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Topic: FBI Labels Half the 911 Truthers as Terrorists

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FBI Labels Half the 911 Truthers as Terrorists


Yeah, that would be the half that work for the FBI.


Think I'm kidding?


Then call up Mr. Richard Marquise of Groton, Vermont at (802) 584-3679 and ask him why the FBI launched a missile over my head when I was fourteen and then had his son try and convince me it was a UFO  - the same son who placed a Swasticka over the doorway of my room when we were teenagers - maybe he'd like me to return the favor.


You could also ask him who ordered the death of Sally Tinkham at Warners Gallery when we were 18 but I'm guessing he'll deny any knowledge about that - you know like denying the Twin Towers were destroyed by controlled demolition which anyone with half a brain knows.


They launched that missile over my head to 'terrorize' my Mother - she just laughed at the imbeciles.  You can read it at my Post Scriptum site at My Links above.


So, once again the age old adage is right on the money : "The same judgment you judge others with, you are guilty of yourself.


Maybe its time for a Regeme Change in this country before any of those Psychos get their hands on a nuke and starts WW III with it - you know, leaving the SILO doors open and all, its just a matter of time.


F.B.I. Calls Half of US Population with “9/11 Doubts” Potential Terrorists


Welcome to my World...

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