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Topic: The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Gospels

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Gospels


In the video I point out that the Egyptian Book of the Dead has several chapters in it that could have come right out of one of the Gospels. One of the Chapters is worshipping three Gods but the most significant chapter in the Book of the Dead is Chapter 153 Coming forth from the Net. What, probably, most people don't realize is that the chapters to the book of the Dead predate Christianity. The significance to all this is that Y'shua's (Amin's) last miracle involved the second draught of Fish which Pete hauled up on shore and they specifically counted the Fish and there were exactly 153 Fish in the Net. Since Y'shua is God in the Flesh and this was a Resurrection Miracle then it is impossible for that to be a coincidence and thus Y'shua was claiming to be the Egyptian God Amin as he does in Revelation ("I am the Amen the Faithfull and True Witness the Beginning of the Creation of God"). He, certainly, was not 'borrowing' or 'stealing' a pagan dieties name but was, in fact, claiming a title that belonged to him (via what most Christians call a 'pre-incarnate' appearance of the Christ).

Thus, the Symbol on the reverse of the Palette is the Symbol of Amin-Ra with the latter name simply meaning 'rays' of the sun.


Significantly, these Pyramid Texts are recorded on the wall of a tomb at the Temple Complex of Djoser in Sakkara.


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