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Topic: Damage Control

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Damage Control


Damage Control




I would guess that the Lady 'Ex' Spook who is now a Lawyer who sues the CIA on a regular basis should be able to verify the Modus Operandi of the CIA concerning most of the points above and if I find her website I will post it here.




This is as close as I got and I posted a comment but I doubt it will be included.


So, I got to thinking about this last night - note the name of her book.


The chances are great that many of the people that - as a Lawyer who now specializes in suing the CIA - she would end up representing would, in fact, be the Monarch Victims so it is no coincidence that she called her book, "Piercing the Veil" which is a shadowy referrence to the Veil that all the Monarch Victims - the Bloodliners - were sired from.


In other words, just like Richard Tomlinson is still working for MI6, this lady, in my opinion, is running damage control for the CIA in referrence to all the victims of the Monarch Project and the MKULTRA Program.


The message I left said something to the effect of, "I wonder if the distinquished lady from the CIA has ever tried to pierce the Veil surrounding the Monarch Project which is under the Umbrella of the MKULTRA Program."


Course, one other possibility is that she caught wind of the Monarch Project and tried to do something about it and got canned so she hinted at the existence of the Project.


I personally doubt it, but that remains a possibility.


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