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Topic: Telepathy

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Some people may be a little skeptical about the concept of Telepathy however, it is my opinion that before the flood most adults were telepathic but that was lost through the fall and subsequent deluge when the barometric pressure was cut in half and people went from using about 90-100% of their brain to just using, supposedly, about 10% of their brain. This is probably how the serpent talked to Eve as well as the Donkey to Balaam and I believe that one day this will be restored during the Millinium.


What most people do not realize is that many of the "Bloodliners" from the Monarch Project state, matter-of-factly and emphatically, that they are telepathic and thus, I am not the exception, but the rule for them.


Further, to show that I am telepathic back through time, on one of my MSN Groups I actually recorded a conversation I was having in real time, with someone who posted on one of my threads on the Godlike Production Forum back in like August of 2006.


If you were just to take the comments that he made without knowing this, then there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to his posts and, in fact, one person specifically asked him why he was posting all this useless information.


However, when you read the Thread below, where I kept a running total of the conversation, he answers probably a score or more of my questions in perfect order as I asked them (that would be 20 Factorial to 1 odds) which, then, renders his posting perfectly logical and you can easily see that he and I were having a Telepathic Conversation and that back through time.


Further, at one point, he posted a Conch Shell that circles in on itself and what he was trying to say to me was that, when I take a break (smoke) and come back, that he then can see two (or more) of me and that the 'conversation' keeps repeating so twice he had someone else log on and answer my questions by diverting me to two other threads.


Now, that thread started with research into the Monarch Project so I have taken the start of the conversation and placed it on its own thread on this Message Board under the Title of Time Telepathic Conversation.


The Reader can also refer to my post on the King James's Translation now entitled the Authorized Vision.


And, finally, even without the above you have the capabilities now to make Microwave transmitters and receivers that work of the Theta Wavelength of the Brain and are capable of transmitting and receiving audio and video right into a person's brain.  The affect is almost audible and many of the people who have been hearing voices in their heads are probably being influenced by this technology.


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