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Topic: Many were astonished at you : The Marring of Isaiah 52:13

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Many were astonished at you : The Marring of Isaiah 52:13


Editor's Note : November 9, 2007 : The Reader should read Theoferrum Crucibulum first otherwise this post will make no sense to you.


The Marring and My Change

I would remind the reader that none of the Apostles ever applied the torture of the beatings and crucifixion to the marring of that passage and, in fact, the only Apostle that makes reference to it - Paul - does so only in a secondary manner in reference to the Preaching of the Gospel, which can be proven because no king of the earth has ever seen the resurrected Savior and thus, the primary application of the verse cannot be to Y'shua and thus it must be fulfilled in someone else.

Further, only two of the Church Fathers (as I recall they both started with an I and must be, therefore, Ignatious and Ireaneus) refer to the passage at all and both of them - without Apostolic Authority - equate it to the change that he went through at his Incarnation and not as a result of the crucifixion as is the common teaching today.


The Conditions of My Change

In reference to my change - this will be, in theory, roughly 25 years before the tribulation begins and is a transitionary stage for myself and, also in theory, I should be exactly like Y'shua was before he was taken up to heaven and back in time before he started his ministry.

In this condition, I believe that he was able to walk through walls, on water, disappear and reappear and probably was able to move about the planet if he wanted, just by thinking about it.

He could probably read peoples minds and even travel back in time via the spirit.

All these things and more he could probably do and I will, in theory, be able to 'grow my wings' if you will during this transition period.

The Location of My Change

There is a possibility that I will be translated to paradise - sheol  - until my youth is renewed to the point where the pituitary gland kicks back in and then my spirit - which has already been alloyed to Y'shua's Divine Spirit in a virtual Hypostatic Union - will automatically connect to my mind and body which will then go through the actual change.  From the Womb of the Morning you have the dew of your youth.

The proof that it will occur in paradise comes from King David's use of the phrase "lowest parts of the earth" which he uses exactly twice and, when taken together indicate that he was definitely referring to sheol.

Ps 139:15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

That is actually the definitive verse on the Tempering or my change as described in Isaiah 52:13 and he then goes on to use this phrase concerning hell in Ps 63:9 concerning his enemies.

He shall drink by the brook in the way and thus will lift up the head where, believe it or not, the word used for 'lift up' is the same word that the Hebrews used to describe someone who is taller then other people and part of my change will be, "growing up into the fullness of the stature of Christ" or going from five foot eight to six foot three or more.

The Scriptural proof of My Change

To set the stage, ask yourself why Y'hava asked Moses to raise the Serpent in the Wilderness when this symbol (with both one and two snakes) was already being employed by secular cultures years before his day and you will see that the only answer that makes sense is as I have explained it in this letter and in my post on Theoferrum where my spirit was alloyed with Y'shua's Spirit - "in those is continuance and we will be saved" and note that, in Isaiah 53, the passage is plural and should read "they were smitten."

All of this is perfectly symbolized by the Caduceus.

Now, because of this, when my change comes, because my spirit has been alloyed to Y'shua's, this means that my mind and body (I'm 5ft 8in and Y'shua was about 6ft) will also experience a change until it grows up into the fullness of the stature of Christ - remember Paul saw me before and after Theoferrum as I stated in that post (this is also reflected in the differences in the Two Temples - Solomon's and the Millennial - the dimensions of both were given by Y'hova).

This also means that Y'shua would have changed slightly upon his resurrection which is why Mary didn't recognize him at the tomb, or the two on the road to Emaeus nor the disciples on the shore of Galilee - where John had to emphasis that they knew it was Y'shua from the second draught of fishes, but none dared ask him who he was which implies that he looked slightly different.

In my case, this change leads to a "marring" according to Isaiah 52:13 which is the exact same word as Levitical Uncleanness and, therefore, can not be referring to Y'shua in anyway for he could not have been rendered unclean at any time as the Eternal High Priest, and thus must be referring to my change which renders me unclean for a while and this joins this person with the 'those' of the following passages.

Because of this, the Insiders who run this world want to turn me into Jesus Christ number two - literally God in the Flesh or the High Priest of the Latter Day Geneticists which is the Headline that the Times ran this last Passover which is the very time that I figured all this out.

Normally, less then a 3% change in someone's DNA would be terminal but because my spirit has been alloyed to his it may actually be possible and this is what they are planning on in the very near future.

If they try this, they may try and wipe out my memory (as a couple of Headlines in some of the periodicals mentioned above recently stated), because they know that there is no love lost between us and that is an extreme understatement.

