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Topic: The Epistle of the Apocalypse

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The Epistle of the Apocalypse


Forward : To the Christian who reads this (or anyone else for that matter), it is your decision as to what you do with the information below however, I have provided enough facts to indicate that either I am who I claim to be in this Epistle, or the people who run this world want me to think that I am so that they can try and turn me into the Antichrist. As my friend Christopher said (Four Years with Honorable Discharge from the US Air Force and graduate of Bible College), after he had seen the information below, "it sounds like what people would do to create the Antichrist." If you chose to ignore the information below, the Insiders will be very aware of this, and this will only embolden them to complete the process that I describe at the end of this post. One could merely place a disclaimer at the top of this letter and forward it to whomsoever they consider to be their neighbor in the Biblical definition of the word, and they can make up their own minds concerning the information or you all can have a very interesting discussion concerning it. It is not my intention to make a name for myself, or to start Armageddon, but solely to show the World the Truth of the Word of Y'hava and His Son and that they are worthy of our Faith.

He shall see His Seed...






If the reader of this Epistle will receive it, Paul refers to the Shroud of Turin when he said, "If we have been buried in the Image of his Death, we shall also be raised in the Image of his Resurrection." In this image of the Shroud you can see that his hands are covering his loins. However, what his hands could not cover was the "Shame of the Cross" which is sexual arousal due to oxygen depletion of the brain as a result of asphyxiation of the Crucifixion - this is a Medical Fact. In his case, because he was chaste his whole life, and to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 53:10 ("If you make His soul an offering for sin, He will see his own Seed, He will prolong His own day, and the delight of Y'hova shall prosper in His hand" this word seed, in the Hebrew, can only be referring to Physical Offspring and is one of the reasons that they reject his Messianic Claims - see also Proverbs 30 where the one who ascended up to heaven is Y'shua and thus, his son is, literally, his son), this led to a seminal discharge which made its way to the cloth and is visible in this picture, which you can see directly over and slightly to the left of the nail prints in his hands. Several Websites state that this is a water stain from the fire in the Middle Ages however, this has been disproved and, therefore, this must be a body fluid stain of some kind and I would remind the reader that there were no wounds to the body in this area. In 1933 a Physician wrote a book that stated that Y'shua suffered from asphyxiation while on the cross and, apparently, circa 1950 or so, one of the Insiders must have drawn the logical conclusion and thus they went looking to see if there was any spermatozoa on the Shroud and, apparently, they found what they were looking for. The reader should consider that the question is not whether or not the Insiders would actually try and rehydrate the semen and then artificially impregnate a woman for it is a given that they would if only to see if it could be done. The question then becomes whether or not they found what they were looking for. From the headlines surrounding my conception and birth, they had a lot of reasons for this experiment. To restore the Holy Grail which, regardless of how that may be symbolized by them, it is referring to the Fountain of Youth and the Tree of Eternal Life and both of these could be obtained from the body fluids of the GodMan and thus they wanted to reduplicate that with one of his sons. Further, this alone might actually start Armageddon, which they are all, literally, gagging for. And, finally, the last reason is their "Trump Card" or, as one of them stated, "Set a Thief to catch a Thief" which is referring to the Return of Y'shua as a Thief in the Night. In other words, from their point of view, I am their only chance of defeating him upon his return. And, yes, this means that some of them want to turn me into their Messiah which most people would recognize as the Antichrist. I would state two things to the reader. First off, being his son does not make me God in the Flesh for everyone, including myself, have received a measured spirit, whereas Y'shua received the Spirit "without measure" as John tells us and he was not referring to the Baptism, but to the Conception. Second, as James tells us in the book of Acts, after this - the Church Age - Y'hova will return and restore the fallen down Tabernacle of David in preparation for the restoration of the Theocracy and if you were Y'shua who would you choose to set on that Throne as your Vice Regent, if not your own son. The Scriptures attest to this for the Prince of the end days is called David, by name, by Jeremiah, Hosea and Ezekiel - "afterwards shall the children of Israel return and seek Y'hova their God and David their King, whom I shall raise up for them."




