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Topic: Going Postal

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Going Postal


2007-09-10 Originally Published as Modus Operandi


The quote below comes from Ronald Roose who is now deceased and he talks about the abuses he suffered as a Postal Employee. However, what he did not realize is that this is not limited to the Postal Service but every major business that I have had dealings with - they all use this same procedure. The classic example, from my perspective, is the RTD Company here in Denver. There is a free mall ride on the 16th street mall which I ride from time to time and I have had threats of every kind thrown at me from most, if not all, of the employees including one of the security guards who 'threatened' to pull his gun out and shoot me. He, of course, just happened to mention this to his buddy as I walked by but he made sure I heard him. Anyways, Ronald's account below is not the exeption, it is the Rule and I would recommend his account for an overview of what most, if not all, of the Monarch Victims have to endure on a daily basis.


However, as Robert Duncan verified, it is pointless to try and change the system or seek justice through that system, as Mr. Roose suggested at the end of his post for he did not realize the extent of the corruption or, most importantly, none of the Monarch's other than myself have realized the real reason for the Project and the fact that the Bloodliners are the Children of Y'shua from the Shroud.


First, a word about the postal inspectors and their tactics: the postal service has it's own police force, known as the postal inspectors or the inspection service. While their stated mission is to "safe-guard the mails", all too often, their activities are, decidedly, less noble. They are the "enforcers" and they carry out the dirty work of the postal service. Their tactics are shiftless and reprehensible. When an employee is targetted for harassment, the postal inspectors entice and entrap, in wrongdoing, co-workers and friends who associate with the targetted employee, and threaten and coerce these others into participating in harassment activities against that employee, as the price they must pay to save their own necks. For example, an employee would be enticed into misconduct for which he could be fired; then the postal inspectors would threaten to have that employee fired, unless he participates in harassment activities against the targetted co-worker. And so the targetted employee finds himself besieged by an army of co-workers participating in harassment activities against him, while the postal inspectors sit back and watch their handiwork. These tactics of threats and coercion are not confined to the work-floor, but expand to include friends and associates of the targetted employee, outside of his employment. The use of threats and coercion by the postal inspectors is a matter that is well documented by my union, the American Postal Workers Union.


Then there is the matter of the nature of the harassment the targetted employee is subjected to: the postal service intentionally harasses the targetted employee in a bizarre manner so as to make his complaints unbelievable, and to portray him as mentally unbalanced. At times, the postal inspectors engage in elaborately staged "head-games", calculated to lead the targetted employee to come to mistaken, delusional conclusions. And so the besieged employee has a difficult time in differentiating between what is actual harassment, and what is just a bogus head-game. What the inspectors are most interested in, is to get the targetted employee to utter complaints that mimic the type of complaints made by a mentally ill person. ?id=46e5ee1e11&Catid=46dde5bb3#m46e5ee1e11


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