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Topic: The Giza Power Planet : Letter to Christopher Dunn

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The Giza Power Planet : Letter to Christopher Dunn

Shalom Mr. Dunn,

I read your book on the Giza Power Plant back in 2008 and as soon as I started reading it I had to agree with your 'theory' on its purpose. You may be interested to know that I worked at a Hydroelectric Power Station for ten years so I know a little bit about Power Plants. So, I 'critiqued' your book as I was reading it (unfortunately I don't have those notes on me) and thought you might be interested is some of the points below. These are only the ones that I can remember.


1) The Pyramid Texts have indications that they are a mytholized remenent of what we Operators would call an Operating Manual for the entire plant - these include references to what might have been automation - the texts contain several referrences to "Doors" being Opened - the one I remember is the Doors to the Cool Place.


2) The Doors to the Cool Place are your mixing Chamber in the Queen's Chamber. The Door was automated with what we call a Pressure Release Value which, in this case, would have been a weighted stone slab that, when the pressure in the chamber from the mixing of the chemicals reached a certain value, it would force its way out of the chamber into the Grand Gallery.


3) The Chemicals that were mixed together, as you point out I think, would have been Toxic some of them would have ran down the Well Shaft into the Grotto and one of the early Explorers to the Pyramid, when he climbed down the shaft, got violently ill while in the Grotto. Now, of course, the Egyptologists just steam cleaned everything so there is no way to prove this.


4) These Chemicals are explosive and there was an explosion in the King's Chamber that blew all the Hemholz Resonators down to the bottom of the Grand Gallery and they actually scarred the walls of the Gallery. You may be interested to know that the original pure York Right Masonry started with the building of this pyramid and in the level of the first degree the initiate is required to remove all metal from his person - something that no Mason can explain and which John Robinson notes in his book Born in Blood on the Templars. With all the Telluric Energy involved, a static lightening bolt conceivably would be generated if anyone carelessly left a piece of metal anywhere and this, apparently, is what happened.


5) One question I was not able to answer was concerning the High Pressure Nozzels which would eventually wear out and need to be replaced however this was answered when Davidovits proved that a large part of the Pyramid was built using Geopolymers. Thus, when the nozzle needed replacing, they just carved out the old 'block' performed any maintenance they needed to on the Float Switch and then 'glued' the new 'block' in place with some more geopolymer cement.


6) The Tunnels that we know of in the Pyramid are what we call Service Tunnels - they are not built for convenience but simply to perform maintence. In the Dam I worked at we had several going out to the Low Pressure Tunnels for this reason. This implies that there are other Tunnels that are more 'Tourist Friendly' so to speak and these would be the ones pictured in the Pyramid Texts. One of these might be above the King's Chamber as one author noted that there may be Service Doors at places where the walls are scored as at the entrance.


7) The point I wanted to talk to you most about really needs a slight digression that you may find of interest. After I had advanced to the position of Class Two Operator I had a Governor Attendant lose a Unit while he was starting it up - the Unit Ran Away on him and was rotating out of control. It was, literally, the most God Awe Full experience you could possibly ever imagine and the whole Power Plant was shaking itself beyond description and the noise was terrifying beyond belief. You just can not imagine what its like to stand directly beside a 100 plus ton hydro turbine spinning wildly out of control unless you've been there.


Well, Mr. Dunn, this Pyramid survived a Biblical Flood, a 23 Degree Pole Shift and numerous Earthquakes through the years but you are telling me one tiny earthquake in the 1800's destroyed all those Casing Stones? Here is what happened. When the Arabs forced there way into the Pyramid they destroyed the Structural Integrity of the Pyramid so that the next time they got a fairly good sized Earthquake it activated the Pyramid pouring all that Telluric Energy into it to the point where the 'unit' Ran Away and literally shook the Casing Stones off, not only on the Great Pyramid, but also on the other Pyramid.

There is not a doubt in my mind on this and this point alone substantiates your work more than the rest of my points together.


I know for a fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza is a Power Plant.




David T. Hill

Post Script : I never heard back from him...


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