Editor's Note : May 9, 2010 :

In other words, they knew Y'shua fulfilled the 53rd chapter of Isaiah and since this passage stands in such close proximity to it they believed that he fulfilled that passage as well though they could not see the result in the torture he sustained and decided it must be referring to the Incarnation itself. They failed to realize that there is a second individual mentioned in the passage that actually offers Y'shua up as that sacrifice and is referred to in the passage, as stated, where it should be properly translated, "they were smitten." Thus, the belief that Y'shua was marred from the beatings he received was a result of subsequent Church teaching and was not derived from any of the Apostles themselves.

Both the passage in 52:13 and 53:10 actually use the word You - "Your visage was so marred, more then any man" and "If You offer His Soul an Offering for Sin" and, it is obvious that the same person is being referred to in both those passages - Grammatically it can be no other way - and this is the person who makes "His Soul" referring to Y'shua, as an Offering and together with him they are the ones who were smitten and all of this occurs while Y'shua is on the Cross - there is no other possible interpretation especially when you consider the word "zera" or "seed" that is used which can only be interpreted literally, as the Jews have proven. Thus the person who offers him as a sacrifice is his own son.

With that in mind, then this marring must be referring to my change which renders me unclean for a while and this makes this person along with Y'shua the 'those' of the following passages. Further, the result of this change is, eventually, this one clothed with Deity - or, as I prefer to look at it, Divine Virtue - similarly as Y'shua was clothed with humanity.

Editor's Note : may 9, 2010 : This is what the Eastern Churches mean by Theosis when the saints become immortal (very close to the Catholic Beatific Vision) like unto the Angles and this one in particular literally becomes the Angel of Y'hova at his Theosis.

This, by the way, is exactly how the Angel of Y'hova appears in the Old Testament (an Angel is a Servant and Y'shua is specifically called the Son by Barnabas in Hebrew for this very reason, so he is not the Angel of Y'hova of the Old Testament. The Apostle John speaking of the Logos or Word qualifies this further when he calls Y'shua the Word for Y'hova has exalted his Word above his very Name and the only thing the Angel can boast of is that "My Name is in him" thus equating the Word above this Angel. Paul, actually call The Angel of Y'hova as witness to the New Covenant as he was witness to the Old Covenant also proves that this Angel is not Y'shua (where the pronoun is in the passage in question contrary to popular misinterpretation meaning that the Angel, obviously, is someone separate from Y'shua who actually Instituted the Covenant - i.e. there are some who say that the Angel of Y'hova is not mentioned in the New Testament and, therefore, that Y'shua is this Angel however, Paul himself shoots that down by specifically referring to The Angel), and this is how the Angel of Y'shua appears in the Revelation - the unveiling - where John bows down to worship him and he tells him not to because he is just a man and then he turns right around and calls himself the Alpha and Omega - Y'shua speaks through this Angel as Abba spoke through Y'shua.

Now, the point of the passage and this post is that the Kings of the earth will know its me because I will have to maintain my real identity in order to minister in Israel in the first half of the tribulation and they will no doubt see me at some time in the future and they will know that it is me cause many of them already know who I am and what I look like and they, then, will be astonished at the change.
This is something that should easily be verified by a casual reading of this website.

This, then requires a certain amount of time for the change to occur as well as for the kings of the earth to witness that this change has occurred and I have been trying to figure out exactly when this will occur in relation to the beginning of the tribulation.

I already know from Isaiah 63 that two male children are brought forth before Zion travails and then Zion goes into labor and brings forth the nation at the pretribulational rapture - i.e. that is to say that here the nation is the Church - and thus my change will actually occur some amount of time before the Church's change occurs.

The Angel of Y'hova and My Change

The phrase, "The Lowest Parts of the Earth" is also used by Isaiah (44:23) where the Earth breaks forth into singing indicating the birth of this one from the realms of the dead and that passage goes on to describe the one from the east - symbolized by Cyrus or Corvus the Raven - who will be given the hidden treasures of darkness, etc. To me, the most awesome part of that passage is the verse that I myself have ascribed to Theoferrum II on numerous occasions, the most notable being a picture I drew (October 17, 2007) and placed that verse on it and then entitled the picture Theoferrum which is in my journal and hopefully, one day, I will place it on this website.

I form the Light and Fashion Darkness, I create Peace and Craft Chaos, I Y'hova do all these things.

This birth of Abba Don from Sheol is actually pictured by the constellations of Virgo (Bootes) and Libra and Scorpio (where one of the star names in Scorpio is, literally, Sheol) and Sagittarius the Archer where Ara the Metallurgists Furnace is pictured and this subsequently made its way into various cultures of the World including the Native American's Twin Brother Mythology and that of the Greeks with Hercules who tell of one that physically makes a journey into Hell itself, to return alive at some time in the future, now an immortal and, most important of these 'myths' to this author is that of the Mithras Religion where the one who offers up the Divine Bull of Heaven as an Atoning Sacrifice has his origins in a cave.