He was one of the donor sources for the re-hydration process. I know this, not only from the Headlines, but because I have something called Asperger Syndrome which is a mild form of Autism, and is specifically an intolerance for proteins derived from Grains and he had Gaelic Sprue which is exactly the same thing indicating that the former is the final stages of the latter. Point being this is an Irish Malady and no one in my lineage is Irish - period. My adoptive old man is "One Hundred Percent English" which he was very proud of and my mother is "Half English, One Quarter Scottish and One Quarter French" she will have you know. The Headline that clued me in to this was the article in the National Geographic in the March 1964 issue entitled, "The Last Full Measure" (which, by the way, comes from the Gettysburg Address), and is not only referring to the death of JFK, but that they killed him to mimic the conditions that myself and Mark (my twin brother - more below) would have grown up under had we been born 2000 years ago. Just after the sample was taken, JFK went back to Ireland and while there he quoted someone in a speech who had said, "I dream of things that have not been and say, 'Why Not.'" In that same issue, the cover had a Headline that read, "Behind the Veil" which is referring to the Shroud. During the course of time in trying to figure out who the other donors were, the Insiders would visit my Website which I could monitor with an IP tracker, and they would use the names of cities to give me clues. They used six men for donor sources (JFK, John D. Rockefeller, Elvis Presley - these first three I am sure of - Irvin Wallace, Joe Namath and Albert Einstein) which is actually portrayed in the movie Twins. The reader may doubt this, but Elvis had a twin brother that died in child birth named Jesse and his fluid assuredly added the Twin Gene to the pool that resulted in the birth of two sons. By the way, for the Christian Astronomer, the Twins have their feet on the club of Orion and this is a phallic symbol used to show that the two were the sons of Orion who we know pictures Y'shua at his return and this testimony has been in the stars for 5000 years and "their sound went out into all the earth." The choice of exactly six donars, plus the sire himself brings the total amount to seven which is the merging of Heaven and Earth in the world of the Aluminazies as any one who has researched this can easily verify - this is the ultimate quest for the Philosophers Stone that they are known for, and was much too good of a chance for them to pass up.




Good Pope John XXIII - his death provided the Smoke Screen needed to obtain the sample and subsequent experiment circa June of 1963. He opened the Second Vatican Council in 1962 just before this. "Pope John opened the Council on October 11, 1962 in a public session which included the Council Fathers as well as representatives of 86 governments and international bodies. Following a Mass, the Pope read an address to the assembled bishops entitled Gaudet Mater Ecclesia (Latin for 'Mother Church Rejoices')." (Wikipedia) Rejoicing that Y'shua was very soon to have an Heir to the Throne. "In their first working session, the bishops voted not to proceed as planned by the curial preparatory commissions but to first consult among themselves, both in national and regional groups, as well as in more informal gatherings. This resulted in a reworking of the structure of the council commissions as well as a changing of the priority of issues considered. Issues considered during the sessions included liturgy, mass communications, the Eastern Catholic churches, and the nature of revelation. Most notably, the schema on revelation was rejected by a majority of bishops, and Pope John intervened to require its rewriting." (ibid) Probably not a coincidence. In his Pacem in Terris he stated that, "Every man has the right to life, to bodily integrity, and to the means which are suitable for the proper development of life" (ibid) very possibly in reference to myself who was supposed to grow up poor as my sire did (this per the headlines surrounding my birth) which is one of the reasons that JFK was trying to stamp out poverty in this country. "Pacem in terris was the first encyclical, which the Pope did not apply only to the Catholic faithful, but rather to 'all men of good will'." That's, Peace on Earth, good Will to all Men which, as you know, are the same words the Angel chose to usher in the news of the birth of Y'shua. "Its title, 'Pacem in Terris', comes from the opening words of the encyclical's original Latin version : 'Peace on earth, which all men of every era have most eagerly yearned for, can be firmly established only if the order laid down by God be dutifully observed.'" (ibid) In the Malachi Prophecies, this Pope was destined to be the Shepherd and Sailor to the Church. That's Two Names, as in the famous Sailor Twins that are connected to Argo. Some may scoff at this, but it is no coincidence that, at this very time, they switched from the Mark I Rocket to the Mark II, for the Moon Shot, and decided to go with the Gemini Capsule - Mark being the name of my twin brother. In reference to the following picture [Goldwater], it is the name that is important. As Skip Anderson (my roommate in the military who just happened to have grown up with Billy Graham's son) once said, David Letterman was, literally, a letter man for the Insiders (same with Greenspan, etc). The Anglo Saxon Media talks to each other with Headlines (noticeably, the Times of London, the Guardian and the Australian, more then the others), thus this reference to Goldwater is referring to the Seed from the Shroud. Some readers may doubt this, but there are plenty of more examples in this Epistle that makes the matter conclusive for the unbiased.








