hebrews) tells us emphatically that Y'shua is the Son and is higher than all the angels and, therefore, he can not be the Angel of Y'hova which is a servant's position and since the Scriptures from start to finish emphatically state that no man has seen God at anytime proving that every occurance of Y'hoav in the Word is, in fact, an appearance of Y'shua himself, then this relationship is what the Stone Kingdom (myself) and Mountain Kingdom (Y'shua) of Daniel (chapter 2) is referring to for Y'shua is Y'hova and the word Stone in Hebrew is Ben and also means a son which is then proven by Agur's question as to who the Messiah is (who ascended up to heaven) and what was his son's name in Proverbs 30.


The Insiders then got wind of this person who could be seen in the spirit and realized he was going to be born from the Shroud so they built the Sindone Chapel for the Shroud starting in 1666 with the arrival of the architect in the city at which time they began to try and "fulfill the vision" and start Armageddon with Shabbatai Tzvi a false Messiah who claimed to be the son of God and when that failed, they awaited their time until they were able to perform the experiments that resulted in my birth and this was because of the other major goal of the Monarch Project.


After they had seen me in the spirit looking like the Angel in Revelation Chapter One - "The Sun in his Strength" according to the translators - they then decided that they would try and gain control of me and started out with Hitler as the guinea pig test case for them who was forced through the brainwashing system that became known as MKULTRA in its final stages during which they streamlined the art of trying to turn someone's brain to mush in preparation to design the ultimate Antichrist - one of the Children of Jesus Christ totally under their control.


This brainwashing system was explained to Hoover by Allen Dullis, Director of the CIA in a letter dated the 25th of April in 1956, in which the Targeted Individual was psychologically traumatized to the point where he totally depended upon his tormentors for everything and was then willing to adopt a "new belief system" and subsequently be totally controlled by his handlers which system was then sumned up elsewhere as, "a new but ancient form of mind-control" that had been "reborn through Project Monarch."


It is this system that the Insiders are trying to force each and every Monarch through, whether an unknown, such as myself, or someone who has risen to a prominent position in their system and, by the way, this is the same type of torture that the prisoners at Guantanamo are being subjected to insomuch that at least one of them tried to chew through the artery in his arm and bleed to death rather then submit to their new belief system. That is something that an animal will do to get out of a trap (and this very comment of mine was incorporated by the Insiders in the 2007 movie Beowulf just for my benefit) and it should shock the listener to know that I can relate to that prisoner very well, which shows you the extent of torture they are putting many of the Monarchs through in order to reach their goal and one of the Monarchs, whose donor was actually Hitler himself, has correctly stated that these prisoners from the Second Iraq War (2003 to present) are being turned into Fanatical Muslim Manchurian Terrorists which is the only logical explanation for their continued torture when it has been proven - and admitted - that torture almost never yields Intelligence Information of any strategic value.


In my case, it is paramount that they first gain control psychologically and then they want to then try and guide me into remembering what it was like to be God in the Flesh via an obscure and unproven theory called Inherited Memory which the Monarch Butterfly supposedly possesses (which signature occurs in a lot of movies like the Island, Total Recall and Silence of the Lambs to name a few) and thus have me clothe myself with Deity making my blood divine and then they actually want to give themselves blood transfusions (see Blade and their latest attempt Skin Walkers all of which are the concept behind Vampirism) in the hopes that they themselves would become God just like the Mormon Church Teaches which they would then go on to use to try and lift the entire human race into a (rebellious) higher plain in accordance with the Cardinal Doctrine of the New Age movement and the Order of the Rosicrucians, assuredly utilizing the previously mentioned technology from Project Blue Beam with myself hooked up to all the Monarchs who themselves are hooked up to all the commoners in the hopes that when I make the transition this information will then cascade down to all the other Monarchs - presumably all under the Insiders' Control - and from there to all the commoners resulting in an instantaneous army of 'god' men, and this is actually their most important goal because they know it is the only way they could win the war against Y'hova and Y'shua and, if they lose, they know that they will be spending eternity in the Lake of Fire.


That this is their ultimate goal and has been for centuries can be gleaned from John Robison's 1798 work, Proofs of a Conspiracy revealing the Bavarian Illuminati' also known as the Jacobins which is used, obviously, as a symbolic name, and their plan for a then global government starting with America which he says will be achieved by these people using a charismatic leader who is able to channel the emotions and predudices of any group of peoples that blindly worship mystical objects in general and when once this ball has been set in motion, "even the engineer himself cannot say, 'Thus far shalt thou go and no farther.'"


