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Topic: Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

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Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary


Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:34:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Hill"
Subject: Testing the Waters

Shalom Doctors,

My name is David T. Hill and I found the College that you teach at via a book that I found a couple of days ago written by Dr. Bruce Shelly entitled, "The Cross and the Flame" published back in 1967 and from there I found your website which is where I discovered your email addresses as well as the books you have published through the years - believe I remember the ones that were published on the New Age by Dr.Groothuis.

I am not sure how I want to approach this subject however, I feel that I should at least make an attempt, since I am currently residing in the City of Denver. I have made other attempts to present this material to other experts but perhaps I did not present the material in a professional manner which I chalk up to my Asperger Syndrome and not the people's attitudes that I tried to engage.

The subject is of such a nature that it will embrace most of the major branches of Theology at one point or another, which is why I included all of your respective emails and it is also of such a nature that it requires the professional attention that one finds at your level of education and I would appreciate any help you could afford me in this regard.

I am referring to the passage of Isaiah 53 and specifically the verse that says, "If you make His Soul an Offering for Sin, He will see His own seed."

As most of you must be aware, the Word 'seed' that is used is Zara and the Hebrew Translators will state that this word is only used of physical seed and, therefore, they state that Y'shua was not the Messiah because He left no issue that the world is aware of.

There are, therefore, at least two 'problems' for the Christian Theologian with this passage and that is, Who offered up Y'shua as the Atoning Sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world and, secondly, how are we, then, to interpret the word 'zara.'

I would remind you, Gentlemen, that in that same passage of Scripture, which the King James translates as, "He was smitten" is actually in the plural and should correctly be translated as, "they were smitten" indicating, strongly, that, since Y'shua was offered up through the Eternal Spirit, that there was actually someone else at the cross at the time in the spirit that made that offering.

With that as introduction, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to read the material below - which I have supported with about 500 Scripture References - and critique it with the Word of Y'hova. It is the form of a prayer that I experienced several years ago now and I am fully persuaded that it is the Biblical fulfillment of Isaiah 53:10 and destined to revolutionize the Christian and Jewish worlds - and the rest of the world for that matter.

After this experience, I immersed myself in the word of Y'hava to see if the prayer/vision contradicted the Scriptures and found that, in actuality, it was fully supported by the same and the studies that I performed at that time are contained at the URL that I include after the Prayer for there is too much information contained therein to include in this already lengthy letter and I fear that if I include it all in an attachment that you will all delete it out of hand, as is the common practice of many people these days due to computer viruses.

I understand, Doctors, that you all are very busy at this time of year with the start of a new semester at the school and will understand if you can not give this the attention that I think it deserves.


David T. Hill

[message truncated]

Post Script : I never heard back from any of them.


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