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Topic: The Masonic Symbols of the Seventh Degree

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The Masonic Symbols of the Seventh Degree







To understand the Seventh Degree of Masonry one must understand that, as with the Symbols of the Third Degree, there is a consistency to the choice of symbols and they are all telling the same story and leading the Candidate down a specific path with a desired goal in mind.  The story starts with the Three Jewels (Square, Egyptian Square Level originally and Compass - all three v shaped) which would symbolize the Masters of the Three Veils and which, originally, would have been the Angels helping Osiris guard the way of the Tree of Life.  Now, one needs to understand a little bit about what the Apostolic Churches call Apostolic Succession before they can understand the story behind the Seventh and last Degree of York Rite Masonry.



In the Apostolic Churches the Priest himself is the Vicar of Christ in a very real way and the Anointing he received upon Charismation through the direct laying on of hands actually transferred the Presence of the Lord himself upon the Priest and his ministry to the point that it is as if the Lord himself is verily present in the Church via the Priest himself. This Apostolic Succession was implemented by the Apostles and has continued in an unbroken chain down to our day and age and the Apostles, themselves, received this practice via the Levitical Priesthood itself which was commissioned under Moses himself on orders from Y'hava and included this laying on of hands ceremony.  Moses, as an initiate himself, further, would have got his Anointing from his own Masonic Initiation so that the Masonic Succession is, literally, about five thousand years old and in a direct and unbroken chain back to its founding so that, when a person makes it to the Seventh Degree and is Initiated, it is as if Osiris himself and his Guardians are present through the Three Masters of the Veil at his Initiation and some of the Spirit of Osiris and Amin himself is transferred to the Inititate.



So, the Ark was, originally, the Sarcophagus of Osiris and represents his presence at the ceremony. The Keystone was originally a Capstone (Pyramidion) and represents the Initiate who has made it to the Seventh Degree. The Book of Life indicates the person has, "passed from death unto life" and is ready for immortality (originally) and, if there was a symbol where the Ten Commandments are now, I suspect it is actually a residue reference to Narmer's Palette via the Masonic Trestle Board. The Key is exactly equivalent to the Keys of the Kingdom given to Peter (the keys of David) meaning he is now qualified to bring others into the Masonic Fold and, also, exclude others. The Omnific Word actually and literally calls the presence of the God of Masonry Y'BA'AL AMIN to the event making the Initiate His (adoptive) Son exactly as portrayed in the Book of Revelation ("I shall be his father and he shall be my son"). Aaron's Rod was originally the Tree of Life itself symbolized by the Acacia Planet in Masonry and the Pot of Manna would have been, originally, a Pot of Fruit from the Tree of Life which, today, via Israel, is exactly the equivalent of the Real Presence in the Eucharist in the Apostolic Churches for two thousand years and which has led to the interesting phenomenon known as the Incorruptibles. Thus, it implies that some people ("one in a thousand" - Elihu in Job) upon achieving the Seventh Degree, may have been awarded for their faithfulness by being granted immortality itself.



Duncan's Ritual :


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