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Topic: The Twilight of Astronomy

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The Twilight of Astronomy


Introduction A guy by the name of Lockyer wrote a book called, "The Dawn of Astronomy" in which he, basically, spawned the new science called Archaeoastronomy by proving that many of the Temples and Circles around the world were, in fact, Star Temples and Circles, designed to observe the heavens and plot equinoxes, solstices, eclipses and even the, improbable, precession of the equinoxes.



Expectably (I love coining new words - you should try it some time), this opened up an unpalatable can of worms for Egyptologists and a Pandorra's Box for Historians who didn't know what to do with it but sweep it under the Proverbial Rug. Revisionists, in a myriad of sciences, were star struck and started proposing all sorts of novel ideas like Archaeoastronomical Mythology (Santillana, Hamlett's Mill), Rogue Killer Planets (Sitchin's 12th Planet), Alien Invaders (Erich Von Danikin's Chariots of the Gods), Ancient Advanced Civilizations (Temple's the Sirius Mystery, Bauval's Orion Mystery) all of which strove to utilize a plethora of Anomalous Artifacts that Egyptologists and Evolutionists willfully ignore but which just won't go away.



This has, basically, reached a watershed moment, so to speak, for the 'experts' and we can expect, in our generation, an overturning of the established order with a return to the world view that held sway over mankind for 6,000 years before Darwin climbed out of the Vedic Banana Tree.



The problem, as it stands right now, is that the Establishment ignores these anomalous artifacts because they know that, ultimately, it destroys their system of belief. The Revisionists don't realize this and are forever trying to force these square artifacts into Darwin's Black Hole all of which, steadfastly, refuse to cooperate (i.e. a man made steel ball in billion year old marble just don't fit, Geniuses).



In this regard, the revisionists hold the Key to the Chains that enslave them but they refuse to use it (Creationism or Intelligent Design in a Young Solar System), primarily because the Establishment which gave them their degrees, managed to, hopelessly, bias them against the truth as contained in the Scriptures. So they continue to try and prove Santillana's 16K BC Date instead of the more logical 4K BC date of the Bible and Mythologies which fit the Egyptologist.s Chronology like a Hand and Glove.



Why, I ask, do they stop at 10K BC? Why not go for the 1 million BC date which has been suggested by Russian Scientists concerning the Age of the Sphinx? The reason why they can't do this is because the Sphinx has a known construction date (via Radio Carbon Dating and the King's List). Bauval was forced to admit this (Black Genesis, Bauval and Brophy), but claimed that the mound the Sphinx was carved from was important to someone in 10K BC and even balked at this back-pedaling saying some of the Sphinx was older becuse the head had been "re-carved" cause its "smaller". However, the reason the head is smaller is because it depicts the Boy Coma on the tail of the Lion in the Egyptian Dendera Zodiac and, as someone proved, the boy who modeled for the Sphinx was the boy from Abu Roash (which, in Hebrew, means, literally, the Head) whose signature smaller head is a part of all his statutes.



The problem with the re-carving theory - the real riddle of the Sphinx you might say - is that the precipitation erosion (per West, subsequently proven by Schoch) cuts into the 're-carved' head allowing no room at all for supposed re-carving. This very obvious fact was subsequently covered up by the Pyramidiot Hawass (Head of Egyptian Antiquities) during the 'sanitation' Project carried out at Giza between 1997 and 2004 (the very years the Pole Star shined down the descending passage - who's the pyramidiot now, genius?).



Not only did they sterilize the interior of the Pyramid (as well as dig a bunch of tunnels in it according to some sources - gee, looking for something?), they also gave the Sphinx a new concrete Headdress which, conveniently, covered up all that erosion as well as the Hollows found by the Russian Team who subsequently dated the Sphinx to the same age as the rest of the surrounding Limestone Strata at 1 Million years (give or take) because, like the rest of the strata, the hollows in the Sphinx prove it was submerged under an active body of water for an extended period of time after it was carved in 3500 BC.



This 10 Thousand years worth of erosion and 1 Million years of submersion hollows prove that the Biblical Flood occurred around 3K BC after the Sphinx was carved which Evolutionists, Egyptologists and Revisionists can't accept but which fits the Archaeological, Fossil, Biblical and Egyptological evidence perfectly as well as all the Cultural Flood Accounts on Record.






The Sphinx They say that everyone fears Time and that Time fears the Pyramid but no one ever asks what the Pyramid fears. The answer would be, obviously, the Sphinx itself which is called the Father of Terrors and looks primordially ancient compared to the Pyramids due to said erosion and hollows found thereon and which the Pyramids themselves were protected from by the, now missing, casing stones and also the angles of those casing stones which would have drained the downpour without leaving much of a trace so that their 'apparent' age is much younger than that of the Sphinx even though they are, basically, contemporary with each other.



