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Topic: The Sphinx

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The Sphinx



Revisionists have misunderstood the real Riddle of the Sphinx.

West and Schoch have proven that the Sphinx suffered an enormous amount of precipitation erosion since it was carved and Russian Scientists have proven from the Wave Hollows found on the surface of the Sphinx that it spent an extended period of time submerged under an active body of water after it was carved and date it to the same age as the Limestone Strata in the area at 1 million years.

The only problem with this is that the Sphinx has a known carve date of about 3K BC which can be proven from the King's List, the Radio Carbon Dating of material from inside the Pyramid and (as I have proven in my post on the Twilight of Astronomy) from the Star Temple Alignments and Bauval himself had to admit this in one of his recent books.

Revisionists, such as Bauval, are forever trying to prove the 16K BC date (or there abouts) proposed by Hamlet's Mill when, the facts fit the Biblical Record perfectly which is in agreement with the World's numerous Flood Accounts and also with the Egyptologist's Date - that the Sphinx suffered from the flood after it was carved circa 3K BC.

This is actually irrefutable.

These revisionists fail to realize that the Riddle of the Sphinx destroys man made dating methods as well as the Theory of Evolution that is founded upon them and is proof of Antediluvian Civilization and assume that the treatment they receive at the hands of the Establishment in Egyptian Antiquities is because they are, "acting like a typical Westerner" when, in fact, the Egyptologists are fully aware that the Sphinx, as the world's largest anomalous artifact, totally destroys the Theory of Evolution with its untenable dating methods.


That they are aware of this can be seen from their 'restoration' project of the Sphinx which gave the monument a new head dress that effectively covered up the erosion that West so painstakingly brought to the world's attention and which was most noticeable on the dexter side directly under the head dress.

Until Revisionists are willing to put aside their bigotry of the Scriptures and embrace the obvious facts that support it such as the Sphinx, then they will continue to be ignored by the Establishment of the Egyptian Antiquities and be impotent in their attempts to revise ancient history - whether in Egypt or America or any other location.


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