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Topic: Narmer's Palette

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Narmer's Palette


The reader may be interested to note that the front of Narmer's Palette is divided up into three sections - the three steps of Masonry. The reverse is divided into four section thus you have a total of seven sections for the seven degrees of York Rite Masonry.

The Hieroglyph over the head of the ruffian on the dexter side of the shield is the Egyptian word for Wall which is the white line above their heads that the hero is standing on. This wall is famous in Sumerrian being mentioned in their writings. It is the wall around the Giza Plateau as well as the wall at Baalbek. To die was to "peer over the wall" at the tree of life that they did not have access to - used of Allalu (satan) on Mars - he died peering over the wall. You can see that both of the ruffian's are peering over the wall - they are dead and left to the birds of the air and the tides as Masonry states.

The Hieroglyph over the ruffian on the sinister side looks like a tent or tabernacle or lodge and it is used on the reverse side also on an upright rectangle and (per Sitchin) is referring to a pyramid.

Now, if you cut that rectangle in half you would have two perfect cubes and this is the origins for voting an initiate into a lodge. In Hebrew the word for Son is Bar (ba originally - Strong's number 1196 - note the missing 'r' at the end) but this is also the word for 'to build' or 'to create' which makes the Scriptural Symbology exactly the same as Masonry where the initiate is a 'son of' (mesniu) Horus and, as a rough Ashler stone is on his way to beoming a new creation and a living stone (a stone that was being used for a useful purpose). The Ashler Stone itself can be see underneathe the soul (ba) of Osiris and is probably the origins for the egyptian sacred arks which the Ark of the covenant was probably patterned after and which is a stone sarcophagus and what the Hebrews would call an Ausuary (itself possibly the source for the word Ashler).

Osiris (and Horus) had four sons (pictured above) and they are present on the reverse of Narmer's Palette in his funeral procession. There are bodies of exactly ten perpetrators that have been beheaded (because they became immortal from the tree) and this exact number of enemies killed are recounted on Den's Sandal Ornament at the "First Occasion" (literally the Zep Tepi that Bauval is looking for in 10 K BC but here it is at about 3800 BC) of fighting the "people from the east" referring to Mesopotamia. Narmer's Palette is recounting the deeds of the deceased exactly as a heraldic device would. Nine of the dead have also been castrated showing they were some of the angels who had mated with mortal women.

Those same four (non-conopic) sons are held in the hand of Osiris in a glyph similar to the one pictured on the front screen of this video (below) in place of the star he is holding in his hand and is referring to him as the Guardian of the Silver Gate of Heaven (source is either Budge or Foster's An. Eg. Lit.).


The Iggi (Angels) when they rebelled came right up to the door to the house of Osiris (Enlil) and that door is on the reverse by the perpetrators and is the perch for the crow (falcon?).

Gilgamesh (Cain) when he led the Second Battle for the tree started in the Cedar Forest which can only be Lebanon. They next passed a Vineyard which can only be Israel's Mt. Carmel which was a Vineyard. They then encountered Lions and this is the famous Phoneician Lions that they would use on their boats (like the Greek Argo) and then they continued down the Way of Horus (the coastal road) till they got to the Marsh area of the Nile.

Gilgamesh destroys some "stone things" from the boat and the experts say these were probably statues of some sort (serving to identify the boat to allow access to the pyramid comples) and the first builder of statues is Osiris and yet the oldest life size statues have been found at Djoser's Complex.

Without the pass they had to sail at night so they used poles tipped with bitumen which burns which would have been used to keep the hippos in the Nile from tipping over the boat. Gilgamesh was told to keep his hand out of the Nile and this was because crocodiles were in the habit of following the boats to try and snag someone right off the boat for a midnight snack (crocodiles learn the habits of their prey).


Osiris is credited with being the first Temple Builder and the first one to use "Secret Rites" in said Temples and yet the oldest Temple Mound in Egypt is right in Nekhen (The City of the Falcon) which (per Mark Lehner, "The Complete Pyramids") was built by Djoser and the old rite used on that mound was the Rite of the Mound of Jemme - this was Horus on his Green referring to the Creation Mound (and possibly the origins for the sign of Gemini the most ancient religion). And, guess where Narmer's Palette was found. Right on that Mound in Nekhen. Now, since I have shown that the Palette is, in fact, an Heraldic Device (among other things being, not only in the shape of a shield but the actual size of a shield at 27 inches high), then it is obvious that Djoser was displaying his own personal Heraldic Crest and, in doing so, served to originate the Masonic Tracing Board as well. Thus the Initiate was a New Creation with the First Degree.

