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Topic: The Day of Creation

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The Day of Creation




I just found Zep Tepi!

I found a picture of creation by the Egyptians in Mark Lehner's Book, "The Complete Pyramids" and it shows a conjunction of the Sun, Moon and nine stars in Orion in Taurus.

Knowing the approximate date for Creation in 4182 BC I just checked for the New Moon of that Month in that year and I nailed it on the first try.

April 28, 4182 BC there is a super conjunction starting with the Sun and Moon in Orion and the rest of the planets just ahead in Gemini.


The only planet that is not represented in Jupiter over in Pisces but all the rest are right there. That has got to be the most astronomically impossible coincidence in my entire life.

I just found Zep Tepi...

Let's assume that the people who built the pyramid could afford their own security guards so they didn't bother trying to hide the real entrance to the pyramid but actually placed it in the logical location to expedite the trip of the dead to their new Heavenly home.

So, take a look at the aerial view of the Giza Plateau. You will see that what everyone calls the Valley Temple is assuredly where the embalming of the deceased was accomplished and where he would have been put on display during the wake for everyone to say their good byes and where some Priest assuredly gave a rousing eulogy for the corpse.

Then, while family, friends and curious went up onto the open top of the Temple, the poor smucks that had to cart his body to the Mortuary - otherwise known as a Necropolis in the Texts dealing with the Fifth Division of the Duat - placed the boy on a sled and pushed him up the Causeway - known as the Causeway of Happiness in the Texts which was apparently roofed over - to the Mortuary where he would lie in state until his burial in his billion dollar stone mansion.

So, think about it. Let's pretend that one of these boys who could afford to build this pyramid was a famous as, oh, lets say the Pope.

Now, are you telling me that they are gonna sneak the Pope's body out of that Temple around the corner to the 'secret' and 'secure' Northern Entrance, or back down to the Sphinx or even, as some suppose, to the Valley Temple itself.

Of course they ain't.

The real entrance to the Pyramids is right under the Mortuary Temples themselves - where one group suggests there may be an anomaly or space underneath as far as the Great Pyramid goes - which is the beginning of the journey where they immediately go underground then they have two Ways or Tunnels before them. The one - a Stairway by Land - leads up to the Burial Chamber and the other - by sea - leads in the general direction of the Subterranean Chamber but also makes its way, eventually, to the King's Chamber and this is why one group found an anomaly near the Subterranean Chamber.

As the Stairway to Heaven heads to the Chamber it would bring it near the Queen's Chamber and another group found some anomalous space behind the entrance to the Queen's Chamber and then the Stairway ends directly below the Antechamber of the King's Chamber where yet a third group has detected a large space in the pyramid.

The Ante Chamber is actually the Mechanism for opening the Door into the King's Chamber where the Body would then be interned in the Coffer.

And that is where the real entrance to the pyramid lies.

Concerning Dunn's book on the Pyramid being a Power Plant, having worked in a power plant for ten years I took an immediate interest in his work and, except for a couple of mistakes, I realized that he was correct and also that this power plant, like it or not, would need what we call a Control Room which then immediately meant there was at least one more chamber somewhere in the pyramid.

That Control Room is the Chamber that are in the area of the King and Queens Chambers that I mention.

To give you a couple of indications that Dunn is on the right track, one of the early explorers of the pyramid ended up coughing up blood (per Giza : The Truth) and that was because he was breathing in acid from the process of producing Hydrogen that is used.

However, his theory of how the power was used does not take into account the context of the Giza Plateau and is probably wrong, as is the theory that the Pyramid was a Mazor.

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Turns out that I was off by about three days as Creation occurred on a Sunday so, three days later which was the actual sighting of the New Moon was a Sunday on May 1st, 4182 BC - the very first day of creation.


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