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Topic: Masons and the Coptic Church

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Masons and the Coptic Church

The Coptic Church uses a Pillow as Furniture in their Liturgy exactly as in York Masonry. Would you like me to tell you the significance of bowing down and kissing the Bible when it is on that Pillow, or would you like to remain the the trash heap ignorance of 'Scottish' Rite Masonry.
Ok, I'll tell ya - in case some people on this forum actually take York Rite Masonry seriously.
In the Old Testament God says that where ever he puts his name he will come unto the Israelites there and bless them.
By putting the Bible which contains God's Name on it, the Spirit of God rests on that Pillow - exactly as in the Coptic Church. Thus, when the candidate bows down and kisses the Bible he is 'kissing' the Spirit of God - in this case the Spirit of Amin - you know, Psalm 2 - "Kiss the Son lest he be angry with you and you perish in the way when His Wrath is kindled just a little bit."
The Coptic Church (that's from Alexandria Egypt for those who are not familiar with it) also uses a three branched Menorah to represent the Trinity, exactly as the Three Candles in Masonic Liturgy.
When John Mark founded the Church in Egypt that they told him that he had returned to them the True Faith - i.e. the Trinity - and they still sing about that today 2000 year later.
Ptah - the Creator Father God where we get the word Paternal from
Mayn - the Holy Spirit and probably the origins for the word Maternal
Amin - The Son.
There is a lot of Masonic Symbolism that is also symbolism in the Coptic Church.

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