Geb's (Earth's) Ancestral Scepter passed to his son Osiris and the Cartouche of Djoser shows a man holding a Scepter tipped with a Head of Lettuce. Geb's name literally means 'piles of earth' referring, once again, to the Creation Mound.

Djoser's earlier name was Netjeryket which means God by (in the) Flesh making him one of the gods as was Osiris himself and as his 'ancester' Khasekhemvy claimed to be as the incarnation of Horus.

Mount Heredom, supposedly, never existed, yet the name in Hebrew is literally the Red Mountain and this is assuredly referring to the Red Pyramid of Menkaure. Along these lines is the Native American Masonry that is apparently from the same source as the Druids Masonry (Heironimus, "Founding Fathers - Secret Societies) and which records that Red Hand was shot with a poisoned arrow and tortured for the secret of his power and then scalped (kinda like beheaded, huh).

Now, the Keystone is famous in Masonry and one reason is that in the Heavens the Keystone is located in the constellation of Hercules.

The reason for this is because, before the 23* Pole Shift the Pole Star was the star where Hercules has his knee planted in the ground. Now, that Pole Star position was guarded by a Fox in the Egyptian Dendarah (third image above) and this is significant because, the Egyptian Hieroglyph called the Three Foxes (below).

Calls to mind the Sign from Mason of the Three Masters. So, it is not surprising that the Gate to the House of Osiris (which had Seven Pillars) was guarded by three gods - A Doorkeeper, A Watchman and a Herald.

The Rubble that he was thrown into would have been the rubble from the wall around the Pyramid that had been destroyed by the tsunami from the Pole Shift. The moster wall at Baalbek was destoyed by a tsunami from the Med Sea which allowed the enemy in and which Gilgamesh took credit for.

Speaking of Gilgamesh - this is a compound word with the 'a' linking the two together. Mesh in Sumerrian means Hero and is the exact equivelent of the Egyptian Mesn (our Masons) which means the Masons were Heros because they helped Osiris guard the Tree and helped Horus with his vengeance. There were no vowels originally so Gilg was simply GLG or Gawg = Gog of Ezekial. This was Cain who had a speech impediment concerning certain gutteral sounds which earned him a nickname which stuck making him the original Demagogue and the author of the Epic as its hero.

The substitue lost word of Masonry (MaHaBon) is assuredly the Hebrew Mahabo (Strong's # 4224) which meant Lodging or Shelter - the French Templars could not avoid adding the 'n' ending (bonne = good) and the Scots just spelled it the way the Templars were pronouncing it.

In the ancient world you take the sandals off before you go to war which is the meaning of the phrase in Job (lose the bands of Orion) and is used in exactly this manner by John the Baptist (not worthy to lose the strings of his sandals) because all Israel was looking for a Conquoring Messiah and this is the exact meaning as on the Palette and, originally, in the Initiation ceremony.

The Pot of Water he is holding is referring to washing the hands of bloodguilt and is how it is displayed on the Palette with the Faithful Servant (wearing the signet of Truth around his neck which is Osiris signet) and Narmer being guiltless of the blood that is being shed because the victims were merderers. This is how King David used it cause he didn't want to be guilty of the blood of his men and this is how Pilate used it at the trial and this is still used exactly to this day in the same manner in the Catholic Church where the Alter Boy pours water on the hands of the Priest before they start the Divine Liturgy.

The Crata Repoa is not 'romantic' accounts but were taken from Historians over the last 2000 years or more and, I might add, Masons themselves offer the Crata Repoa and Manly Hall's books for sale on their various websites around the net so, I suggest you open your eyes.


Finally, Albert Pike, concerning 33* Masonry specifically says that they specifically mislead the initiate (which is not true of York Rite Masonry) so why in the world would anyone want to be a part of that system?


"The Blue Degrees are but the portico (porch) of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them...their true ecplication (explanation / understanding) is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry." Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma," 30th Degree, p. 189

I might add that since Masonry is a God Ordained Institution, the Symbolism used will be consistent with how the Scriptures use the same symbolism - such as the Sandals coming off and the Water Pouring as mentioned above. You won't find this consistency in 33* Masonry as Mr. Pike makes clear however, you will find it in original York Rite Masonry as I have presented in the video above and in this thread.

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