So, its not the age of the Sphinx that is the scary thing, its what the Sphinx symbolizes that can kill ya.



Archaeoastronomy These wanna be revisionists keep running into a certain problem when trying to date various sites around the world and that is that they can't be made to fit their pet 10K BC date first proposed by Hamlet's Mill.



The original view as to the time of the Zodiac's creation was that it was composed by a single author around 4K BC when the Summer Solstice was occurring in Leo and the Spring Equinox in Taurus based on internal evidence. Hence the worship of the Divine Bull of Heaven at the Dawn of Astronomy in the Cradle of Civilization which, like the Cambridge Explosion in the fossil record, appears suddenly in history fully formed and of the highest quality including linguistically.



After Hamlet's Mill proposed a 16K BC date, the revisionists claimed it for the date of the Zodiac's compilation with no supporting evidence other than Evolutionary Bias. Thus, Bauval looking for the First Time (Zep Tepi) of Osiris (and his 'redemption') in that era instead of the Time of Den in Egypt (3K BC) where the very phrase Zep Tepi appears on Den's Ivory Sandal Ornament (per Manley pictured below), which depicts Osiris with raised Ancestral Scepter (which he got from his father Geb - Foster) at the "First Occasion" of fighting the people from the east when he redeemed Egypt from their oppressors. That their view is totally ridiculous is easily proven by the fact that the last time the Summer Solstice would have occurred in Leo was about 30K BC which is a far cry from the proposed 16K - 10K BC date which is, for them, basically, an insurmountable problem.





The Dating Game So, Bauval continues to stumble along in the dark proposing several conflicting dates ranging from 16K BC to 3K BC on one site alone (Nabta Playa in Black Genesis), just as he had done previously with the Giza Pyramid (Orion Mystery and Message of the Sphinx), implying that several generations, working thousands of years apart over the course of 12,000 years produced the Great Pyramids of Giza cause, says he, "they had a plan." This in response to Creighton's question (Giza Prophecy) as to why the Great Pyramid was not built on the highest point on the Giza Plateau. The answer, actually, is quite simple and that is because it was originally built as, "the House of the Tree" (Foster) which grew there (the grotto) and which the Bible and Mythologies call the Tree of Life.



So, even without trying to fit these sites into an impossible chronological mold, the discreptancies in the various dates are apparent and it is obvious that a certain Key is missing that would reconcile all these sites with each other and harmonize their construction dates with the history of the particular cultures that birthed them. That missing Key is the Riddle of the Sphinx.



The Dawn of Astronomy at Zep Tepi occurred when the earth was still on its original zero degree axis. In this position there were no equinoxes or solstices. There were no seasons of winter or autumn but everything was perpetually spring and summer. Thus, no death and resurrection or fertility mythology or cults or temples. Under these ideal green house conditions (evidenced by the tropics found under the ice in the Antarctic) soil and plant productivity bordered on the miraculous which is one of the characteristics of this golden age.



Osiris himself, like the sun itself, is described as having four harvest goddesses attend his birth which (Muller, pg., 378), as the embodiment of nature itself as Serapis, implies four harvests every year which is probably the imagery of the apron born by Osiris on Narmer's Palette. If one wanted to increase one's crops, he merely had to irrigate more land just as Osiris is pictured doing on the Scorpion Mace Head found with Narmer's Palette.



Since the sun always rose due east, the only day of the year of any importance would have been when the sun returned to its original creation location which, per the Egyptians, was the mound pictured in the Dendera Zodiac to the left of Osiris (Orion) where the reed grew that the Horus Falcon alighted upon at the time of creation and represented the star Sirius and was modeled at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the very original creation mound.






This is supported by the Hieroglyph from the Book of the Earth (above) that contains an, "embryonic creation cosmology" and which depicts a super conjunction of all the planets, sun and moon occurring in Gemini and Orion at the time of creation which any good astronomy program will show you occurred precisely on April 28, 4182 BC exactly when the chronologies in Genesis pinpoint creation (Ussher being off by 178 years).



With no winter seasons with its rain and snow (only mist) there was no annual flooding of the Nile (hence the irrigation ceremonies) and thus Sirius was important to them, not for the (non existent) Sothis cycle, but because this star marked the original creation location of the Sun. So, they built several temples and circles in honor of the star at that time of the year earning it the name of the star of the New Year. This is proven (Muller, pg. 86-89, Footnote pg. 384) by the original legend of the Eye (daughter) of Ra which actually predates Osiris Mythology.



