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Topic: The Man on the Moon : The Antediluvians beat us to it

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The Man on the Moon : The Antediluvians beat us to it




I never for a moment entertained the belief that the Moon landings were hoaxed simply because of something my Math Teacher told us kids in School and that was when they got to the moon they found only a couple of inches of Moon dust even though, per Evolution, there should have been 14 feet or so (that's why they put those big ole saucer thingies on the Eaglet Lander - get it?) which, of course, supports a Young Solar System and flushes Evolution down the Proverbial Pooper.


Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission was the Science Reporter for CBS during the Apollo Landings and has pretty much proven that the Government itself started the Moon landing Hoax Hoax because they didn't want people to know exactly what they did find on the Moon.


Antediluvian Ruins...

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