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Topic: The Incarnation and the Hypostatic Union

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The Incarnation and the Hypostatic Union


Shortly after I discovered I was Y'shua's son I thought through the two doctrines of the Incarnation and the Hypostatic Union because, of course, one of the questions presented was, if Y'shua is 100% God in the Flesh, would his children also be God.

The answer is in the negative and here is a summary of why.

The spirit is contained by the male and is passed on through procreation - see the verse in Malachi which states that the man contains the "reservoir of the spirit" (KJV is residue) - and the woman contributes all the building blocks for life but not the spirit.

Thus the sin nature is passed on through the male lineage, not the female which is why Y'hova went with a virgin birth to avoid this. If you say that sin is passed on through the female then you must needs teach the Immaculate Conception of Mary as do the Catholics, in order for your theology to ensure that Y'shua was sinless.

The Doctrine of the Incarnation simply states, correctly, that God the Son took on a Human Body and was verily 100% God in the Flesh. This is what John was referring to when he said that Y'shua "received the Spirit without measure" (he was not referring to his Baptism as I originally believed). In other words, at his conception, Y'shua was 100% God in the Flesh.

Now, the subsequent doctrine of the Hypostatic Union states that he received both a Divine and a Human spirit but with no co-mingling of the two natures and this is actually incorrect.

The reason why is because God's Spirit and man's spirit are - in nature and essence - exactly the same except ours is 'measured' and God's is not. God is all knowing and we know a little, God is all present and we are present in one location, God is all powerful and we have a certain amount of power and God is All Loving and we love a little but in nature and essence our spirits are the same which is why the same word - in the Hebrew and Greek - is used for both God's Spirit - Nephesh - and man's spirit - nephesh.

Thus, to say that if Y'shua did not receive a human spirit would make him 'less then human' is an erroneous statement devoid of the proper understanding of the nature of the Spirit. By receiving the Divine Spirit makes him Supra Human and not Sub Human because he 'lacks' a 'human' spirit for the spirits are all the same except for the measure.

Now, however, all that stated, just after Theoferrum I stated that, if God wanted to, he could cleanse a man's spirit and alloy it to his Divine Spirit and this is, in fact, exactly what occurred at Theoferrum and thus, Y'shua and I were Hypostatically joined together without any commingling of the two natures - we both retain our own individuality, etc. It was as if God knew that some would ascribe to the Hypostatic Union and so he went out of his way to ensure as many people as possible the opportunity to repent so, he joined our two spirits together in a Hypostatic Union. Y'shua was God clothed with Humanity and I am a man who has been clothed with Divinity which will eventually be accomplished in my mind and body as well to become the Angel of Y'hova (as he appears in the Old and New Testament especially in Revelation) or the Angel of the Presence, Metatron and, most interestingly, Abba Don (God's Judge similarly to Daniel).

Now, getting back to the subject at hand, all of his physical offspring would have received a measured spirit through the procreation process and would, therefore, not be 100% God and, because of this, in theory they would be open to the potential of a sin nature via the donors that were used - in my case I have inherited the sin nature from 24 Genetic Sires from the Human realm that I have felt in my life.

And, once again, this Hypostatic Union between myself and Y'shua is actually proven by the 24 Elders that surround the Throne of God in Revelation for, in the days of Isaiah, these men were no where around and yet after the Crucifixion, when John was caught up to heaven, there they were and when we realize that the Throne of Y'hova is actually symbolic of the very nature and essence of the God Head, then, in theory, some change must have occurred to at least one member of the Triunity and the only thing that explains it is that I - whose DNA is made up of 24 Genetic Sires who donated their seminal fluid in order to rehydrate the Spermatozoa from my actual Sire Y'shua - was alloyed to Y'shua and thus those 24 sires made a part of Y'shua's Genetic DNA at his resurrection.

As a foot note to the Hypostatic Union, this Doctrine was actually a result of the Church's reaction to the Teaching of Apollinaris circa 378 AD and some have accused me of reviving his doctrine however, this is not even close to what I am saying.

I just picked up a book at the Los Angeles Central Library which is the History of the Church by Theodoretus who was familiar with that individual's teaching and, basically, it was a case of Gnosticim gone from bad to worse.

Apollinaris taught that "the soul is excluded from salvation" because it was immersed in sin and, therefore, Y'shua would not have had a human soul. This lacks understanding of the total person - Spirit, Mind and Body. The Hebrews saw absolutely no dichotomy or tricodomy between the various parts of the person and to divide it as he and others do is illogical.

People think that they understand the Spirit as well as the physical Body however the Soul which is the middle ground between the two has always been misunderstood, perhaps by everyone other than Y'shua.

Point is that the Mind is basically part of the body and is the Soul and, really, both are animated by the Spirit. Without the Spirit there is no life. With the Spirit there is life. Y'shua, as a complete man had a human body and a human soul because the latter is just an extension of the former. He, however, had a Divine Unmeasured Spirit animating the first two and this did not make him sub human but Supra Human - a man in every sense that we are except no sin nature was passed on and he is verily God in the Flesh.

In other words he had a 100% Human Nature (body and soul) with a Divine Spirit and that is the result of the Incarnation.

Thus, there was really no need for the Doctrine of the Hypostatic Union until Theoferrum when both of our spirits were alloyed together with no comingling of the two natures.

Thus, I certainly do not teach Apollinarianism.


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