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Topic: The Templars

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The Templars



Contrary to popular opinion, the Templars did not hate the Catholic Church after the big arrest - they realized that it was the Hospitalers that had stirred up the Kings of France and Spain against them (John Robinson, "Born in Blood" - as has been proven by another author, the Pope exonerated the Templars and, just follow the money - the Hospirtalers ended up with all the Templar's property). The problems the Catholics had with Masonry was a result of the Protestant Revolution and the corrupt Whore of Babylon Masonry now known as "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite" Masonry.

When England broke away from the Catholic Church, they took a large portion of the Masons with them into the London Lodge which is the corrupt Chaldean Masonry. A large part of them - mostly Scots and Irish - settled into the York Lodge (true Templar Masonry) which was never really antagonistic to Catholicism.

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