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Topic: You know you are a Targetted Individual If...

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You know you are a Targetted Individual If...




1) Many of the Victims are either Homeless, pennyless, or in the poor house of varying degree.


2) Many of the Victims claim that they are Telepathic.


3) Many of them, whether they want to be or not, are Celibate.


4) Surveillance 24/7.


5) Sleep Deprivation due to alarms timed to interrupt train of thought or wake the person up just as they are falling to sleep. This, literally, requires split second timing and thus there is absolutely no doubt that they are reading our thoughts through a Transmitter and Receiver which includes not only near audible communication but also the transmission of images - sometime very crystal clear but mostly in a shadowy form - or thoughts.  This was just brought to the attention of the public (July 17, 2014 AD) via a Department of Defense Document acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.


6) Many of them claim to be Christians regardless of their personal testimony.


7) Attempted control of Dreams by the Perpetraitors.


8) Most, if not all, of the victims accurately describe the effects of a Directed Energy Weapon used upon their persons (similar to #5 above) which includes headaches, cramps, dizziness, itching sensations, dislocation of vertebrae, heart palpitation, inability to concentrate, and various aches and pains throughout the body.  This system probably originated from a portable type in a van then moved to hand held and from there to the Microwave Towers with the final stages in a Satellite where the Targeted Individual would be followed via implanted microchip. This microchip could then be used to individually streamline the torture where it would affect one person but not someone standing directly beside the individual.


9) Most, if not all, of the victims describe the piss pour acting that they have to endure from the 'Commoners'  - what one victim described as Street Theater and what I call a Skinhead Skit.


10) Murders are perpetrated all around each victim on a regular basis so as to give them the feeling that they are in the Eye of the Storm and thus overly important in the greater scheme of things - as was Y'shua.


11) Their Life is Threatened on a regular basis. When I first moved out to Denver, they would, literally, threaten my life any where from three to six times, or more, every day - put up with that for 365 days a year for four years. It ended when I realized that they were not gonna kill their investment.  One Monarch, whose testimony I read on the Mind Control Forum (which is exactly what it claims to be being run, as it is, by the Perpetraitors themselves) wanted to get into the witness protection program because of this and they rejected him making him think he was gonna get killed and then, lo and behold, they told him years later that he was being protected clandestinely. In other words, they don't really want to kill their investments.


12) Many of the victims have met Famous people of some note or other - more so than the average person would. My friend Christopher (who, turns out, is a spook) met the man who targeted the HAARP Program, Magnus has met Richard Reid, Litty is not only a Rothschild, she has met the guy from the Twilight Zone, one of my roommates in the Air Force grew up with Billy Graham's son, etc. Shortly after I went homeless here in Denver, I was invited to the Springs area for thanksgiving by someone who is married to one of Bush Jr's cousins.


13) Many of the victims state that they have made Miraculous Recoveries or that they have been told that they "should have died" and this makes absolutely no sense with most of these points until you realize that they want us to think we are 'gods' and they want us to 'cloth ourselves with deity' due to their Mormonistic Apocalyptic Androgynistic Philosophy.  Most of the Perpetraitors are Mormons who work for the CIA (the main recruitment center for the Company being Salt Lake City for this very reason).


14) This one is the tell tale one - many of us record that the perps consider us the Holy Grail and this only makes sense if we are the Children of Him who made the Holy Grail famous, huh. The most notable one of the victims for this is Litty herself for the Rothschilds have actually called her the Holy Grail.


15) Many of the victims report that there is unusual occurrences in the Natural Realm around them - earthquakes, hail storms, thunderstorms etc. I have recorded mine in my post on the Eye of the Storm which is exactly the attitude the perps want us to develop and Magnus has recorded his under his section the Earth is Strange (Author's Note : July 17, 2014 AD : Unfortunately his website is now defunct and I no longer have that account) and I have shown that many of these are probably a result of the HAARP Program.


16) For whatever the stupid little fairy reason, they want all the Bloodliners to believe in UFO'S and I have shown on my post on the Eye of the Storm that the FBI shot a missile over my head when I was a teenager and had one of their sons try and convince me it was a UFO. See my posts on the Eye of the Storm, the FBI in Vermont and my Letters to Mr. Marquise.


17) Many of us have determined that this psychological torture is ultimately a Federal Project. I personally have confronted about four of five of them that admitted that they were CIA. Ronald Roose's testimony is the most clear cut being that the Postal Company is a Federally controlled organization (Now you know why all those Postal Employees went Postal), as well as David's who is also a Postal Account.  Both of them think that it was their fault that they got 'involved' with the law when, in fact, almost assuredly they - and thousands of others - were set up on purpose.  They wanted me to think that I had come to the Insiders attention via my trip to Israel in 1998 however, the fact that they had the FBI spying on me via one of their sons proves that they knew all about me from the time I was born and have been surrounding me with spooks from that point in time till now and I have actually been able to determine, over the last four years, that the CIA spooks out here in Denver get paid on the first Friday of every month and they seem to rotate people around about every quarter of the year for whatever the reason.


Conclusion : I would remind the reader that when this list gets up to 17 points of congruity that it is impossible to consider it a coincidence and, therefore, it must all be done by design implicating the Government of the United States and Great Britain - including the Monarchy - in crimes against free citizens. For more on this aspect see my post on Probability Singularity.


Thus we see that in fact the Monarch Project is still active, regardless of what 'umbrella' it falls under and that should be a source of worry and interest to the average citizen for they have spent billions of dollars on this 'master race' project and they did so for a reason and the last time they tried to produce the 'Master Race' they started World War II.


The next one will be the last one...


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