If we were to look at this from a strictly Philosophical view, knowing that traditions, to some extent, are based on real events, then something must have occurred at some time to give birth to these traditions - like those who have supposedly visited Valhalla of the Norse Myth and Paradise of the Persian Mythos.

Thus, in parallel with his twin 'Brother' who ascended physically into Heaven after His Resurrection, this one will be allowed to descend physically into Hell and return physically some time later fulfilling the sure Prophecies in the Word of Y'hova as well as many of the world's myths to become the Angel Born in Hell or Abba (father) Don (Judge) also known as the Destroyer.

My Current Physical Description and My Change

With the revelation that I did not have to wait until the Rapture for my change to occur and, in fact, that it would probably occur this year sometime, I decided to organize the subject of my change more clearly which will include a physical description of myself to the best of my ability and which will also include, eventually, a snapshot of my finger prints which will be conclusive proof of the change when it occurs for, chances are all scars will be gone and the prints themselves will be larger but other then that they will be exactly the same which, then, will supply evidence presentable in a Court of Law that I have changed in fulfillment of Isaiah's 2700 Year Old Prophecy in chapter 52 verse 13.

According to the United States Air Force, when I enlisted I stood precisely "Five Foot Seven and Three Eighths Inches" tall with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes and I presently weigh approximately 130 Lbs soaking wet and, of course, I have White Skin.

I say that because according to the Hopi Prophecies, their "White Brother" will go through a Change and his skin will turn a darker shade - obviously, Middle Eastern.

They also state that he will be marked in some way just like the Horned Lizard and it just so happens that I have a very faint Birth Mark on my forehead centered above the right eye in the shape of an oval just like some of the markings on that little critter and I suspect that when my change occurs and my skin grows darker that the birth mark will be more pronounced - which birth mark, I believe, is a result of Tubal Cain's donation to the rehydration process and is the genetic birthmark of the Mark of Cain.

Along the lines of the Hopi Prophecies, I am built like an Indian - slender, athletic etc - and I personally believe that my other half switched one of the donor samples and put a Native American's sample in the mix - guy by the name of Metallic in case you really want to know.

To continue, I currently have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which, for the most part, will probably be healed - 'allergic' to proteins derived from Grains and Dairy Products - although I imagine that some of the psychological effects of the 'disorder' will continue since I have had it for forty three years.

I have been a Smoker since the age of 30 and I suspect my lungs don't look to good - smokers cough and all - which should also be healed upon my change.

I also wear Corrective Eye wear and have been told by someone that I was Legally Blind - but it keeps the spooks out of my vision.
As far as Scars, I list these here mainly because I believe my change will remove these which will be evident from a before and after snapshot of my Fingerprints which I hope to post here soon.

One of these - Left index finger - was obtained from a malicious wood carving tool in Blue Mountain High School Art Class and the other - Right Hand Middle Finger and Thumb - was obtained in the winter of 89 and 90 while house sitting Mrs. Brown's House in Groton when a lid from a can of cat food bit me.

I have a scar on my right shin from a trip to Old Orchard Beach and a second trip on a chunk of ornery granite - about an inch long - the scar, not the granite - that was the size of a mack truck.

I have two scars on the inner side of my right elbow which are the results of a skin graft from a dermatologists in Queeche Gorge back in like 1996 or so, cause he cauterized them after taken a sample of my skin which was really dry and he couldn't tell me why - turns out it was a result of my Asperger Syndrome where my body was robbing the protein from my skin due to the fact that I was using weight training supplements made protein derived purely from grains.

The most recent scar was left on my left back rib cage by the little fairies Egg McMuffin Gun in a perfectly round circle about the size of a kids boulder which, had it been a boulder, I would now be dead.

I also, of course, have a scar on my left shoulder from the Child Immunization Shots that gave me Asperger Syndrome and which is also where they gave me shots while I was in the Military.

And finally, I just realized the other night that I have a form of the Stigmata and see the URL below for the details.

Here is a copy of my VA Id which has a current Photo of myself and when I get the time and resources I will post a copy of my Fingerprints here as well.

VA ID & Fingerprints :


The Reasons for My Change

My Change - as a result of Theoferrum - will allow the "Kings of the Earth" to see the Marring which is mentioned in Isaiah 52:13 and will give them a certain amount of time to see this - probably about 25 years - you know, the amount of time that Rasputin waited to kill the last Romanov - quite the coincidence there, hey.

The Kings will know its me because I will have to maintain my real identity in order to minister in Israel in the first half of the tribulation so, though I may do a little traveling, and cause a little 'havoc' with my enemies, the Whirlwind that they are looking for is not going to occur until around 2033 AD or so - like it or not.


The Tabernacle of David

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