Apparently, Hathor left Egypt for Nubia (where the Nilometer is) and turned herself from a Cow (i.e. Taurus and Isis and the Creation mound) into a Cat (Leo and summer solstice). Eventually, Ra misses her and has Thoth and Shu go fetch her and she is brought back to much pomp and circumstance and this return of Sirius to prominence was celebrated from then on, "throughout all ages" in what we now call the Sothis Cycle which was celebrated for the first time circa 3100 BC. This passing of the Scepter from (Creation) Taurus to (Nile Flooding) Leo is also depicted by the passing of the Scepter from Osiris to Amin recorded at this same time.



Precession was still occurring even without the equinoxes because it is not caused by the earth's wobble but to our tandem orbit with Sirius itself in a binary system which is the other reason this star was important to the Egyptians. Sirius, in the past, used to be a red shifting star (moving away from us) but is now a blue shifting star (moving towards us) which is impossible in a big bang cosmology and can only mean we are in a binary orbit with it (so the Binary Research Institute). So, with no equinoxes or solstices the only way to track precession would be by triangulation of three or more stars along with the sun in its yearly orbit.






Nabta Playa was found by a College Student and is the oldest Stone Circle we know of and is located in Ancient Nubia (preflood home of the Gods who are rumored to have been the ones who taught astronomy to the Egyptians) in the south western corner of Egypt. It is, as far as I know, the only Stone Circle that is geared to specifically target three stars in tandem (as Bauval points out who only recognized two stars) along with the sun and would have been ideal for tracking precession.



The three stars were the (at the time) Pole Star Dubhe, the creation star Sirius (brightest star in the heavens) and the star Canobis (second brightest). The 'experts' date both of the first two star lines to 4500 BC and 3500 BC when the Sahara "suddenly" goes arid so that these ancient astronomers would have migrated closer to the Nile abandoning the site. Bauval comes up with so many conflicting dates that his conclusions are, basically, worthless from a chronological point of view however, he does, at least, try to explain the third Star Line (C1 in his book Black Genesis) which had the experts baffled but he, characteristically, applies it to Sirius (along with B1 and B2) and arrives at 6K BC. His attempts at the other lines (A1, A2 and A3) only get worse and the experts suggested they targeted Vega. All this confusion only serves to prove that the Key to unlocking these ancient sites is still missing.



Xtreme Astronomy The Key to harmonizing these circles and temples with their cultural mythology and the facts of history is to realize that the Pole Shift that occurred that knocked the earth 23.5* off its original axis occurred in mankind's recorded history as proven by the authors of the Giza Prophecy where the Queen's Chamber, which was aligned to the Pyramid's 0* Axis, was ditched for the (subsequent) King's Chamber which was offset from the Pyramid's Axis by those 23.5*.



This is subsequently confirmed by the Star Chart that was found in the Southern Shaft of the Queen's Chamber which records the Micronova that occurred in Vela with resulting nuclear explosion (recorded in the mythologies and lunar record) which kicked the earth off its axis and is assuredly the Vela Nova mentioned in the Once and Future Star as being recorded all over the globe in various cultural accounts.



Now, because this Pole Shift occurred in mankind's recorded history, it affects the apparent age of these sites by those 23.5* and if one does not take this into account then none of the dates will make any practical sense but, just as soon as you factor it in, everything begins to harmonize into a coherent system supported by the sites, the mythologies, the cultures that spawned both and the history that bore witness to all.



The only authors who realized this, but who never really utilized it, were Creighton and Osborn of the Giza Prophecy. Every degree equates to 71.5 years for a grand total of 1680 years. The dates on these sites well before the shift need to subtract out that many years. Dates close to the shift need to be closely evaluated. When there is still a major conflict it indicates they chose the wrong star to date the temple which should be indicated by the cultural mythology of the builders.



Other variables come into play such as the geographical location of the temple, which way the earth twisted off its axis and exactly how much it actually shifted. Dodwell (Creighton, pg. 250) suggests originally a 26.5* shift with a rebound to 23.5* in 2345 BC which is precisely 71 years (1*) after the date I chose (from Biblical Chronology) for the same event which was the break up of Pangaea 100 years after the flood (which flood occurred in 2516 BC).



If he was off by only 1* (25.5* instead of 26.5*) then his date would merge perfectly with mine. Lockyer himself gave two dates for every site with this 1* difference which is between the actual horizon and the foothills which is assuredly where the error in Dodwell's observations originated and this perfectly harmonizes and verifies my work, Dodwell's and Lockyer's as well as the Scriptures and cultural mythologies and harmonizes them with the historical record with incredible precision unrivaled by any astronomer or historian on record which we will see as we proceed to date these ancient structures here at the Twilight of Astronomy.






