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Topic: Allen Dulles to Hoover on Brainwashing American Citizens

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Allen Dulles to Hoover on Brainwashing American Citizens




The information below comes to us from Dave Bader and I have placed it here because I felt it deserved its own thread.



It tells us exactly what they are doing in torturing not only all the commoners, but also all the Bloodliners from the Monarch Project.


In the latter's case, they feel that they must brainwash the Monarchs and give them a new Fascist belief system so that, if one of them ever clothes themselves with the divinity of their old man, the Insiders think that then they will be able to control that individual through this prior brainwashing procedure.


However, the problem with this is that even Dulles admitted that, even if they could render someone to the point where they could accept a new belief system, there is no proof that, in fact, they would.


Now, for my fellow Monarchs, the point is that they need us for everything, and we need them for absolutely nothing.


When you realize that you life comes from Y'hova, then it is impossible for them to replace that belief system and, further, the more attention they give you, the more obvious it is that they need you.


In other words, they are the ones that are being brainwashed, if you think about it, cause, eventually, they will have to admit that they need you or they are toast.


Eternity is a long time to spend in the Lake of Fire, aint' it.


Anyways, in my case, I have already stated, emphatically, that if they get close to succeeding in turning my brain into mush, that I will exercise the Samson Option.


And, as they know, if I die, I'll be taking all of them with me...


Summary :


1) Making the individual aware of control is the first stage in changing his behavior.


Y'shua answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.


 2) Realization of his complete dependence upon the controlling system.


Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Y'hova.


3) Discovery that there is an acceptable solution to his problem is the first stage of reducing the individual's conflict.


Whosoever is a Friend of the World is the Enemy of God...





MEMORANDUM FOR: The Honorable J. Edgar Hoover  Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation


SUBJECT : Brainwashing


The attached study on brainwashing was prepared by my staff in response to the increasing acute interest in the subject throughout the intelligence and security components of the Government. I feel you will find it well worth your personal attention. It represents the thinking of leading psychologists, psychiatrists and intelligence specialists, based in turn on interviews with many individuals who have had personal experience with Communist brainwashing, and on extensive research and testing. While individuals specialists hold divergent views on various aspects of this most complex subject, I believe the study reflects a synthesis of majority expert opinion. I will, of course, appreciate any comments on it that you or your staff may have.


Allen W. Dulles Director





The report that follows is a condensation of a study by training experts of the important classified and unclassified information available on this subject.




Brainwashing, as a technique, has been used for centuries and is no mystery to psychologists. In this sense, brainwashing means involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values. All people are being re-educated continually. New information changes one's beliefs. Everyone has experienced to some degree the conflict that ensues when new information is not consistent with prior belief.


The experience of the brainwashed individual differs in that the inconsistent information is forced upon the individual under controlled conditions after the possibility of critical judgment has been removed by a variety of methods.


There is no question that an individual can be broken psychologically by captors with knowledge and willingness to persist in techniques aimed at deliberately destroying the integration of a personality.


Although it is probable that everyone reduced to such a confused, disoriented state will respond to the introduction of new beliefs, this cannot be stated dogmatically.




There are progressive steps in exercising control over an individual and changing his behavior and personality integration. The following five steps are typical of behavior changes in any controlled individual:


1. Making the individual aware of control is the first stage in changing his behavior. A small child is made aware of the physical and psychological control of his parents and quickly recognizes that an overwhelming force must be reckoned with. So, a controlled adult comes to recognize the overwhelming powers of the state and the impersonal, "incarcerative" machinery in which he is enmeshed. The individual recognizes that definite limits have been put upon the ways he can respond.


2. Realization of his complete dependence upon the controlling system is a major factor in the controlling of his behavior.The controlled adult is forced to accept the fact that food, tobacco,praise, and the only social contact that he will get come from the very interrogator who exercises control over him.


3. The awareness of control and recognition of dependence result in causing internal conflict and breakdown of previous patterns of behavior. Although this transition can be relatively mild in the case of a child, it is almost invariably severe for the adult undergoing brainwashing. Only an individual who holds his values lightly can change them easily. Since the brainwasher-interrogators aim to have the individuals undergo profound emotional change, they force their victims to seek out painfully what is desired by the controlling individual. During this period the victim is likely to have a mental breakdown characterized by delusions and hallucinations.


4. Discovery that there is an acceptable solution to his problem is the first stage of reducing the individual's conflict. It is characteristically reported by victims of brainwashing that this discovery led to an overwhelming feeling of relief that the horror of internal conflict would cease and that perhaps they would not, after all, be driven insane. It is at this point that they are prepared to make major changes in their value-system. This is an automatic rather than voluntary choice. They have lost their ability to be critical.


5. Reintegration of values and identification with the controlling system is the final stage in changing the behavior of the controlled individual. A child who has learned a new, socially desirable behavior demonstrates its importance by attempting to adapt the new behavior to a variety of other situations.


Similar states in the brainwashed adult are











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