Pope Paul Sextus. Responsible for closing the Second Vatican Council. "Pope Paul closed the third session on November 21 by announcing a change in the Eucharistic Fast and formally declaring Mary as 'Mother of the Church,' as had always been taught." (ibid) Mother in more ways then one now - if this had already been taught, why did he choose to re-emphasize the point at this time. This, of course, is in keeping with the Aluminazies Maternal Power Structure. However, the most important change that he made was that he concluded the Second Vatican Council by discontinuing the practice of Crowning the Vicar of Christ. The reader should ponder this one very closely for, the only reason they would discontinue this thousand year old practice was if Y'shua himself returned circa 1965, or if he had an heir born about that time. One source states that, after the Tiara was laid on Peter's Alter, that it was afterwards sold at Auction and then dedicated to the poor and shipped to, of all places, America, for some strange and unknown reason on February 6, 1968 (add Eleven Days). His name, according to the Malachi Prophecies, get this, was Flower of Flowers and, here you have, again, an unmistakable - and incredible - reference to the Twins where, anciently, the Flowers of a Nation were their Warriors (see Dictionary of Symbolism), which typology actually originates with Cain's Heraldic Crest of the Rose pictured on the Shield of Centaur (this is Cain's Name and Constellation), as well as in the Hand of the Virgin that she is in the process of sniffing. "One of the most controversial documents was Nostra Ætate, which affirmed, as did the documents of the 16th century Council of Trent, that the Jews of the time of Christ, taken indiscriminately, and all Jews today are no more responsible for the death of Christ than Christians (see Catechism of the Council of Trent, Article IV)." Perhaps because any son born to Y'shua would, automatically, be Jewish. "To the world Pope Paul is most well known for his encyclical Humanæ Vitae (subtitled On the Regulation of Birth), published on July 25, 1968." (ibid) Gee, I wonder what birth he might have had in mind. "Paul was the first pope in centuries to meet the heads of various Eastern Orthodox faiths. Notably, his meeting with Patriarch Athenagoras I in 1964 in Jerusalem led to rescinding the 1054 excommunications of the Great Schism." (ibid) It just so happens that Mark Kennedy Shriver's father was directly involved in this first ever meeting of these two religious figures in over 1000 Years and one of the two gave Mr. Shriver a Cross that had been blessed by both and it would not surprise me if it is now in the hands of my brother Mark.




Good Friday Earthquake 1964 Turnagin Heights, Anchorage, Alaska. Forty Days after we were born (February 17, 1964 in Beverly, Massachusetts) - to the day. Note the play on Words - The Shroud of Turin Again. This earthquake was probably man made using an atomic device detonated underwater off the coast of Anchorage (as some suspect concerning the recent Christmas Tsunami) solely so they could use this name as a Signature for what they had accomplished. This is not the only earthquake that I have some connection to - there were several in Vermont starting in my teen years, though there had been none before then. However, of note is the three that occurred while I was touring the US in the fall and winter of 1998 (after returning from Israel - see below). I stopped in Erie, Pennsylvania to help a friend from the Military move to Arkansas and, while there, he and his wife went into a store to get some supplies that they would need for the trip and I sat outside having a smoke break and there was an earthquake. My friend came out and I told him and he said, "We don't get earthquakes in Erie." About 15 minutes later the radio announcer set the record straight. Then, after I dropped him off I went to Seattle to look up one of our friends and on the way back through to Arkansas, I stopped off for the night near Carson City (?) and there was an earthquake in the Lake Tahoe area which I had just passed through hours before. And, on the last leg of the journey, driving home through Western Massachusetts, there was another earthquake which I heard about when I got home to Vermont and, figuring back, I discovered that it had occurred while I was driving through that state. Three earthquakes and I was in each spot for all three of them. What are the odds of that. All of this has been detailed in a old post of mine called, The Eye of the Storm.