The Harp of Apollo and, specifically, the Star Vega, is the focus of the Stone Circle at Nabta Playa. One Lady Astronomer, whose name I can no longer recall, has shown that Vega in Lyre was vitally important to the Ancient Egyptians and if you look at the center of the circle, with the two lines of three stones each, with one line above the other, you will see that it is a perfect representation of the Sign of Lyra (and not the belt of Orion as Bauval suggests) and the trapezoid stone is a perfect representation of the Star Vega itself.



This is the Harp of Apollo (connected to Osiris) used in Initiation Ceremonies because the Chord of the Harp aided the initiate in an astral experience (so Scott, pg. 152) which implies that Osiris, as Lord of Secret Rites in Temples, built Nabta Playa.






Because of the ambiguity of the records of Nabta Playa, it is virtually impossible to nail down a specific date but, in general, one can easily determine that the shift occurred around 3600 BC which date even Bauval agreed with. The three southern lines targeted Canopus, Phact and Sirius one after another as they came over the horizon around 3600 BC. At the same exact time, the three northern lines followed Dubhe, Alioth and Alkaid right in a row (all being in the Big Dipper) and at the very time that Vega would have come into alignment, assuredly, in the northern 'window' which implies the southern 'window' targeted another important star in the southern hemisphere and on the opposite side of the heavens that was important to the Egyptians and I suggest it was targetting the Southern Cross and would explain the origins of the Ankh in Egyptian Mythology.



We would be remiss if we didn't address the two megaliths found at the site and the one called the Cow is very possibly (simultaneously) targeting the second most important star in the heavens to the Egyptians which was the star Spica in Virgo (per Mark Booth, The Secret History of the World) which they singled out with Sirius (and no other star) on the Border of the Dendera Zodiac. The second megalith that was recently found would appear to be targeting the constellation of Orion itself but I can not say for sure on these because there was no angle given for a line of site to them but they are, generally, in the direction of those two Signs from the center of the circle.



So, with this circle they could easily get an understanding of precession and, with 3 to 5 stones for each line, implies they followed precession for about 500 years before the Pole Shift (4100 - 3600 = 500) when they abandoned the site which is what we would expect to find from this site when taking the Biblical Chronologies into account.



The Pole Shift The reason the experts didn't know what to do with C1 was because, before the shift, Canopus would have been higher in the sky and an obvious target but after the shift it dropped out of site which the experts didn't realize.



The Pole Shift itself was caused when Planet X passed through the first time and one of its moons collided with Tiamet (Thyphon to the Greeks, Seth to the Egyptians and Rahab to the Hebrews) or one of its moons, resulting in a nuclear explosion that blasted through the entire solar system (what I call a micronova), propelling Planet X into a new, 900 year, orbit and rocking the earth off its axis. This is what Flanddern noticed in his, "Exploded Planet" and Brandenburg in his, "Nuclear Catastrophe" of Mars (Marrs, pg. 101).



After this Pole Shift and nuclear blast you have a rapid desertification (from the nuclear fallout recorded in the Sumerrian accounts - you can actually see where the blast wave hit in the Expanding Earth Video cause all the continents were joined at the time) of the once Edenic Sahara (and Gobi and Australian and the Western US) by 3K BC (called the Piora Oscillation by Geoclimatologists - Stray, pg. 175) which included a Sulfate Deposit in Greenland from impactor induced volcanism and flooding in Mesopotamia from the (Pole Shift induced) Tsunami (recorded of the Gihon in the Book of the Bee and in the Gilgamesh Epic), with resulting mass migration to the Nile Valley just in time for the Pyramid Building Civilization that sprang on the scene fully formed and of higher quality than those that followed which Egyptologists don't like to talk about.



The date for the Pole Shift is derived from the Genealogies of Genesis and the Sumerrian accounts (via Sitchin). The Horus War occurred in the 363rd year of the reign of Anu who is Amin (Y'shua) in Egypt. Anu started reigning in 237 FC (From Creation) which was 3945 BC when Ptah (God the Father) left ("when men began calling upon the name of the Lord"). Thus the Horus War occurred precisely in 600 FC which is 3582 BC. It was the Pole Shift from the Micronova with its resulting Tsunami (which knocked down the wall of Baalbek which was the entrance to the Garden, as well as the wall around the Great Pyramid as depicted on Narmer's Palette) that prompted the men from the east (Mesopotamia - proven by the Serpotards on Narmer's Palette) to make this second attempt for the Tree of Life. The first attempt was in 237 FC leading to Abba's departure and which is the subject of Den's Ivory Sandal Ornament specifically called Zep Tepi - the First Occasion of fighting the people from the east.



Ground Hog Day With the Pole Shift you suddenly have Xtreme changes occurring on earth and in the heavens. Along with the sudden destruction caused by Planet X and the sudden desertification of Africa, you have a drop in the productivity of plants from four harvests a year to only one resulting in global famine (with subsequent cannibalism reported in many cultural records for this time) which Osiris put an end to with the building of the pyramids and going on a World Tour to teach people about the New Agricultural Cycle and, more importantly, how to predict it with the use of Stone Circles.



