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Topic: Los Alamos and Blue Mountain

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Los Alamos and Blue Mountain




This installation has been in the News several times in recent years - many due to extreme security breaches on numerous occasions which security is the responcibility of Berkley in California, if memory serves.


Anyways, it has also been connected to my researches various Times - the movie Twins occurs at Los Alamos as the organization responcible for their birth, etc.


Well the other day I read "Simple Genesus" by David Baldacci and on page 204 he mentions that the Super Computer at Los Alamos is called, Blue Mountain.


The reason this is interesting to myself is that on my land back in Vermont on top of the hill we have a picture perfect view of Blue Mountain.


This is the mountain that they named the Grade School and High School that they built just in time for me to attend first grade in it in 1971.

Los Alamos started out as the location for the Manhattan Project under the authority of the US Army and one of the quotes in the Reference Section tells us that the Monarch Project was originally commissioned by the Army.


So what the deal is is that the Air Force got Germany's physicists to develope their propulsion systems and the Navy and OSS/CIA got the Psychologits from the Nazies to start up their stupid Mind Control Projects and the Army got their Biologists to start up a Bio Weapons project but, it were these same Biologists who would have performed the rehydration experiments so they got the Monarch Project itself and all the MKULTRA sub projects are just to give the Monarchs "imperial conditioning" but the Army has the final word concerning all of them.

That is why the movie twins occurs at Los Alamos - the home of America's Atomic Bomb...

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