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Topic: Bush's Kissing Cousin!

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Bush's Kissing Cousin!


Below is a lady that, lo and behold, when I went homeless here in Denver all of a sudden contacted me and invited me down to her house in the Springs area for Thanksgiving of 2003 and I ended up staying until Jan 1 of 04.

Turns out her husband is a cousin of Dubya and I find this not to be a coincidence and, therefore, this lady is a spook. On a personal note, I have had some spooky types email me before on two separate occasions and they liked using the ... alot in their email, as she does below.

Anyways, her interpretation was that this new group would be the ten kings of the dream he had.

So, tell me, what is a spook doing pushing a end of the world News Story and Agenda?

Anita Bush (12 Dec 2003) "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream"

Dear John and Doves,

I forward daily news out to another list and came across a very profound news article which could well related directly to Daniel 2 and the "Great Image"...

Please share this news article with everyone...

This is so meaningful to us as Watcher's of the Word...

In His Grace, Anita

Muslim, EU states affirm solidarity By Andrew Borowiec

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published December 9, 2003

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Ten Muslim and European countries with a combined population of 238 million have implemented an ambitious plan to build an economic, political and cultural bridge across the Mediterranean Sea.

They described it as a "challenge and opportunity" to overcome differing levels of development and political differences and turn the Mediterranean into "a sea of peace."

At least for the time being, difficulties have been put aside amid euphoric statements that followed last week's summit and adoption of a "Tunis Declaration," which is intended to guide of the destiny of the western Mediterranean.

French President Jacques Chirac hailed the agreement as "historic." Italian President Silvio Berlusconi described it as paving the way to a "permanent dialogue between Europe and Islam."

The summit participants included five European countries -- Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and the island of Malta -- and five Muslim states on the southern side of the sea -- Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.


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