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Topic: The Masonic Apron

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The Masonic Apron


I had this all researched and typed up but now its all lost so I will give a real quick summary based on a common sense approach of the Scriptures, Constellations, Mythologies, Book of Jasher and the book The Spear of Destiny.


The simple fact is that the Apron of Masonry is simply referring to the Loincloths that Y'hova gave to Adam and Eve.


These were passed down through the years in the blessed lineage and ended up with Noah.


Ham found Noah drunk and 'bought' Adam's Loincloth that Noah was wearing cause he considered it to be his birth rite and that is why Noah did not curse Ham, but his son instead, cause the curse would have adhered to the Loincloth. By the way he bought it through sodomy which is why all the Secret Societies are based upon that practice.


Eve's Loincloth went to Shem and eventually to Abraham who, of course, gave it to Issac.


Esau when looking for Nimrod one day specifically for that Loincloth and the Spear and Sword of Destiny all of which Nimrod had and Esau killed him and grap the spoils and took off running with Nimrod's Heir to the Relics in hot pursuit.


He gets to Jacob and says he needs something to eat cause he's on the run from Nimrod's men and Jacob says, sell me your birth rite - Eve's Loincloth - cause you don't need it anymore you've got Adam's which Esau does and that sets the resonance and shows you the real reason that all of Jacob's descendants are, more or less, good with money cause he obtained Eve's Loin Cloth via Mammon.


Now, one way or another the Loin Cloth of Adam made its way via Esau's descendants to Egypt where it ended up with Pharoah and at the time of the Exodus when the Israelites spoiled the Egyptians, Moses was given this Loin Cloth by Pharoah and the reader will recall that, up to this point in time Y'hova would respond to Moses' supplications but at the Red Sea He asked Moses, why are you asking me - do it yourself (Hill Paraphrase) and this is because Moses was wearing Adam's Loincloth.


This is the Loin Cloth that David stole from Saul - leaving him with the Spear of Destiny that he had taken from Goliath (as well as the Sword of destiny which remained in the First Tabernacle which David then acquired when he fled from Saul) and this is the Loin Cloth that David danced into Jerusalem with when they brought in the Ark and eventually made its way to Solomon where it gets lost to History, if memory serves.


The Spear and Sword of Destiny, according to the version of the book I read which, apparently, is different then the well known was, were hidden in a "pile of rocks" at the time of the flood and this can only be the Pyramid and Nimrod dug them out assuredly on his way to Babylon to excavate that city. After Esau obtained them they somehow made their way into the hands of Goliath who lost them in a fair fight to David.


That should get you going for now and perhaps someday I will finish the story but what it amounts to is that the Masonic Apron always shows both the male and female symbols implying that they now have both Loin Cloths in their possession.


Editor's Note : November 5, 2013 Anno Domini : The Masonic Apron itself is actualy Able's Loincloth from when he was about to get married and was subsequently killed. The Angel would have retreaved the Apron and used it to found York Rite Masonry.

The falsely so-called, "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry" is a Babylonian Corruption that uses the Two Headed Eagle and the Occultic 33*.



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