What is further revealed by this author is that he quotes Y'hova himself from the book of Job which statement was heard and taken as an afront by Eliphaz who I believe was Lamech (as was Hiram the original Widow's Son and probably Herod and the King of Tyre as well as others through the years, which we discover from signatures in use through the centuries) and in the process gave us their plan of trying to assault the gates of heaven itself at the head of an Army of godmen who had been lifted to this higher plain of existence. You will note that the statement by that author does not capitalize the Engineer and says that even He couldn't stop this rebellion, which could be considered a blasphemous statement and which leads me to believe that John was actually Illuminati and that he was publishing their Masonic beliefs under the guise of exposing them which is kind of a reverse psychology indoctrination of sorts, which beliefs, apparently, are embodied in the Jacobian Illuminati Order of the Quest.


It is, therefore, no coincidence that the major Masonic organization that they are using to accomplish these goals is the Higher Archy of the Mormon Church and the listener may be interested to know that at the time this country was trying to build up its nuclear arsenal, the uranium that it needed was sitting on Mormon Land and the Leaders used that as a foot in the door of the American Government by insisting that the major intelligence agencies - including those already listed in this post - be required to hire Mormons to fill their ranks - most of them knowing a second language being the incentive - and from there they have basically taken control of the entire government for all practical purposes which is why both Senior Presidential Adviser Carl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney have affiliation with the Church and this year we have our first Politician - Romney - running for the Presidency from the same religion here in 2008.


It would also further the interest of the reader to know that the Mormon Church has also been commissioned to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem when it is to be built and which they want to use to force the World to worship their Mind Controlled Messiah and this shows you how pervasive their plan is for their New World Order out of Global Chaos and explains why the Mormon Church is the fastest growing religion in the world because the people who run the world are pouring their billions into it to fulfill their goals all of which they concisely summed up in a Headline from the Times of London Online Edition on Passover of 2006 calling me the High Priest of the Latter Day Geneticists.


The Ironic part of all this is when we realize that Y'hova knew their plans in advance and made a contingency plan against it and that is the fact that the Insiders themselves, when they gave me my Child Immunization Shots, laced with Mercury are also responsible for giving me Asperger Syndrome which is a High Functioning Autism aggravated by the Mercury and, in the process, ensured their own failure for there is nothing Y'hova loves more than to take the Simple things to confound the crafty and Y'hova and Y'shua have decided to take a stubborn kid with autism and clothe him with divinity because of Theoferrum to become the Angel of Y'hova to destroy the Kingdom of Wickedness and their plans for their New World Order will come to naught.


As if signifying this, the listener who may have doubted everything that has been stated so far will be interested to know that, one year after my birth and exactly eleven days before my first birthday, Pope Paul VI closed the Second Vatican Council by giving away the Papal Tiara to "the poor" of America and discontinued the practice of Crowning the Vicar of Christ and there are only two reasons why they would have discarded this Thousand Year Old Royal Tradition and that is if Jesus Christ himself returned circa 1964, which, of course, we know he did not which then leaves only one other possibility.


He had an Heir born in America at that time...


Conclusion :


So, somewhere along the way I realized that I am telepathic and, further, that I am reverse clairvoyant and that back through time and that people can see me through pre-recorded media and since I know my websites are being blacklisted and since I believe this information must get out to the common people - it is assuredly already known by the management and higher class of this country as well as, perhaps, all the other countries in this world - I decided that I would compile this summary and keep it current and read it every once and a while so any new listeners can be brought up to speed. And then continue to move about the country as a Homeless Person making telepathic connection with as many people as possible to insure everyone's security.


In this regard the listener can also assist in getting this information out themselves, by telling their family and friends about it - your proof can be in identifying current events through my eyes and telling your family what is going to happen and then, when it occurs, you will have the proof that you are not crazy, but can actually see me in the future.


Your information could be augmented with thumbnail copies of the Time Cover and Monarch thus sired for impact as well as an admonition to check the facts for themselves if they doubt all this, as well as possibly a personal testimony from yourself explaining things from your perspective.


So, in this way, and perhaps others, the information would get out which would be the best way to insure everyone's safety as well as proving to the world that Y'shua is Messiah the Son of Y'hova and that he can be trusted with our faith and is worthy of our worship for the only way that any of the Monarchs could have been born 2,000 years after the fact is if Y'shua is, in fact, God's only begotten Son - verily God in the Flesh as he claimed to be.


I would wish the listeners GodSpeed.




David T. Hill


Post Scripts :


This one took me slightly by surprise.


A bourne is from the French and is a brook but it is also a boundary and, further, a goal.


You know, like the end of a Quest.


After I decided that this letter would be too long to send out in a chain letter, I decided on May 9, 2008 to see just how long it was and I averaged about 20 words a line and 50 lines a page for a total of about 10 pages which figures out to about 10,000 words.


This brought to my mind something Paul had said and I looked up the verse in 1 Cor 14:19 and, sure enough, he mentioned exactly 10,000 words letting me know that, even if he still can't understand English after seven years, he could still see me and he was contrasting those 10,000 words with the 5 words that I spoke to Y'shua at Theoferrum which, to him, meant more then this entire letter.


You are Y'shua bar Y'hova...


Monday, May 19, in the Year of our Lord 2008 @ 3:20 PM Pacific Time, Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.


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