The authors of the Seed of Knowledge - Stone of Plenty proved that the pyramids were built at this time and tipped with metal which would add nitrates to the soil increasing the productivity of the entire Nile River Valley as well as allowing the seeds, placed in the coffer, to be 'charged' with telluric energy which resets the DNA and dramatically improves the yield of the crops. That the capstone was in place at one time was proven by Sitchin who shows that the Sumerrian accounts state that Ninurta removed this capstone when the pyramid was decommissioned.



The change in seasons at this time produced the death and resurrection mythology of the fertility god Osiris complete with cults and temples. They now would have begun timing the flooding of the Nile using Phact (not Sirius hence the legend of Hathor going south) and started taking an interest in the precession of the equinoxes (which is what Santillana was seeing but he got the cart about 8,000 years before the horse).



And, with the Pole Shift, you also have a new Pole Star complete with new mythology which we see first at the Temple complex of Djoser at Sakker.



The Pillar of Osiris is actually what the name Djoser means in Egyptian and, in fact, being tied to 'ascension' and the pyramid itself (so Sitchin) implies that Djoser is the name given to Osiris upon his death and resurrection.



This pillar was located at Saqqara (Sakker) along with the mummies of all the Divine Bulls which were inseparable from Osiris himself making it impossible to this author that no Egyptologist has ever realized that Djoser is Osiris.



Be that as it may, Bauval targets Djoser's Tomb at Sakker to 2650 BC using Alkaid however, the New Pole Star was now Thuban (a difference of 14* = 1000 years) bringing the date to 3651 BC (an error factor of 1* would bring it to 3550 BC about 30 years after the shift when he, supposedly, died). The choice of Thuban reflects the death of the Bull at the hand of the Serpent (being in Draco) and is the Hippo with the knife in hand of the Dendera Zodiac who cut off the Bull's Leg and stole the Pole Star position (the Bull's leg being the Big Dipper).






The Pyramid of Giza was finished up to the Queen's Chamber at the time of the shift (per the Giza Prophecy) and Bauval originally thought the two star shafts targeted Sirius in the south and Kochub in the north and, turns out, he nailed it perfectly. But he then thought that the two shafts in the King's Chamber targeted Al Nitak in Orion and Thuban which they did not which is proven by the discordant dates he supplies for these shafts.



Creighton and Osborn, realizing this disparity, proposed the respective Northern Shafts simply "mirrored" the Southern Shafts. The fact that they don't know what to do with these Northern Shafts indicates their conclusions are faulty - which shafts, I might add, were built at tremendous cost as Dunn points out (The Giza Power Plant). They then concluded, wanting to justify Bauval's original theory (The Orion Mystery), that the Southern Shafts targeted Al Nitak before and after the Shift.



All these stars and Dates proposed gave me no end of trouble until I saw exactly what Creighton and Osborn point out nd that is that the Angle between each set of shafts remains exactly the same after the shift at precisely 102* which is the exact distance between Sirius in the South and Kochub in the North thus removing all confusion immediately.



Now, their date of 2630 BC for the Southern Shaft in the King's Chamber (post shift thus not needing any re-calibration) is the only accurate date for the pyramid since they contrived the date for the Queen's chamber Southern Shaft to fit their theory (which they admit). But this shaft would have targeted Sirius also (not Al Nitak as they believed along with Bauval) only 1680 'years' previously for a date of 4310 BC. Now, the targeting change between the two Southern Shafts is 9* and the difference between Al Nitak at -2* and Sirius at -17* is 15*. We take out the 9* leaving an error of 6* or 429 years which, when subtracted from our 4310 BC date indicates that Sirius (our creation star) lined up with the Southern Star Shaft in the Queen's Chamber in 3881 BC at the exact same time that Kochub would have lined up with the Northern Shaft in the Queen's Chamber.



After the shift in 3600 BC Osiris goes on his pyramid building world tour (Davis, pg. 80) and gets to South America circa 3172 BC (Sitchin, II) which is when those temples and pyramids are dated to by Maria Schulten de D'ebneth based on a grid pattern aligned to the Obliquity of 24*8'. This includes the famous Tiahuanacu in Mexico, Cuzco in Equador, Quito, Ollantay Tambu and, perhaps, the most famous temple system outside of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru. Being post shift there is no recalibration needed and I suspect if anyone ever dates the pyramids in Asia that they will line up around 2900 - 2800 BC or so.



Now, the Star Sirius is, of course, our creation star but it is also Isis, the wife of Osiris which explains why he targeted that Star with the Great Pyramid itself. Upon his death, the rest of the Giza Plateau was then dedicated to Osiris as Bauval first pointed out to the world.