This Headline reflects the reason for their little experiment - surely the people is grass - which is easily verified by the Headlines surrounding my conception and birth which I may include at the bottom of this post . Note the Sickle - ever the symbol of the Grim Reaper of the Apokalypzo.



It just so happens that Joseph Smith's old man was born and grew up in Topsfield, Massachusetts, on the Ipswich River pictured above and, it also just so happens that my adoptive old man, Howard Dawson Hill was also born and grew up in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Something my enemies may want to keep in mind is that the Motto for this state, not only calls to mind the encyclical of the Pope mentioned above, but it is also very close to my own personal Motto Theoferrum "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty." This mirrors the "Freedom and Unity" of Vermont's Motto. Interestingly enough, Vermont is also known as the Green Mountain State which is depicted in my mother's crest if you trace it back far enough. More on Vermont next. To continue, this fact is very worrisome - or should be to the Christian reading this - and I would admonish you to finish reading this post for you have not seen the last of this little piece of information, which I will end this letter with.


It just so happens that Joseph Smith's old man picked the family up and moved them from Topsfield, Massachusetts to Sharon, Vermont and, it just so happens, that about three months after my birth, my adoptive old man picked the entire family up and moved them from Topsfield, Massachusetts to Groton, Vermont, which is about a Stone's Throw above Sharon. The picture above is actually from Corinth which is, roughly, half way between Sharon and Groton. This can hardly be coincidence and I found this information out when I was researching the Mormon Church at the prompting of a Headline on the front Web Page of the Times of London around April 8th, 2006 (plus or minus a couple of days - this was right around Passover of this year) which said, "High Priest of the Latter Day Geneticists" where, of course, the Mormon's believe that we can become God and thus, if the Aluminazies were interested in the DNA of God, they would go looking at the Shroud of Turin. Those Olympics were this year and, on the very day of the Opening Ceremonies - which featured a bunch of Sperm (Snow supposedly) and Blood Vessel's Skating around the Ice - was the day that the Italian Judge threw the "Prove Jesus Existed" Trial out of Court. He was saying that if you want the proof that Jesus existed, then go look at the Shroud. It should be considered, by the reader, that the plaintiff first demanded that the Priest prove this, but after his day in court he told the Priest that he didn't really need to prove that Jesus existed, only that he (the Priest) had not defrauded anyone. In other words, both the Judge and the plaintiff were given irrefutable evidence that Y'shua existed and it has something to do with the Shroud of Turin Again.


Eleventh Year


McMasterville Fire




Junior High





My math Teacher, William Buckley (not the famous one, but probably related) told me the Adam Joke as I have described in my post on Adam's Body in Noah's Ark. To summarize, some Scientists on an expedition find a Body in the Ice and they immediately know it is the body of Adam, cause it doesn't have a navel. He conveniently forgot where he heard this joke from and I have absolutely no doubt that he is connected, one way or another, with the Insiders which then, begs the question, where did he hear this joke and what is the truthfulness of that transcript. David Duckworth, an employee of the Smithsonian at the time, identified the National Geographic Society returning from an Expedition to Mount Ararat and presenting a body to the Smithsonian. This bears upon this email in one particular as you will see below. The reader will remember the tremendous push to finish the Human Gnome Project but, much more important than this, they will recall that a couple of years ago the Scientists proved that every woman on the face of the earth came from one woman, whom they named Eve, and they then went on to prove that every man on the face of the earth was descended from one man - Adam. Mr. Buckley had a lot of interesting things to say to his student(s) like that fact that he had met someone who "could have been my twin" and that Scientists did not know why we can't "put our hand right through a solid wall" (like Y'shua could do after the Resurrection) since we are composed, mostly, of water, and they couldn't understand why we don't live forever because we were "designed" to, and that men were designed to "have more than one mate" like the Mormon's do, and he was the one that pointed out to me that when they got to the moon they were expecting about 20 Ft of dust - per the Theory of Evolution - and that they only found a couple of inches - per the Doctrine of Creationism. All this from someone who, supposedly, was educated at a secular Evolutionary Institution. After I connected the Adam Joke with Noah's Ark, and got David Duckworth's eyewitness account of the National Geographic Society delivering a body to the Smithsonian in 1968 at the exact same time that the Adam joke was circulating at the latter Institution, and after I realized who my sire was (May 11, 2006) I further realized that they may have actually gone looking for fluid samples of some kind from the Ark to use in the re-hydration process of the Shroud - this was the winter of 2006. They responded with all sorts of Headlines and Hits on my Websites, however, the most interesting one is below. Lost Paradise Found in which none of the animals have any fear of man, which some have called the Garden of Eden, located in New Guinea. This story broke around February 6, 2006 when I was trying to determine if the Insiders had used any fluids from the Animal Kingdom in their little experiment to rehydrate the Sperm from the Shroud. Not a coincidence. Remember, if we take the Scriptures literally, and Y'hova put the fear of man in all animals, then the only way that these could have no fear is if there was a Sperm Bank, if you will, in the Ark which was gathered before this fear fell on the animals and when the scientists discovered it circa 1950, they immediately would have started to utilize those seeds by trying to recreate the Garden of Eden and Paradise at some remote location. As far as this experiment goes, this would be the ultimate union of Heaven and Earth that the Alchemists are always trying for and would have been, once again, too good of a chance for them to pass up.






