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Topic: Triangular Hole in Granite

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Triangular Hole in Granite




I can't wait to hear the explantation for this one. Trianagular Holes in solid granite.

Triangular Holes in Granite

Recently, someone who wishes to remain anonymous, inspired after reading our Ancient Man, wrote us about a curious discovery of his. He had found some triangular holes in a granite boulder near Raleigh, NC. We have mentioned similar triangular holes before (SF#69/ 20), noting that hundreds of such holes had been recorded in boulders from Minnesota and the Dakotas to the eastern seaboard. We can now add to this dossier a photograph supplemented by this individual's testimony. The holes are made with high precision to the dimensions shown in the figure. They are 6 inches deep, plus or minus an inch. Holes with a rounded triangular shape represent a sophisticated drilling technology. Steel tools are high craftsmanship are indicated. Even though the holes have been known for over a century, only amateurs have shown much interest. A few such enthusiasts have tracked down hundreds in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, and the eastern seaboard.


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