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Topic: Tartarus : Penal Colony for the fallen Angels

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Tartarus : Penal Colony for the fallen Angels

And the Angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he has guarded in perpetual chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day....
For if God spared not the Angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and handed them over into chains of darkness to be guarded unto judgment...
Wayne Herschel has, logically, pointed out that the Pyramid Building Civilization on Earth is assuredly the Pyramid Building Civilization on Mars (and probably the Moon if there are any - there certainly are ruins on the moon as Hoagland proves) which, however, he wants to date to quite some time in the past and ascribe to Aliens from the Pleiades. The problem with this is that the Pyramid Building Civilization on Earth has a known date and that is 3K BC which is supported by the Egyptian King's Lists, Radio Carbon Dating as well as Temple Stellar Alignments and is, basically, unarguable.

This, then, logically argues for the fact that these pyramids that are on Mars were built by the Antediluvian Civilization from Earth, not from Sirius or the Pleiades or any other stellar system out there. The builders were human, not alien, but this, of course, is not as sensational as the Alien view so it doesn't get the respect it deserves even though, unlike any other view including Evolution, it fits all the facts from the Fossil Record and the Historical Records from all over the Globe.

Now, everyone assumes that Pete's reference to the Angels being cast down to Tartarus is referring to the lowest part of Hell however, when we take the Cultural Mythologies into account then we can draw a more accurate picture as to what happened before the Flood.

The name Tartarus is actually from the Norse God Tyr who gave his name and initial to Mars where the Norse letter T above is the origins for the Astronomical Symbol for the Planet.

At the Second Battle for the Tree of Life which is the subject of Narmer's Palette above, some of the Fallen Angels, who had, "left their first estate" (as Guardians of the Cedar Forest at Baalbek which was the only entrance to the Garden of Eden) to make an attempt for the Tree of Life, were subsequently captured and beheaded. They were beheaded because they had obtained some of the Fruit from the Tree of Life and had become immortal and that was the only way to ensure that they stayed dead (that's why they pickled Vlad the Impaler's head in honey).

The image above from the reverse side of Narmer's Palette also shows that nine of these enemies had been castrated and that is because they had been mating with women which was prohibited for the fallen angels.
When we take the Gilgamesh Epic into account with these artifacts and the Scriptures then we can get a fairly precise account of what occurred at that time.
Satan, who the Sumerians called Alalu (Lugal Banda of the Epic and Loki of the Norse), was also present at this battle and ended up eating the Tree of Life (i.e. Anu's Branch not his sexual organ) and, trying to regurgitate the Tree of Life actually killed him due to the Branches apparently stabbing him in vital internal organs.

Now the Dragon is immortal also and, along with the Fallen Angels, they are shipped to Mars (according to the Sumerian) and locked up until judgment day until which time they are disembodied spirits and very possibly the Council of Nine that New Agers have been 'communicating' with for some time.
They are Guarded by some of the Angels that didn't fall or possibly Antediluvian Saints who became immortal and these Guards are specifically mentioned in the verses above and are also mentioned in Jim Marrs Book, PSI Spies which, also, identifies Mars as a Penal Colony where these fallen Angels are, "in a type of suspended animation" and which they keep quarantined (which explains the dozen or so accidents involving various missions connected to Mars) and the reason they finished the Pyramid with the Face of Satan was to identify the location of their imprisonment.

The recent push to go to Mars is in order to find any Antediluvian Technology (amongst the ruins in the picture above which is the official poster for the mission) and possibly the Tree of Life itself but there is also a group of people who want to free the Dragon himself or, as Job said, who are ready to, "raise up Leviathan".
Now, if the Dragon became immortal and subsequently 'died' then, when he comes back to life his DNA will be reset and he will no longer be the cursed Serpent slithering along on the ground but, in fact, will be the Dragon again which is one of the reasons the Antichrist honors the Dragon during the tribulation and John sees him, "stand before the woman" to devour her child as soon as it is born.


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