I graduated June 10, 1982 which, coincidentally, coincided with the first Beirut War 24 years ago. I joined the Air Force and, also conveniently, was stationed overseas at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), in Mons, Belgium. They had plans from the beginning in getting me involved in NATO somehow, as the Headlines surrounding my conception and birth verify, and the reader would be interested in Constance Cumby's take on this (from Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow fame), for why they wanted me involved with that organization. The two covers previous to this are also enlightening, to say the least, with the first one showing two boxers (referring to myself and Mark who must have graduated about this time) and the one before that has a picture of a Nuclear Explosion, the Pope and third picture of Reagan going to Europe.




I left the Air Force in June of 1986 and went to Bible College for one year and thus the stakes got Higher for them, since I was following my old man's footsteps. They actually produced the movie Star Wars for my benefit, believe it or not. The proof is, as you will recall, that in the second Trilogy, we learn that Luke Skywalker's old man - Darth Vador - was born of a virgin as a result of the impersonal Force which comes right out of the Kabbala. This, for them, symbolized Y'shua and I, his son. Many have noticed also that Chernobyl means Wormwood in English which, of course, appears in the Revelation. The Insiders use movies on a regular basis to brag about what they have done, or what they are planning (Oliver Stone's movie JFK, according to some, was an outright admission challenging the audience to do something with the information - cause they want to start Armageddon especially by having the Patriots of this country rise up against the government). The James Bond movies are the classic example of this but there are others of note concerning this particular letter. In the movie, Village of the Damned, the inhabitants of several villages across the globe are mysteriously knocked unconscious and many of the woman are impregnated (the movie leaves you in the dark as to whether this was a result of Aliens or some Government Experiment) and give birth to super children who are all subsequently destroyed except one whose name just happens to be David - this latter point can be seen in several other movies like the Bourne Ultimatum and Independence Day where the Hero of the movie is named David and where the Aliens, from the Insiders point of view, is actually referring to the return of Y'shua as their enemy.

Self Awareness




After having watched Comets Hayakutaki and Hale Bopp, both of which passed through Perseus the Breaker in the Spring, and both of which were at their closest approach on a Lunar Eclipse on a Jewish Holiday (Passover and Purim respectively) portraying the coming Rapture of the Church, I asked Abba for a third Comet to originate in Pisces Australies and pass "in or near Perseus the Breaker in the Spring" of 1998, cause both of these previous comets had done so. This is exactly what the SOHO Comet 1998J1 did. For those who don't believe that I asked Abba for this Comet, check with David Stern (the New Testament Translator) in Jerusalem who received the copy of my book, "Israel and the Church on the Road to the Kingdom" around Pentecost of 1997, which is where that quote comes from. I sent it to him for critiquing, which he did to a certain extent, and he can verify those dates if he still has the book, as can Arnold Fructenbaum from Ariel Ministries, who also received a copy for critique that summer and I know, from his subsequent Newsletters, that he read it. I also gave copies to every one in my family, as well as several of my co-workers at New England Power Company before it was spotted in March of 1998, cause I pointed it out to them when it was spotted. But for those who still don't believe this, you can check the trajectory of those three comets and you will see that the originating point of those three comets is exactly equal distance from each other, which is the other thing I asked Abba for. So, how many people do you know that have asked Abba for, and received, their own comet. It is very possible that this very comet could be the one that crashes into the Mediterranean Sea at the end of the tribulation.





