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Topic: Osiris and Djoser of Many Names

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Osiris and Djoser of Many Names


Osiris was also called "Lord of many names" (and a panel at Djoser's Complex left several cartouches empty to hide some of Djoser's Names for some reason - Imhotp by Bauval and Bropy).  For instance, the god of the Nile was Hapi pictured with Reeds growing out of his head similar to the image of 'Osiris' on Narmer's Palette and the 'cartouche' for Narmer is a Scepter and a Catfish which makes him Lord of the Nile (catfish being the king of the fish of the nile). It was in this capacity that he became associated with Four Harvest Goddesses (i.e. irrigation from the Nile pictured on the Scorpion King Macehead) which, in fact, are depicted on the 'Scottish' Kilt that Narmer is wearing.

As Asir-Hapi he became known as Serapis - the Ode to Serapis probably contains the original Masonry "additional teaching" for it takes the creation process in its seven degrees and applies it metaphorically to the spiritual body of the 'initiate' or new creation - but this requires further research.

Here is an article on Serapis :

I might as well add here, also, that the Egyptologists call this a Palette due to the circle on the reverse formed by the two Mesopotamian Serpotards however, they admit that it was never used to mix pigments which, then, suggests the Circle is originally used to symbolize the Egyptian God Amin - Ra whose symbol was, in fact, that circle representing the sun. Thus this is nothing less then the oldest Heraldic Device in existence passing all the hallmarks of such as set force in Foxe - Davies book on the Science of Heraldry.

And, finally, His named is spelled in various ways such as Amen, Amun etc but I prefer to spell it the way Ethiopian Christians pronounce it which is Amin - and they bow in reverence when they do so.

If you want a practical experience of a worship service directed to Amin I would suggest an Ethiopian Sunday morning service.

These are the people, by the way, who own the Ark of the Covenant so they know a little bit about the Spirit of the Almighty.


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