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Topic: The Cave of Treasures

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The Cave of Treasures


I came across an archaic book on the net via the Dictionary of Symbolism called, "The Cave of Treasures" which is apparently an ancient preflood account. It is similar to "The Book of Adam" and "The Book of the Bee" and I believe that they all originated from a common source and were subsequently embellished with various religious traditions. But, if we cut through the additions we can get down to the basic original manuscript,which very well could be an ancient eyewitness account from before the flood - remember that most cultures have a flood account and this is then not so hard to believe. This supports my post on Adam's body in several remarkable points. The quotes below, that I thought might be of interest are taken from off the net and in turn are from the transcript at the British Museum Add. 25875 and I have included some of my comments in brackets.

The quotes below support my post on Adam's Body in Noah's Ark in several particulars.

1) The Body was encased in resin.
2) Beautiful Alabaster Coffin made.
3) Originally housed in a 'cave' on a 'mountain'.
4) Noah took the body into the ark with him but not Eve's body.

5) The ark was originally built in a White Oak forest in the plains of Shinar which is what the book "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark" stated.
6) Noah left the body in the ark as did Shem and his descendants and even the above prohibition of entrance into the ark is continued to this day by the people that live in the area and who know where the ark is, for they make it a point of steering 'searchers' away from the real location, unless they feel that the person is reverent and honest enough. This explains many of the various 'findings' of the ark.

"In the Days of Seth the knowledge of books went forth in the earth." (Book of the Bee chapter 18)

"But command thy [Adam's] sons, and order them to embalm thy body after thy death with [the resin from] myrrh, cassia and stakty." (Book of the Cave of Treasures Fol 7b,Col 1)

"And when Adam was dead, his son Seth embalmed him, according as Adam had commanded him. And they took Adam's body up to the top of the Mountain [pyramid] and buried it in the Cave of Treasures." [The Kings Chamber] (Fol 9a, Col 1)

"And God said unto Noah, 'make for thyself an ark for the saving of the children of thy house and build it below in the encampment of the children of Cain [plains of Shinar]." (Fol 14a, Col 1)

"Take thy wife, and thy sons, and the wives of thy sons and get down from this holy mountain. And take with thee the body of our [Methuselah's] father Adam. Set the body of Adam in the middle of the ark and lay these offerings upon him." (Fol 15b, Col 1)

"Shem made a splendid coffin to hold the body of Adam." (The Book of Adam pg iii.16)

"And when the days of mourning [Methuselah] had passed, Noah went into the Cave of Treasures. And Noah carried the body of our father Adam and Eve [The Book of Adam does not mention Eve] and went forth from the Cave of Treasures." (Fol 16a, Col 2)

"And in this wise they came down and they wept with great sorrow and shed scalding tears and suffering sorely they descended to the plain. And Noah went into the ark and deposited the body of Adam in the middle thereof and he placed these offerings upon it." (Fol 16b, Col 2 and Fol 17a, Col 1)

"The Book of Adam says that he [Noah] was buried on the mountain on which the ark rested. The same authority states (iii. chapter 14) that the ark was closed during the days of Noah, but that Noah went into it every evening to light the lamp which he had made,and which burned before the body of Adam."

"And Shem gave commands unto his brethren and said unto them, 'My brethren, my father made me swear that neither I, nor any of your descendants, should go into the ark' and he sealed the ark with his seal and said unto them, 'let no man go near it.'" (Fol 21a, Col 1)


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