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Topic: Modern Anomoly

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Modern Anomoly



"But, answer me this, Einstein.Where are the Millions of Missing Links that should be contained in the fossil record of all the in-between species of every species currently on the planet?" - D. Hill

"I notice that you did not address my question to you about geological and fossilization processes ensuring that millions of intermediate species must necessarily survive in the fossil record."

Actually, Roland, I did address that. I said something to the effect that there are fossil remains of full fledged species then it stands to reason that there would also remain fossil remains of the millions of in between species encompassing all the species currently on the earth today and Punctuated Equilibrium would not change this glaring fact.

"Again, it does not stand to reason, unless you claim to know something about fossilization and geological processes that we do not know. For example, what percentage of animals get fossilized when they die? What percentage of rocks do not get mechanically or chemically altered or eroded away over geological time? How complete must our present discoveries of fossils be?"

It doesn't stand to reason?

The percentages of Species that get Fossilized would be the same as the percentage of the in between Species that get Fossilized - that is reasonable - and yet there are none - not a single one out of the millions of in between species that had to have existed in history were evolution correct.

So, though you may say it does not stand to reason, the average person is not that gullible and you have to do better than that if you are going to pursuade them.


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