With the error contained in the King's Lists and evidence of Sakker being "several generations" older then Egyptologists believe (so Mertz) as well as the Carbon Dating from inside the pyramid (upper end of 3800 BC - the material from inside the pyramid would have been protected from 'contamination' via the elements and weather and, specifically, the flood so that this carbon material is the most accurate that we have for deriving dates before 2516 BC), then Djoser's era fits in perfectly with this 3800 BC date at Giza and everything just starts falling right into place perfectly as we will see.



David Davidson (The Great Pyramid - Its Divine Message) dates the pyramid to Al Cyone (Pleides) via the descending passage to 2644 BC but it is much more likely that the date would be derived from Vega, not the Pleiades (reason being that the seven stars of teh Pleiades were considered bad luck, if memory serves,, to the Egyptians who focused, rather, on the seven stars of the Bull's leg). The difference between these two stars is 15* which equates to 1073 years earlier or a completion date for the pyramid of 3251 BC which is, again, a perfect match for this.



The Plan of the Giza Plateau, going through this obvious change, was designed to indicate this Pole Shift and end of the Age of Gemini (Sirius) at creation and the sudden shift to the Age of Taurus. The 1680 year 'aging' of the earth represents precessional change from Sirius in the second decan of Gemini to Orion in the first decan of Taurus and implies that the Age of Taurus itself will be cut short (the Hippo cutting off the Bull's leg pointed out by Sitchin). This, further, explains the rise of Amin to replace Ptah and Osiris worship. With the obvious solstice now occurring in Leo, glorifying that Sign, at the time of year when the Nile now starts flooding coincident with the increasingly hotter climate in the Sahara that now begins driving the lions to the river every summer, the religious focus logically shifts from the 'missing' Ptah (Cephus the King) and the 'dead' Divine Bull of Heaven (Osiris) to the Lion (Ra) which also applies to the Sphinx. Amin, the God who hides himself, now comes to the forefront. His constellation was Aries the Ram, where the Spring Equinox is now on display every year, signifying the start of the Age of Aries. The Golden mane of Leo the Lion found its counterpart in the (Quest for the) Golden Fleece of Aries the Divine Ram brought together in the name Amin Ra. Though Egyptologists would argue the point, the fact is, hieroglyphs can be read in either direction which then yields Ra Amin shortened to Ram. Thus, Ptah and Osiris at Memphis passed the Scepter to Amin at Thebes which is why his temple complex rose to prominence circa 3200 BC under Thoth which took over control of Nubia (Nabta Playa and the Nileometer) at the same time (Wilkinson).






The Stone Circles, along with the Global Pyramid building culture, began exploding all over the world as the megalithic stone circle building civilization in order to compute the seasons for agricultural proposes and we should find them rising after 3589 BC which we do, in fact, find. David Furlong (The Keys to the Temple) suggests 3100 BC for the rise of this civilization citing Stonehenge, Castlering, Stennes Stones and New Grange which Daniken I, pg. 185 dates to 3122 BC (when recalibrated - 5100 BC before recalibration) and suggests it coincided with the Piorra Oscillation. Another astronomer places New Grange at 3200 BC but Lockyer places Stonehenge at 1700 BC which is at odds with the rest and needs to be investigated further. The chances are that he used Capella at Stonehenge as he did in the Hebrides at the Callanish Stone Circle (Copens, pg. 74) which yielded 1800 BC but this temple was dedicated to Apollo and thus, assuredly, the builders used Vega in Apollo's Lyre which yields a date of 3122 BC. Rumor has it that this Stone Circle was built by Black Men which is Osiris on his world tour. If he used Vega at Stonehenge it would yield a date of about 3000 BC however, if, as with the Pyramid of Giza, he used Kochub (under the foot of Cephus the King which was Ptah) then the construction date would be 3344 BC which, in my opinion, is more likely, however the former date falls into place with all the other Stone Circles and may be correct. For instance (Cosmic Code) Sitchin lists a Stonehenge of the Golan Heights Stone Circle that was found and dates to about 3K BC when the area was still Edenic compared to what it is today.



