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Topic: Chemtrails arn't killing anyone, stupid.

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Chemtrails arn't killing anyone, stupid.


You know everyone who says that Chemtrails are killing us and that it is a blitz to poison all of us and depopulate the entire globe?


That is so you won't know that it is being used to cover up Planet X.


Think about it - they have bee Chemtrailing since the 90's and just about every day all around the entire Anglo Saxon World since 2000.


You know how much chemtrailing that is?  You know how much money that costs? 


Trillions of Dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours and, as far as we know, they haven't killed a single person with em.


The continued emphatic claim that they are poisoning us with chemtrails only serves to show you who the shills are if you think about it.


It would be easier to nuke us...


Welcome to my World...

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