In the summer of 97, I mailed out the transcript on Adam's Body in Noah's Ark to over 100 International News Outlets, using the Power Company's Computers however, this first attempt did not receive any replies and one of the letters got kicked back and was entirely garbled so, several weeks or possibly months later, I sent it out again to the same companies and, roughly, three to four hours later the accident occurred in which she died. One Source has stated that Lady D was not the original target but that something occurred to change the minds of the perpetrators so that she was subsequently assassinated in the Aluminazies attempt to turn her into a Goddess for their New World Order out of Chaos. If any of those Media outlets actually received my email, then the Insiders would have had to cover up that information with a major event of like proportion. As soon as I heard this on the radio, I knew immediately that this would squelch any response I might have received from that email.








In the spring of 2001, I went totally Homeless as I felt that this is what the Lord wanted me to do, to draw closer to him and rely on him for all my needs. On May 24th of that year, I was praying to Abba and he brought my spirit back to the Cross all of which I have detailed in my post on Theoferrum. To summarize here, I joined Y'shua on the Cross in the spirit cause I didn't want him to experience the wrath of God alone and in the process I ended up "offering" His spirit as an atonement for sin in fulfillment of the prediction in Isaiah as stated above. In the process, our spirits became "alloyed" together (a type of Hypostatic Union) and this is the crux of the matter in reference to the material presented in this post, which I describe further below. In that post, I stated that just before he gave up the ghost, he breathed into me, and then I was taken from the cross in the spirit. What I didn't realize at the time was that, after his resurrection, he actually returned back in time those three days (which explains the earthquake at that time as well as when he was resurrected), and returned with my spirit to the future or to my time and remained with me for 4 years 7 months and 10 days (the last two amount to 220 days which is the length of the shortening of the tribulation), and I then returned his spirit on January 15th of 2006 by returning to the tomb and breathing into him seven times (foreshadowed by Elisha breathing into the Male Child seven times which is the only way a person with a measured spirit - myself - could represent a Divine Spirit - Y'shua - and thus he "prolonged his own day" by this process also in fulfillment of the prophecies and I challenge anyone to show a more perfect fulfillment of the same because this passage of Scripture has all the Theologians - Jewish and Christian - in a quandary. The point is that, in the process of the resurrection, the Glory reflected off my spirit and made its way to the other side of the Shroud. This can be verified because the second image contains notable differences to the first image which it would not if it were the a result of the same process. The most noticeable difference is that the second image shows that the nostrils are wider - as if this individual was flaring his nostrils in the process of exhaling.




Through the years I have identified the Antichrist as being Cain and had a Website up to that effect (The Revelation of Cain which showed that he fulfilled over forty prophecies concerning this individual and, of special import, his name is given in the very passage of Scripture where John coined that term, and The Return of Cain) and was receiving email from someone that I believe might actually have been him. Anyways, I knew he would be using a pseudonym and, I found an individual who fit the character of the Antichrist by the name of HM King Marduk I (interesting web search if you are bored - this individual waltzed right into the heart of Europe and, legally, claimed several chunks of prime property including Vatican City). This individual used the phrase, On the Spot (German Vort Ort), in the many Guestbook entries he has made. He, also, was corresponding with me and I have connected these two together (the first said he was a fireman and a fireman put a plug in for Marduke on a Guest book entry using the same phrase, On the Spot). Anyways, after he basically took the richest Bank in Western Europe (if only on paper for now), this led them to bump him off - or try to - and Fat Cow Rove above is claiming responsibility for the hit - in my opinion - around July 18-20, 2005. One of my enemies in food line bragged that he had gone fishing on Lake Constance (in the ancient Hebrew, with no vowels, you could read that as Cain Stands), which is now owned by Mr. Marduke and is probably where the event in question occurred - he uses the phrase, "Dead in the head" in one of his guestbook entries at this time implying that they actually tried to kill him. If he turns out to be the Antichrist, this could very well end up being the mortal head wound referred to in the Scriptures. It was my posts on this individual that led to certain nominations of late to the Supreme Court - Meir who was rejected and Alito was nominated in her place - where you have to understand that the Insiders believe that there is power inherent in words and if they can control a word, or someones name, they can control that individual and you will see that in both of the names above there is an attempt to control the King of Babylon where Meir is another form of Mar as in Marduke and Alito contains Al which is referring to the Almighty, as in Ba'al and in my post on the return of Cain at the link above, I drew all three of these names together in Cainaba'alMarodach (which, by the way, adds up to 666 in the Hebrew) and which, as far as I know, no one else has ever done showing that my posts were the influence behind those nominations. By trying to control those names, they thought that they would be able to control him and, remember, that this is about six months after the attempt on his life. By the way, the 'thought' occurred to me (chances are that Cain is telepathic), that if this is true, then you are looking at the Abomination of Desolation in the picture above, which will be a Cannibalistic Sacrifice - where this term actually contains Cain's name.