The Star Temples Gobekli (Robert Schoch, Forgotten Civilizations, pgs. 39-54) between Turkey and Syria (very near Baalbek the entrance to the Garden) is considered one of the oldest temple complexes and has four pillars - A (35* E. of South), B (20*), C (13*) and D (7*) which, says Schoch, targets the Pleiades circa 10K BC, 9500 BC, 8600 BC and 8500 BC respectively on the Vernal Equinox. That he is wrong is seen in the obvious 1000 year error he has between Pillars A and B and would have required the site be updated every 500 years but not in between those years (which there would be as at Nabta every 100 years). He admits that the construction of the site appears to be in the 3K BC range (which he would know being the Hydrologist that West had date the erosion of the Sphinx). Thus, it is much more likely that the pillars target four prominent stars in the same general area in the sky (as at Nabta Playa) which the Temple was dedicated to. The age appears to be before the shift and, tentatively, the stars targeted would be Sirius, Alpha Lepus, Alpha Dove (Phact) and Canopus, respectively, with the latter being of interest to local sailors. Pillar A would then date to 3595 BC or about 13 years before the Pole Shift. Significantly, a Tsunami from that Pole Shift may have hit this very temple ending its use at that time. This is the "flood" mentioned in the Gilgamesh Epic (not Noah's) that Utnaphistim "survived" (he's Osiris not Noah) which is supported by evidence in the geological record as well as other mythologies including the Book of the Bee (concerning the Gihon) which links it to global famine and cannibalism. These same four stars were important to Osiris before and after the shift being in Argo that Osiris sailed down the Nile with on his trip to the underworld. It probably started with Canopus and the others were added as that star slowly moved south until they ended with Sirius circa 3600 BC.



The Temple Stars Lockyer lists as Dubhe, Theuban, Bootes, Vega, Capella, Regulus, Spica, Sirius, Antares, Centauri, Phact and Canopus.



Has has two temples to Sirius at Karnak one of which dates to 3300 BC just before the first Sothis Cycle began and which needs no recalibration being after the shift.



He has three targeting Centuari which is significant for this is Cain's Constellation (it actually bears his name) and the dates congregate around the time of the Pole Shift when Cain (Gilgamesh) invades Egypt for the Tree of Life (when Osiris is killed) and he took over Egypt and built those Temples (Sitchin).



Lockyer dates Barkel to 3625 BC and Kurnah to 3700 BC and its Palace to 3625 BC which seems a little off even with a 1* correction and may solve our problem at Nabta Playa and the southern 'window' for it may indicate that the temple was actually already in existence and Osiris was actually targeting one of the stars of the Southern Cross and not Centauri. The southern most star is 3* lower then Centauri (217 years) which then brings it to 3846 BC and its Palace to 3771 BC which is about the time the Pyramid was at the Queen's Chamber level and makes sense.



This, however, would need some type of cultural support which is almost totally lacking but there are hints of it in Ancient Egyptian Literature which records a Ship wreck in Nubia. These stars, of course, like Canopus, being important to Sailors south of the Equator. However, this still requires further research even though, of course, the Southern Cross was called the Tree of Life and is the origins for the Egyptian Ankh but there is no record of star temples dedicated to it that I am aware of - perhaps because of the Pole Shift.



The Star Dubhe has three temples for Annu at 5200 BC with two at Dendera at 5100 BC and 4600 BC which, when recalibrated for the shift yields 3520 BC, 3420 BC, and 2920 BC which fits perfectly.



Draconis implies the worship of Seth (another enemy of Osiris and Ptah) and he has one at Redesiah at 4600 BC and at Karnak in 3500 BC which needs no recalibration and the first would yield 2920 BC which brings these two into alignment with the ones to Centauri.



To Isis he has one at Dendera dated to 5352 BC which would yield 3672 BC which we would expect of the Creation Star. Elphantine dates to 3200 BC when they started monitoring the Nile Flood. Amin's temple at Thebes (the lower, older level) dates to 3480 BC within 100 years of the shift showing the rise of the Cult of Amin in perfect agreement.


Canopus at Dendera dates to 4800 BC which recalibrated is 3120 BC which shows that, after the shift and before the first helical rising of Sirius (First Sothis Cycle circa 3100 BC) they used Phact and then Canopus to judge the flooding of the Nile as stated previously. They had a second temple at this location dated to 4200 BC which equates to 2520 BC, literally, just before the flood and the temple at Karnack at 2150 BC, about 400 years after the flood, needs not recalibration.



The two temples dedicated to Capella (in the constellation of Auriga and thus our creation signs) at Memphis and Annu target 5350 BC and 5250 BC respectively yielding 3670 BC and 3570 BC and if you take our 1* error factor into account, then even this last temple would yield 3641 BC before the Pole Shift.



The two temples that target Phact date to 3700 BC and 3600 BC (with no recalibration) and would have been important post shift which is easily reconciled with our fine tuning bringing them right into the 3500 BC date, literally, on the heels of the shift.






Now, it was only necessary to change one of the stars that he used and that was to a series of temples that he thought targeted Canopus. Although the Temple at Memphis dated to 5400 BC is fine when recalibrated to 3720 BC, as is the one at Anu in 5200 BC which yields a 3520 BC date (I'm guessing the one at Memphis was also built post shift which, again, is within our error factor tolerance), the four temples he has in the area of Edfu (6400 BC) and Philae (ditto) are, definitely, incorrect and even when recalibrated are beyond the pale (of creation in 4182 BC) and these are the very ones that I wanted to look at and had prompted me to track down a copy of his book.



