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Mind Control Forum




The Lady who is now running the Mind Control Forum banned me for absolutely no apparent reason - or the government hacked her site and banned me.


I suspect that most, if not all, of the people that regularly post on that forum are spooks who are there solely to control the real victims so that they don't interact and it is possible that the Forum itself is just a 'baby sitting service' for any victims that show up with the sole goal of making sure nothing gets accomplished.


The Victims account below may be real or may be from spooks - let the reader beware.


Editor's Note : September 5, 2007 : In other words, the Mind Control Forum was started and is currently maintained by the very people responcible for perpetrating the torture on the victims - which is why it was started by a guy named Light which is just an admission of being an Illuminati - and they are trying to keep the victims isolated from each other and from any thing being accomplished - this is their way of controlling the situation.


The Title of the Forum tells you what their goals are.


She banned me when I started telling people who the Monarchs really were, if memory serves - I think I mention this in my post on the Monarch Report.


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