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Topic: Your Tax Dollars at Work

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Your Tax Dollars at Work




During the course of time that I was researching the Monarch Project, I found the Mind Control Forum where over 500 Victims have left their testimony and, very shortly after I started reading these accounts, I realized that they were spending, literally, billions of dollars on just the Monarch Project over the last forty years and this is something that the other victims have noticed as well as a casual reading of the Testimonies on this Message Board will easily verify.


I started a thread on that subject on that forum - who subsequently banned me which was no surprise - and I will salvage it from my email account eventually and post it here, but until then, let me give you an example from one of the other Bloodliners named Mr. Abuse.


I saw several people following me around and keeping an eye on me. They did not seem to hide themselves, they did not in Washington either. In both locations people flipped me the bird. One day in November I woke up to numb mouth, my teeth were cleaned and all the cavities I had were gone. My sister, a dental assistant said they looked like new fillings to here. I was sick a lot during this time, it seems I was being prepared for the treatment.


I was up for several weeks straight, no or little sleep, feeling the different things that a victim feels (not that I did not already know). How they could make a person experience all the feelings that I felt is beyond me. Then they moved into a different phase. It seemed they were trying to adjust my sexual settings in my brain. They told me not to have sex, but I did and told them to get there head out of there asses. I would usually talk to them in the bathroom. That probably was a mistake, but what the HELL. Payment for my comment came later. They have made considerable mistakes since the onset of this, I don’t believe that my comment was out of place. There’s more on that later. During this time I believe they were able to read my thoughts. I’m not sure how they do it.


Sept 98 – Jan 99 I quit my job and got on unemployment. They started bugging me about going back to my previous employer that they claimed hired them for $100,000, I’ve said that is ridicules.


No one can wield this kind of technology and continue for this period of time for that kind of money. ?id=46dde5f911&Catid=46dde5bb3#m46dde5f911



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