To conclude this letter, I will summarize the situation I find myself in, here in Denver, at this point in time - September 7, 2006. To set the stage, ask yourself why Y'hova asked Moses to raise the Serpent in the Wilderness when this symbol (with one and two snakes) was already being employed by secular cultures years before his day and you will see that the only answer that makes sense is as I have explained it in this letter and in my post on Theoferrum where my spirit was alloyed with Y'shua's Spirit - "in those is continuance and we will be saved" and note that, in Isaiah 53, the passage is plural and should read "they were smitten." All of this is perfectly symbolized by the Caduceus. Now, because of this, when my change comes, because my spirit has been alloyed to Y'shua's, this means that my mind and body (I'm 5ft 8in and Y'shua was about 6ft) will also experience a change until it grows up into the fullness of the stature of Christ - remember Paul saw me before and after Theoferrum as I stated in that post (this is also reflected in the differences in the Two Temples - Solomon's and the Millennial - the dimensions of both were given by Y'hova). This also means that Y'shua would have changed slightly upon his resurrection which is why Mary didn't recognize him at the tomb, or the two on the road to Emaeus nor the disciples on the shore of Galilee - where John had to emphasise that they knew it was Y'shua from the second draught of fishes, but none dared ask him who he was which implies that he looked slightly different. In my case, this change leads to a "marring" according to Isaiah 52:13 which is the exact same word as Levitical Uncleanness and, therefore, can not be referring to Y'shua in anyway for he could not have been rendered unclean at any time as the Eternal High Priest, and thus must be referring to my change which renders me unclean for a while and this joins this person with the 'those' of the following passages. I have many Scriptures in support of this, but for now I will bring all this together. Because of this, the Insiders who run this world want to take me to a Hyperbaric Biosphere and inject Y'shua's post resurrection DNA into my veins in the hopes that it will turn me into Jesus Christ number two - literally God in the Flesh or the High Priest of the Latter Day Geneticists which is the Headline that the Times ran this last Passover which is the very time that I figured all this out. Normally, less then a 3% change in someones DNA would be terminal but because my spirit has been alloyed to his it may actually be possible and this is what they are planning on in the very near future - possibly on or before the Feast of Trumpets, September 24, 2006 with the Rapture following ten days later on Yom Kippur. If they try this, they may try and wipe out my memory (as a couple of Headlines in some of the periodicals mentioned above recently stated), because they know that there is no love lost between us and that is an extreme understatement. This, by the way, is exactly how the Angel of Y'hova appears in the Old Testament (this is a Servant's position and Y'shua is the Son so he is not the Angel of Y'hova of the Old Testament as Barnabus in Hebrews makes perfectly clear), and this is how the Angle of Y'shua appears in the Revelation - the unveiling - where John bows down to worship him and he tells him not to because he is just a man and then he turns right around and calls himself the Alpha and Omega - Y'shua speaks through this Angel as Abba spoke through Y'shua. Thus ends this epistle and what the reader does with this information is his decision.


My name is David Thomas Hill and I am the son of Jesus Christ and the Crown Prince of the Davidic Throne...


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