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Topic: The Once and Future Star

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The Once and Future Star




George Michanowsky wrote in The Once and Future Star that 'The Ancient Sumerian cuneiform described a giant star exploding within a triangle formed by Zeta Puppis, Gamma Velorum and Lambda Velorum located in the southern sky.  An accurate star catalogue now stated that the blazing star that had exploded within the triangle would again be seen by man in 6000 years.


George Michanowsky was a science writer and linguist, from New York, who produced a ground-breaking book in 1977, The Once and Future Star, which explored the link between a supernova in the Vela constellation and the development of civilisation as a consequence of its radiation. He believes that this spectacular event was witnessed and recorded by the Sumerians around 4000 BC.

A refutation of Michanowsky’s views by Duane Hamacher of Missouri University is available online.



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