In order to change the star the he thought the temple targeted, there must be cultural support for this change and, in fact, there is for these temples are located in the very heart of Horus worship but Canopus has anciently been connected to Osiris. Now, it just so happens that Phact was anciently the Egyptian star and constellation of Horus himself and suggests that Lockyer, on this occasion, chose the wrong star (not taking the Pole Shift into account).



These temples would date to the death of Osiris and rise of Horus and this will be born out when we recalibrate them. Now, first we subtract out the Pole Shift error factor of 1680 years which then gives us a working date of 4720 BC and now we subtract out the difference between Canopus (at -53*) and Phact (which he himself targets at -37*) which is a total of 16* and equates (x 71.5) to a difference of 1144 years which, when subtracted from our working date of 4720 BC gives us a incredible date of 3576 BC or exactly six years after the death of Osiris and the rise of Horus to avenge his old man.



That right there is the Proverbial and Archtypical Cat's Meow and serves to show the veracity of the Word of Y'hava and has substantiated both my work and Lockyer's and, in doing so, tells us exactly when Osiris and Horus trod the Egyptian soil of the Nile Delta in sandalled feet which is exactly the same time that Narmer's Palette also dates to.



You just can't get any better then that.



The Clash of the Titans With the Axial Shift the Ecliptic appeared to change which the Ancients recorded in their mythologies as the Wars of the Gods (which Santillana thought was an attempt to explain precession). The Ecliptic would now appear to be higher in some locations of the Zodiac and lower in others.



Originally, the Planets moved right through the Belt of Orion making it look like he 'sired' them into the creation egg to his left thus being the 'father' of the gods. With the Pole Shift it looked like he got castrated and thrown down to the ground. Thus, the wars between Horus and Set etc, all of which were only emphasized by the clash between Perseus (Planet X, Abaddon, the Destroyer, Apollyon, Nibiru etc) and Phaeton (Rahab, Typhon, Set, Tiamet etc) which is recorded in most of the World's Cultures under the Dragon Dismemberment Mythologies.



Tipping the Scales of Libra and sending Osiris to the Underworld (instead of Heaven) and bringing the Divine Bull down to earth to be sacrificed are some of the most obvious changes.






The Twilight of the Gods We have now come full circle, as it were, for this Axial Shift also appeared to end the Age of Taurus and start the Age of Aries too soon resulting in mythological creatures.



Pisces the Fish jumped out of the water and landed on he back of Aquarius (Oanes the Fish Man). Cephus the King (Jupiter - Zeus) changed himself into a Swan (in Aquarius). The Asses of the Sheepfold (Cancer's original picture) became Twin Satyrs complete with Musical Instruments (in the hand of one of the Twins of Gemini). Cassiopeia (Matriarchy) took the Scepter from Cephus (Patriachy). Centaur (Cain - Gilgamesh) attacks Leo the Lion and takes the Mark (of Cain - the Tav from the Cross in Libra). Sagittarius the Archer becomes a Scorpion Man (Sumerrian).






Now, all of these were used to show this Pole Shift and could have been used by the Pyramid Builders to indicate this disaster to subsequent generations but, instead, they chose a different picture to pass this information on to posterity and that is Coma in Virgo moving to the Head of Leo the Lion to become the Father of Terrors - the Sphinx.



They chose these two because when Planet X starts its approach into the inner Solar System it does so from Leo. On the Egyptian Dendera Zodiac Leo is standing on a Boat and, not only does that Boat symbolize the Orbit of Planet X it, literally, is the Orbit of Planet X in its retrograde and forward motion when it is on its approach. It exits our inner Solar System via Taurus and Aquarius. It's meeting with Phaeton concluded in Perseus at the time of the flood and they commemorated this by placing the Eye of Horus as a Planet in that location - its last know location, I might add.



So, the Egyptians not only warned us what to look for, but, also, were to look and, ominously and prophetically, they also told us when to look for it at the Twilight of Astronomy, so to speak - when the Autumn Equinox occurs in Leo.



Right exactly where it is now occurring, directly in the gaze of the Sphinx for the first time since the Summer Solstice moved out of Leo 4,000 years ago.



That's what the Pyramid fears most...






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A couple of notes need to be added since I first published the above information none of which affect the calculations or the conclusions reached previously.


First is that the original Pole Star before the Axis Shift was not Duhbe but was, in fact, the Nebula called the Cat's Eye - see my post of the same name.


Second, the Micronova that caused the Pole Shift did not occur in Vela but actually in Hydra near Crater.




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